Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Testing My New Camera

Before I left California someone stole my camera. I was so sad as I am a pictoholic and could not take any pictures of my girls. So there is a void of about six months were I have no pictures. :( So I went and got myself a new camera. It is so nice and I LOVE it. I went a little snap happy so here a a few good ones with my new camera.

Adeline at work, of course I forgot to bring her bowl so I went to the break room and got a paper bowl and set it on a paper plate. It worked but I definetly won't forget her bowl again. I always bring a toy though, today's toy of choice was the dyno. She LOVES them.
Adeline at school waiting in between classes. The flash on my camera is a little bright but I caught her right before a blink. She looks kinda funny.

Adeline at Bajio's our favorite Mexican restaurant. She is so good about getting under the table and waiting for us to finish eating.
There are the good ones, I am still figuring out some of the features. But it can film like 45 minutes of video too. I am way stoked, it is so awesome. (Don't worry, I won't post 45 minute clips, lol)
Megan, Adeline, & Mystery Boy (still no info, maybe on Thrusday when phase report come. I CAN'T WAIT)