Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Getting Ready to go *Edited*

I just added a new picure and question at the bottom of this post from last night. . .

Well, I am getting ready to leave for California on Friday. I have also been packing stuff up for camp, I am leaving most of my camp stuff at my aunts house and then when I drive down with a friend a week later I will pick it up, that way I don't have to fly out with so much stuff. :D Anyway, I can't believe that Sherman graduates in three days, the last two and a half months (since I found out) have gone by super fast. Tomorrow is my last day at work and then the next day I leave. I will be back for a few days after Sherman's graduation so look for a big fatty post about that around June 3rd. :D Then on the 7th I am gone to camp. Same as last year, Internet/computer use at camp is pretty sketchy so I will try to update when I can. :)

Here are some pictures from Fullerton and Cannons last play day until August. I never get tired of looking at pictures of the two of them.

Cannon being so sweet and giving Fuller loves.
Fullerton uses Cannon as a pillow (maybe trying to get closer to that cookie. . . hmm)
Cannon loves my hammock chair and Fullerton checks him out up there.

More news on the kittens. . . well, so far two families have fallen through for little pickles, we are still trying to find her a good home. She has warmed up to the family and to Fullerton a bit since she has been here. She loves attention and to be held, and she doesn't hiss nearly as much when Fullerton gets near to her.

We are kitty sitting Midnight while her new family is moving into a new house. She was so happy to reunite with Pickles, even though Pickles beats her up a bit. She is still very sweet although she has started climbing peoples legs when they don't pay attention to her and let me tell you that HURTS when you have shorts on.

That's about it for now, this will most likely be my last post until after Sherman's graduation. Hope everyone has a good start to their summer vacations. :D
So, I just put Advantage on Fullerton since we are going to California tomorrow. I don't have that much experience putting advantage on my dogs, I did it at camp last summer and I put it on Adeline once while I lived in California but Fullerton had a weird reaction and I am wondering if I should be worried. So for those veteran advantage users. . . Have you ever had advantage turn your dog blue?
This is totally bizzare, I put it on in three spots down Fullertons back and there are three places where it dripped down his fur and in the drip marks his fur is now blue the three spots were I put it are not blue, just the drips. (I actually watchied it turn him blue) I am a little weirded out right now. . . So, should I be worried?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Evals. . .

Yesterday our CFR came to our meeting to evaluate all the puppies. Our CFR had the two oldest puppies in the group come early so she could check them out. I got there a tad early so I took Fuller into the big game room for some pictures. He didn't seem to mind any of the animals. :DThis picture makes me laugh. He looks so nervous.

Fullerton by Brandy and Butch (I think, I don't really remember their names) These two horses worked as hunting horses for 14 years and were stuffed after they died.
Fullerton and the big bear.The big Elk

After that I went back outside to wait for my CFR. When she got there the other pup, Dax, had not come yet so we stayed outside and chatted for a bit. When he got there, she took us inside and we walked around, she asked questions about the boys and we answered. We went into the big game room, up the elevator, around the tents, to the ledge that looks down to the rest of the store, showed them some stuffed animals to see how distracted they got, then we went down stairs, around the fishing stuff, and then through the aquarium and then outside. She was very impressed by Fullerton and he did amazing!! (Did I expect any less. . . of course not.) She okayed him to fly and to go to camp. YAY!!! She also gave me some advantage to use on Fuller during camp, it kinda felt like a drug deal in the parking lot a little bit. LOL Anyway, we went outside and most of the younger pups were there already so she started talking with all of them. Then we worked on "go to bed" which has been uber frustrating with Fullerton, he just doesn't get it. He has caught onto everything else so quickly that I just don't understand why he can't do it. Anyway, my CFR gave me some new tactics to try with him so I am excited to see if they work. :D After the meeting it was time to say goodbye to Dickens. We will all miss him, he is a super sweet guy, his new raisers will love him. Good luck in Colorado, Chunky Monkey. :D

Today I finally called Delta and added Fuller to my reservation. I bought my ticket about a month ago, hoping that Fullerton would be okay to fly, because if I waited much longer I would of had to pay a bazillion dollars for my ticket. I was sure everything would work out though. Anyway, the guy who answered my call gave me a hard time so after arguing with him for about 10 minutes I asked to speak with a manager. The guy put me on hold for about five minutes and when the manager came on he said, "So, you are adding a service dog in training to your reservation.?" I said, Yes. And he said, "Okay, your dog is added and you are all set to fly out on the 7th." Hmm. . . I was a tad annoyed, but he is on there and hopefully we have no issues at the airport. My CFR also gave me a few pointers about going through security, so I think that part should go fine. :D I also got my ticket for my return flight, this time going on United. I also added Fullerton to that reservation with no problem at all. :D I am getting really excited to fly with him.
The news on the kittens is, we decided not to take them to the shelter because. . . well, you never know. Midnight was adopted by a friend and Pickles might be going to a friend of my sisters. :D I am very happy for them. Midnight has been with her new family since yesterday and Pickles should be leaving in the next couple of days. I really wanted to keep Midnight, she is such a nice cat who loves to cuddle, she is a big sweetheart. (and I don't even like cats that much.)
That is about it from here. :D Happy weekend everyone!
Oh, and I am leaving to go see Sherman a week from today and his graduation is in EIGHT days!!! I am excited to see him again, and meet his handler!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flying Fries

Well, I had Forte until Thursday. It was so fun to have him here, he is a great puppy. On Monday we met some of my friends at the book store. I got some James Patterson books (I love the way he writes) and some Dean Koontz (love his too) then we went to the fabric store (my friend is in a bag making phase and we spent FOREVER in the fabric store looking for the "perfect" fabric and then it took the cutter lady an eternity to cut it all) after the fabric store we all went to Olive Garden. Forte was a little trooper, I was very impressed. :D

Forte at the fabric store (he was almost as bored as I was)

On Thursday we had puppy class at Cabelas. Since most of the pups in the group are still young we were just meeting outside, but I got there a tad early so I went inside in hopes of getting pictures of Forte with the stuffed animals but, alas they were having a taxidermy art show (just a tad creepy!!! There were like dogs and cats and a baby deer in various poses. Mostly it was big game animals though.) in there, and a lady yelled at me when I took out my camera. So, I escorted myself out and waiting for the rest of the puppies to get there.

Forte waiting for the pups to show up.

Puppy class was fun, we worked on recalls. I worked with Peanut during that. And then did musical chairs type game. My leader put down papers with different commands on it and we walked around until the "music stopped" and had the puppy do the command on the paper. I worked Dax during the game. He did so good. Then Fortes raiser met me there with Fullerton and we traded the boys back.

Here was Fortes favorite game. Fullerton does the same thing, with a little less enthusiasm. :D My bowl is pretty mangled from Fuller pouncing on it so much. It made for an entertaining evening. :D

Bubble pictures take II. :D Fuller is so funny with bubbles. I love the intensity in his eyes.


Fuller meeting some kittens. Fullerton met a cat while he was at Fortes house. Fortes raiser told me that he was pretty funny and would follow the cats tail with his head. I am pretty sure that was his first cat experience, although I could be wrong, one of the puppy sitters he has stayed with could of had cats. I don't know. . . anyway, now I'm just getting off my intended thought. :D Today my brother went golfing and found these two kittens in some bushes on the gold course. So, he brought them home and is taking them to the shelter tomorrow. They are both very sweet and I am sure they will be adopted soon. They seem pretty young too, they are so small.

This one my brother is calling Pickles.

This one is Midnight. She has the most gorgeous blue/green eyes.

Fullerton meeting Midnight (I didn't introduce him to Pickles because she is kinda mean)

Fullerton really liked her and was so sweet. She even jumped on him, fortunately landing on the jacket and not his. . . er, flesh. It was a nice little meeting.
Anyway, by now you are probably wondering about my weird title. I had a very proud moment today. I have been working really hard on Fullerton's food avoidance, but he is a very persistent puppy. Today we were walking through the food court at the mall and this little kid started following us and then began tossing french fries at Fullerton. I was so proud as Fullerton turned away from the fries without throwing a fit. He didn't try going for a single one. Maybe our little training sessions are starting to sink in. Good boy Fuller!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shermans Graduation

As Ally pointed out in a comment on my last post, Shermans graduation is getting very, very close, it is only two and a half weeks away!!!!!! I am so excited to see him again and meet his new mom. :D I also got the invitation/announcement in the mail a few weeks ago. The plan is to drive out with two of my sisters and go to Shermans graduation and then the beach and also San Fransisco and then back home. I have been working on Shermans baby book for two and a half months and I finished it today and ordered prints and put the book together. I was really frustrated in the beginning because I did it through a digital scrapbook program and it took me a while to figure out. But I think the finished product is pretty darn nice looking, so here are a few (out of the 38!! may have gotten a little carried away, pages) You should be able to click on them and make them bigger if you can't read the text, if not you get the gist. :D

I was also curious if anyone would notice that the last three pictures of my last post are not of my pup Fullerton, but his brother Forte. :D After Thanksgiving Point I went home with Forte and Fullerton is with Fortes raiser. The only person who knew about the trade was my leader and her daughter. I thought it would be fun to see if anyone would notice. LOL I am a big dork, I know. It has been fun to have Forte here as I have never been able to watch any of my pups siblings before. So far, not a single person has noticed. When I got home on Saturday my dad said, "Fullerton is sure filling out isn't he?" It made me giggle. My sisters called him Fuller for a day and a half before I finally told them he was Fullers brother. My friends havn't noticed yet either. Wow, how sad is it that I get giddy "tricking" people. I am really excited for puppy class on Thursday, I am curious to see if the people in my puppy group notice. Now that I have blown it for Mitch and Hannah. . . you guys can't say ANYTHING!! ha ha Yes, I openly admit that I am a dufus!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Outing to Thanksgiving Point (lots, and lots of pictures)

I suppose I should begin by saying Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies out there, whether your kids be the two or the four legged variety. :D

Anyway, yesterday I met Forte (Fullertons brother) and his raiser at Thanksgiving point to look at all the farm animals there. It was so fun to see Forte and his raiser again. The boys are so much alike it is scary, they also look quite a bit alike too, although, Forte is a bit taller and more filled out and has a blockier head than Fullerton does. :D It was a very fun outing and the boys did great around all the animals. The animals also did great around the dogs too, I was surprised how well socialized all of them were. . . except this demon goat I swear was going to ram the fence, he kept his eyes on Fuller and Forte the whole time we were walking around the pen.

Here are the sheep. They also had some adorable baby goats in there that had to have been very recently born. They were fun to watch because they were so uncoordinated and would flop around every once in a while. Fullerton is on the left and Forte is on the right.

This is Fuller checking out the goats.

Here is Fuller with weird creature with four horns. :D

Fuller and Forte both checked out this plastic sheep. This is Fuller and I think he was a little confused.


Here is Fuller with a HUGE draft horse. He was gorgeous! Fuller and Forte really liked this horse so I got a bunch of pictures. I was surprised how well they did, no fear at all. They just thought he was one humongous dog.

Fullerton and the horse again. Forte was pretty cute meeting the horse, he would hop up on his hind legs for a better view.

The horse finally went down to their level for a better look. Fuller is on the left and Forte is on the right.

Fullerton and the geese.

We were also able to take a ride on a horse drawn carriage. Fullerton didn't seem to mind the ride at all. Both boys did fantastic. :D

Forte on the carriage ride.

Fullerton again.

After that we went and saw a donkey. Fullerton LOVED the donkey and tried to crawl into the pen. He got almost half of himself in before I pulled him back. I was afraid I was gonna loose him. lol

There were also four cows, well three cows and a calf. Fullerton was afraid of one of the cows because it kept snorting and trying to lick him, but he was great around the other three. Here he is checking out the calf.

Here is Fuller with one of the cows.

This is Forte with the licking cow that Fullerton didn't want to get near.

Here is Fuller with Millie the cow. He loved her goopy nose, I thought it was kinda icky.

Then we went over to this pen that had about 10 little ponies in it and let the boys say hello to them. A couple of the ponies tried to chomp our pups noses off so we avoided those ones, we really prefer our puppies connected to their noses. This one was really nice though.
Forte trying to crawl in with the ponies. Fuller and the eating ponies.
We left the animal farm and walked over to where they grow all these flowers. How could we resist getting some pictures of the boys. Although it proved to be harder than in looks. :D
The boys finally gave up so we called it a day.
We parted ways and me and my sister headed to Costa Vida for dinner.
Then we decided to see the new Wolverine movie (which was excellent!!!!)
So, after a VERY long and exciting day the pup was so tired, so we headed to bed.

It was a very fun day and the boys did fantastic!! I am so proud of my boy!