Thursday, March 8, 2007

WORST POSSIBLE TIMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adeline went into season last night. I am so sad because she won't be done until the day before her recall. So I don't get my "week of lasts" or my last puppy class and she is going to miss her farewell party. DARN DOG!!!!! I also had professional pictures scheduled for me and her tomorrow that I had to cancel since I can't take her out anywhere. I am so sad and disappointed. So she is going to be a house dog until her recall. Oh, well. Such is life, I guess it is her way of telling me that she is ready and doesn't need anymore socialization. This time is way worse than last time though. She was so calm and would barely move. Now she won't hold still to save her life. She is constantly pacing around and when she finally lays down she only does for a second and then she is right back up again. She lays down like a frog now with her back legs extended behind her. It is pretty funny. So she is back in her panties (which she LOVES) I got some pretty good pictures I will post later.
Megan, Adeline (under house arrest), and Mr. "S" (who will never go into season :)


Gilligans Island said...

That is so cute..her panties!! I am sorry that you dont get to do all the "last" stuff with her!!!

M*Dogs said...

Worst possible timing?! Try having a dog go in after deciding to not leave her in SR for training- 1/2 way home!! Now I have to send her off to the designated "where Marce stays while in heat" house... Marcella and Adline should start a club or something ;)