Saturday, March 31, 2007

So far, so good!

Sherman has been here for 24 hours and is doing great. His cute, spunky little personality is really starting to show. We went to bed last night at one-thirty he woke me up an hour later whining but fell back asleep a couple minutes later and didn’t make a peep until eight. He is pretty good at telling me when he has to go, which I am not used to since none of my previous pups have given me any kind of sign. He has such a cute little prancey walk that I love. He also got his first bath this morning since the pups are not the cleanest when they get off the puppy truck. He loved the water, he walked under the spout and just let the warm water run down his back. This is also new, ALL of my girls have hated the water. He also discovered the little black lab puppy that hides in the mirror and whined, barked, and growled at it until I gave him a little correction and he stopped. He tries not to look in the mirror now but when he does he gives out a little boof just to keep the other dog in check. He is also the most vocal pup I have had. He likes to whine, and bark when he doesn’t get his way. We will have to work on that, but he still has a ways to go so I am not worried. I absolutely adore him he has been a great little puppy.

First bath, getting wet. He didn't mind the water at all.

He tried to drink most of it.

All soapy.

He likes the kennel. Doesn't whine much when he is in there.
Does NOT like the stairs. He is getting better but absolutly hates coming down. Going up isn't so bad, but it takes some coaxing. He just sits at the bottom until I pick him up. I will usually place him a few stairs from the top or bottom and he does those fine. It is the whole 20 stairs that freaks him out.
Sherman on his new doggy bed.

I love his after food belly. It is sooo big.

Megan, Sherman, & Adeline


Anonymous said...

I got a really cute picture of Addy with Lee nest to the puppy truck. :) They said she was really good and was a wiggly dog :) THey liked her...

raiserally said...

Sherman looks about as big as Paulina is now! He's sure a cutie! Can I link you?

Gilligans Island said...

Sherman is so cute!!!! I love the close up of his face.