Sunday, September 6, 2009

Big, Fat, Busy Weekend :D

First off, Sherman is currently the month dog on the GDB calendar and I am pleased to look at this picture of him all month long. He is doing absolutely amazing work and his mom loved him to pieces and he loves her and LOVES his job! That is all I could ask for !!! Here is Mr. September:
Me and Fullerton had quite a boring week, school, school, and some job hunting. . . ugh! I hate job hunting. On Wednesday we had our first puppy class in three months, it was so fun to see everyone again. All the pups were enormous! It was really a fun class. Fuller was a bit of a pill and I was kinda disappointed in him but he regrouped towards the end.

Anyway our weekend has been really crazy. First we went to a football game. It was a high school game, the first home game for my dads new high school. It was pretty exciting. They lost by a few points but we all had fun. Fuller was amazing with all the blareingly loud music and cheering fans. He got a little nervous when everyone was stomping on the bleachers but he got used to it after the first couple times and slept through it after that. My whole family went as well as my sister, bro-in-law and my niece and nephew. I was so excited to spend some more quality time with them since being in Cali. Here is Fuller during warm ups: (It was really hot, that's why Fuller is open mouthed)
Canon was thrilled that Fuller came and barely left him alone the whole time. Fuller is such a good boy with him. I hope he ends up with a person with kids, he would love that. :D
AND my little niece, isn't she the most adorable baby EVER!?!?!? She is such a calm baby, I don't think I have ever heard her cry.

Fuller during kick off. GO THUNDER!!
The first pick of me and Hazel together. Cannon is in the back playing with my sisters hair, he was so funny.
Cannon got a little megaphone thing thrown at him from the cheerleaders, he had so much fun screaming into it, then he wanted Fuller to try.
Me and the Can-man
Fuller did great during the game, he watched a bit of it and then fell asleep for the rest. We also ran into the new raisers in our group, they just moved here from Oregon and were in Anna's group. They didn't have their puppy with them (he is a tad young) but it was fun to chat for a minute. We got home super late and then went to bed, Fuller was one tired puppy!

Then yesterday we went to a John Schmidt concert. It was amazing. We met at my sisters house and then all the boys stayed to watch the BYU football game (GO Cougs!! They won Oklahoma by 1 point btw) while the women folk went to the concert. Here is me and Hazel at the house before we left.
The concert was at the Thanksgiving Point Waterfall Amphitheatre. It was gorgeous and there were a ton of people there! I think they said around 5000. I also ran into some past raisers from our group, I have not seen them forever so it was nice to say hi. Here is me and Fuller in the theatre.
Fuller with the stage behind him.
Fuller got really upset with how much attention I was giving Hazel so he squirmed himself between me and her, he also stood up and twirled himself around and tried to sit on her. I grabbed him before he could and I know the little stinker tried to do it on purpose! :D
Beautiful girl
Fuller did great through the concert. He is at that age where you don't worry about taking him anywhere, I know he can handle anything and it is wonderful! I love that age. . . too bad I am going to have to start over next month. :( I will enjoy it while I can though.

Here are some clips from the concert. The first is called "Thanks to the Heros" Fuller was looking so regal I couldn't help but let him on tape a little. Still not sure what he was staring at. :D The second is the Charlie Brown theme song, I have always loved Snoopy so I had to get that on tape! :D The last is a goofy song he did with Celloist, Steve Nelson. They combined "Don't Worry be Happy" with "Phantom of the Opera" It was hilarious! Enjoy!

Oh, and I turned in my application for my next pup, I didn't specify anything so we will see what I get assigned. It will be a while before I get a puppy assignment but still exciting.


Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Wow that was a busy weekend indeed! Every time I walk past my calendar I go "Awww, Sherm!"

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Your niece is adorable! Wow, I can't believe it's getting so close to Fullerton's recall. He seems like such a sweetheart, I'll miss reading about him!

Mitch and Meade said...

We lost???? Dang, maybe I should have gone....... oh well. I bet that in the first video Fuller spotted a UFO!!! He was going to protect you if they tried to abduct you!

Taelor and Pilaf said...

It sounds like you had a great Labor Day weekend! =D

Those video clips were really amusing, thanks for posting them!