Sunday, March 25, 2007

Funny story and some pics. . .

I don't know how many guys read this blog but beware because this post has a lot of girly content. lol A couple nights ago I had to go to work early and wasn't going to be home to feed and potty the girls. I asked my dad to do it. While I was at work I got a call from dad saying that he forgot to take Adeline's diaper off when he took her out potty, so she peed in it. I told him to put her in the kennel and throw her diaper in the wash and when it was clean to stick a pad in it (doggy pads from the pet store.) so that she can be loose in the house. I got home from work and the girls ran to the kitchen to greet me. I looked at Adeline and her diaper had wings sticking out. So I took it off and looked and sure enough he had stuck one of the people pads in there complete with wings. I laughed to hard. What a goof, my dad has no idea! The puppy pads were right on top of the kennel.

Adeline takes advantage of the blankets on the floor while my sheets are washing. She has such a cute face.
Prudy and Adeline play tug. (sorta, lol)

Adeline wants me to play while I am on my computer.
Adeline has really started to settle this last week. She had been driving me nuts with her constant wiggling around. I think her remaining time is going to be okay because she if finally laying down and seems content.
Megan, Adeline (5 more days in Utah), & Mr. "S" (with the impressive geneology, I will tell you about it later)