Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not the most exciting weekend

Well we didn't have a very exciting weekend and stayed inside most of the time so yesterday I let the pups play for a while. They enjoyed tug together. Paris was funny and after a bit of tugging would lay down and then Fullerton would drag her around the room. That was good entertainment for a while. :D
Then we went outside for some sunshine and fresh air. Paris and Fullerton play really well together and are pretty evenly matched. Fullerton is a little faster than Paris, but she caught up a few times. They had a good time.

Paris enjoying her play time.
Paris in front and Fuller behind.
Pretty Paris
Paris also met Pickles yesterday, she did great. Gave her a couple sniffs and then left her alone.
Paris and her goofy sit.
The fun ended when both pups started getting to noisy while playing so we went inside. Paris and Fullerton both collapsed on the tile to cool off. They were both loose in the house for a bit after we came inside, Fullerton (as always) would follow me around and then Paris would follow him. We had a nice parade going around the house. lol I love how they laid down so their feet made a little heart shape.
Today I took Paris out on her first outing here. We went to Wal-mart. I chose Sunday because around here there are very few people out. She was fantastic. We walked all over and she got to meet a group of little kids and she was great while they were petting her. She did get a little mouthy so I asked the kids to stop petting her at that point but she is young and it was still a successful outing.

I think I am going to start taking her to school with me tomorrow. I have a short schedule as one of my classes was canceled so we will only be there for an hour and a half. But, after today I am sure she will do just fine.

And lastly Today is my 3rd puppy Glennie's 4th Birthday! Happy Birthday G!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

And then there were two. . .

Well, today I picked up puppy #8. She is a very sweet little labby girl out of Eric and Blossom who is seven months old, named Paris. . .SURPRISE!! Betcha didn't see that one coming. I am very pleased to be the very lucky raiser who gets to have Paris as a transfer dog. The day after I turned in my application I called my leader and asked if it was possible if I could get a transfer puppy because it would be easier with school and such. I also told her that if one became available before Fuller left I would be happy to overlap until he did. My leader called me the day after our evals and told me there were two transfer pups available and gave me the run down on both. I told her to give me the one she thought would fit best with me, so she told me I was getting Paris. :D I am so happy to have her here, I have been longing for another girl. I miss them so much and she is just as sweet as they come.

Here are my two beautiful pups. They seem to be getting along pretty well so far. It will be interesting having two pups for a while, but I have been planning it all out for the last week. :D I will probably give Paris the weekend to get settled in before doing any big outings with her, and if I feel overwhelmed there is a long list of people (at least 9 so far) willing to puppy sit Fuller for a few days for me. :D

Here is Paris in the car on the way home. She is a wonderful passenger.
After we got home I took a few pictures of her outside on the grass. She is an excellent model, much more willing to pose and look at the camera than Fullerton.
This is when she decided she was done, but it was so cute.

The pups first meal together, they both waited wonderfully. Paris was cracking me up though because when I had her down she threw herself to the ground. She did it two or three times and I was just laughing and laughing. I hope I can catch it on camera one of these days. :D
Paris LOVES her food, but what self respecting lab doesn't?
Last Paris picture for now. Paris on the dog bed. Doesn't she have the sweetest face?!?!?
I am really excited to see more of her personality come out. So far she has been a very fun puppy and is just about the happiest dog I have ever met. Thanks again Sarah, she is an awesome dog and I really love her already.

My last order of business before the end of this post is a picture of my puppy club from our meeting last night.

The dog from left to right are: Moseley, Fullerton, Spike, Meade and Journey. Not Pictured: Peanut and Mara. . . and Paris but this was pre-Paris. She will be in the next one. :D Aren't we such a cute club? I may or may not be a little biased though.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Very fun Outing!!

Today me and Fullerton got up and went to Salt Lake to reunite with Fullers brother Forte and his raiser. We had so much fun and walked all over Gateway Mall. We met by the fountain so I got a picture of Fuller while the water was going. There was a little family who came by and chatted with me too until Forte and his raiser came.
We walked around the mall once and then decided to go to the planetarium. It was really neat they had a model of Mars and the Moon so we took the opportunity to take some cute pictures of the boys. :D

Forte on Mars.
Fullerton and Forte on Mars
This one just made me laugh it looks like Fuller is really upset about being sniffed by Forte. lol
Forte and Fullerton on the Moon (in case their blind partners ever go to Mars or the Moon these boys are set) ha ha
Fullerton and Forte by a spacesuit.
Me and Fuller on the moon. :)We walked through the gift shop and there was a bunch of really cool stuff there. We also ran into a past puppy raiser for CCI, she was really cool. We showed the boys a ton of toys including bouncy balls and a slinky, they liked watching them go up and down, it was cute. My favorite toy was this ball thing that expanded and shrank. I put Fullerton in it, he didn't appreciate it much but I thought it was funny.
While we were in the Planetarium we ran into a group of kids in the resident program at Primary Children's Hospital. They had so much fun petting the boys and it really made their day. They had a couple of caretakers there too and they said they love when therapy dogs come to the hospital. The kids were giggling and rolling on the ground with Fuller and Forte and both boys were amazing with them. :D Then we went and walked through the arcade with all the crazy games and noises and surfaces the boys were both wonderful! Then we went and got lunch at the food court.

After that we got on Trax and rode to temple square. Forte and Fuller in front of a fountain. While we were prepping the boys for this picture a guy asked if he could take a picture too. We said sure, but it was a little odd.

I really like this picture. Fullerton is super cute. (not that I am biased in any way)
The last picture Fullerton and Forte by a really gnarly tree. It was really cool.
It was so fun to reconnect with them and me and Fuller had a really great time. Fuller and Forte are both going to be great in whatever career they choose. This outing made me realize how ready Fullerton is for training. He was wonderful and besides a few minor things he is about as perfect as you get. I LOVE this dog so much, and he is going to be super hard to say goodbye to next month.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We had our evaluations tonight and all the pups did great. We met with our group the Summit group and the Salt Lake group so there were quite a few puppies there. It was fun talking to the other raisers and meeting the pups too.

At the beginning Barb had a few dogs practice the "go to bed" command. Since Fuller has so much trouble with it of course she had us do it. I have worked on the "go to bed" command religiously with Fullerton and he just doesn't get it and it is so frustrating because he catches onto everything else so quickly so I don't understand why he can't do it. I wasn't able to work on it as much as I would have liked while at camp but since I have been home we have been back at it. Anyway, me and Fuller did it in front of the group (which is embarrassing when your dog doesn't know it) and he did. . . okay. He has never sat or downed on the mat he is still at the sniff it or touch it with a foot and he gets a kibble and EVERY time I say "nice" he gets off the mat so I have to lure him back on it to get the treat. I think that is the most frustrating part that he doesn't stay on the mat to get the kibble. Anyway, sorry about the rant, but both me and my leader have tried many different tactics and none of them seem to be helping. . . *sigh*

Here are some pictures from the eval.

This is Peanut, he has gotten a lot bigger since I last saw him but he is still so tiny and cute. His raiser wants to puppy trade with me sometime so I will have to do that in the next few weeks, anything later than that is too close to recall day and it will be hard to hand him off. :D (you can also see little Spike in the background, he is so cute!)
Forte came but his raiser was not able to be there. I had to get some pictures of the boys. Me and Forte (on the left) and Fullerton (on the right) I think they remembered each other. :D
Forte and Fullerton (12 1/2 months.) They are a lot closer in size since the last time we had them together. Forte is still a little bigger and they look A LOT alike.

Fullerton and Forte (6 months)
Spike and Journey
Fullerton inside Cabelas.
It was a good evaluation, I am very proud of my boy he is coming along really well. Good boy Fuller!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ah, my favorite weather

Today has been very dark and cloudy, I love it. This is my favorite weather. Around 5:30 it started to rain so I took a break from homework to go on a walk with my boy in the rain. I think he enjoyed it too. The thunder doesn't bother him at all every time he hears it he stares at the sky and cocks his head from side to side, it really cracked me up. Anyway, here are pictures. :D

Me and the boy.
I gave him the okay to run around for a bit, he had a good time.

It was a fun walk and I look forward to more cold, wet days.

Also, Fullerton (and the rest of our club pups) has an evaluation with our CFR tomorrow, I am sure he will do GREAT!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Never an End to the Excitement

On Monday I got a little visitor named Journey. His raiser asked if I would puppy sit him for the day and of course I said yes. How could I deny that adorable face? Monday was labor day so my family had planned to go hiking since none of us had work or school. We left around ten thirty to go up Provo Canyon and hike to Johnson's Bowl. Here are the boys, Fullerton and Journey, in the car.
It was a very difficult hike, pretty steep and rocky the whole way. But it was so fun. Fuller really enjoyed it.

Journey seemed to have a good time too.
The hike took about 45 minutes and we hiked into this valley, it was so secluded and pretty.
Some scenery from the bowl.
Taking a break. This one cracked me up because it looks like Fuller is inspecting Journeys tongue.
We packed a picnic lunch and the boys, after getting nice big bowls of water, were content to chill for a while, while my family and I ate our lunch, PB&J Sandwiches, YUM!
On the way out I had to get some nice shots of the boy. . . calendar worthy?
It is HARD to get a pic with both boys looking so this is about the best I could do. I love Journeys face though. :D
When we got back down to the bottom I let the boys drink out of a faucet. So, here is a three way with Fuller, Journey and Moose (my brothers dog)
Oh, Fuller, you are so silly!
LinkLater that night Journeys raisers came back but they took my boy instead. We decided to do a puppy trade a week or so ago so I have had Journey since Monday and Fuller is with Hannah. We are trading back tomorrow.

Journey was so goofy and squirmed himself in between both of my dog beds. It gave me a good chuckle.
Journey at school waiting for my class to start.
Yesterday was a crazy day though. I got home from school around 11am and then was meeting a "long lost friend" who I haven't seen in about 2 years for lunch at 12pm. I went to lunch, took Journey with me had a good time reminiscing and catching up with my friend. I got home around 2pm and went into my room to do homework. At 5:30 my mom calls and asks if I am in the house, I say yes and she tells me to get the dog and get out of there NOW! She was a tad hysterical so I panicked a little, grabbed my purse and backpack and ran outside. As soon as I opened my bedroom door I could smell gas, it was bad. When I got outside it sounded like sprinklers were going off on the side of the house. But no, it wasn't sprinklers the hissing I heard was a burst gas pipe. The air outside smelled horrible! I guess the neighbors noticed it first around 2:15 but thought it was sprinklers so didn't investigate further but about 5:30 he went to get his mail and still heard it and looked. He came and banged on our door and rang the bell, which I can't hear in my room, and then called my mom. My mom then called me. When I got out my mom had just pulled up from work, she made me take my sisters to the park at the bottom of our street while she called the police and fire department. When the police got there they evacuated our whole street so we were all at the park. Nothing like neighborhood togetherness, eh?. :D Anyway, since I was in the house for at least three and a half hours while the gas was running the paramedics had to check me out and do a few tests. (I was feeling nauseous, lightheaded, and was shaking really bad, I wasn't sure if it was adrenaline or what so I agreed to get checked out) They said my oxygen levels were low and I had a bit of CO in my blood but that I would be okay, I just needed to sit down and drink lots of water. I signed a refusal form to be taken to the hospital and they let me go. (I wanted out of that Ambulance as fast as possible, the last time I was in one was not a pleasant experience and I was having some flashbacks. . . not fun!) I asked the paramedics if they would check on Journey, I wanted to be sure he was okay too since he was in the house with me and that I didn't damage someone else's dog. I felt SO bad. (I did call his raisers later that night when we were finally allowed back into our house I told them what happened because I felt so bad . . . I was probably more concerned for Journey than I was for myself. lol) Anyway, they looked him over and told me he would be fine, I gave him tons of water too, to flush out his system. He seems fine and is acting totally normal. He was a champ during this whole thing too, just want to say a kudos to him dealing with all the craziness and running around and sirens and firemen in full gear and the ambulance, what a good dog!!!!! We had to stay at the park for a few hours while the firemen cleared our house and got the gas and power to our house turned off. It was nuts!! I have probably left out a few details but I was so scared that I don't even remember it that well, weird how the brain does that. Anyway, here are some pictures: (I also used the pictures as photo evidence of why I didn't get my Geology paper done, I thought it was a pretty darn good excuse, so I now have till Friday to finish it, YAY!)

Firetruck going up to our house.
Another Firetruck going to our house. (I kinda wish Cannon could have been there, he would have been thrilled to see all the firetrucks and ambulances and police cars. ha ha)
The ambulance I got checked out in and a couple policemen and paramedics
Journey totally calm and collected while all the two leggers where running around in a panic.
The firemen gearing up to go in our house.

So, ya, wow, still can't really believe that happened.

My last picture: it cracks me up how Journey sleeps on his back. I love when dogs do that, unfortunately Fuller never does. Oh well, thought I would end with a happy picture. :D