Saturday, October 15, 2011

O is for . . .


On Thursday I picked up puppy number 12. She is an absolutely adorable Golden/Lab mix and her name is Orleans! I really thing I won the lotto with her name because I am not a huge fan of her sisters names. :)

Here is Orleans coming off the truck.
Giving me kisses!
Isn't she just the cutest little thing ever?
Me with Orleans and Snickers in front of the truck
Orleans playing with her sister Osaka.
We had four of these little fuzz balls come to Utah. From left to right is: Osaka, Omsi, Orleans and Onessa. There were two other siblings on the truck who are now in Colorado a male named Oscar and a female named Olema.
Orleans on the way home.
Just a cute picture of her in my driveway
Her first bath. Since they pups travel on newspapers they are pretty dirty when they get here, so all my pups get a bath first thing home.
Orleans meeting her big sister Paris.
Orleans meeting Snickers
So far she is a super puppy. She likes the sound of her voice and screams all night and anytime she is in the kennel but she is already improving on that. She loves to be held and just melts like butter in any one's arms. I love how sweet she is and still super confident. I am so excited to spend the next year with this sweet little girl. Oh, and interesting tidbit, I just realized she is my first baby girl since my 2nd puppy. All my girls since her have been transferred to me, so I am even more excited to have this sweetheart! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bye Tartan and Snicks last puppy class

Well, a couple weeks ago I handed Tartan off to his new raiser. She is so excited to have him and he is perfect for a first time raiser so I really hope they do well together. :)

Here he is after being handed off to his new raiser.
He seems pretty content with her.
The whole high school group with their new puppies.
I made these yummy treats for Snickers' last puppy class. I think everyone enjoyed them because there were none left to take home.
During the meeting we had all the dogs stay and they did super. I was proud of my boy as he was placed in his stay first and stayed for a good five or six minutes while all the other dogs were placed in stays. :) He is so ready for training.
And Snickers with Mozart his half brother. They are both Forte boys.
That pretty much sums that up. The new puppy news is that I am leaving in an hour and a half to go pick up little Ms. O. I can't wait!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

New Puppy!

Snickers is leaving for formal harness training next week. I will miss him so much, he is a fabulous puppy. I know the first question everyone asks is will you be getting a new puppy, and the answer is of course! I will be picking up a new bundle of puppy fuzz next week, I am getting a female yellow lab/golden cross and her name starts with the letter O. I am so excited for this little girl to arrive but a little nervous about the letter O, since it is unusual and there are nine puppies in this litter. So let the guessing begin!

(P.S. I will be back shortly with pictures of Tartan's farewell and Snickers last puppy class)