Saturday, March 31, 2007

So far, so good!

Sherman has been here for 24 hours and is doing great. His cute, spunky little personality is really starting to show. We went to bed last night at one-thirty he woke me up an hour later whining but fell back asleep a couple minutes later and didn’t make a peep until eight. He is pretty good at telling me when he has to go, which I am not used to since none of my previous pups have given me any kind of sign. He has such a cute little prancey walk that I love. He also got his first bath this morning since the pups are not the cleanest when they get off the puppy truck. He loved the water, he walked under the spout and just let the warm water run down his back. This is also new, ALL of my girls have hated the water. He also discovered the little black lab puppy that hides in the mirror and whined, barked, and growled at it until I gave him a little correction and he stopped. He tries not to look in the mirror now but when he does he gives out a little boof just to keep the other dog in check. He is also the most vocal pup I have had. He likes to whine, and bark when he doesn’t get his way. We will have to work on that, but he still has a ways to go so I am not worried. I absolutely adore him he has been a great little puppy.

First bath, getting wet. He didn't mind the water at all.

He tried to drink most of it.

All soapy.

He likes the kennel. Doesn't whine much when he is in there.
Does NOT like the stairs. He is getting better but absolutly hates coming down. Going up isn't so bad, but it takes some coaxing. He just sits at the bottom until I pick him up. I will usually place him a few stairs from the top or bottom and he does those fine. It is the whole 20 stairs that freaks him out.
Sherman on his new doggy bed.

I love his after food belly. It is sooo big.

Megan, Sherman, & Adeline

Friday, March 30, 2007

He's Here!!!!!!!!!!!!

My boy is finally here!!! He has a really great name too. His name is Sherman. I was so worried that the name was going to be horrible since GDB gets pretty "creative" at times. He is the cutest little boy EVER!!! I absolutly adore him and I could not be happier with this little guy. He is very smart and is already picking up on some commands. He is a really calm, mellow little guy. But, it is his first day and things might change when he comes out of his shell a bit. It took him a while to figure out how to take kibble out of my hand when we were practicing the recall but now that is his favorite game. It was hard to say good bye to Adeline but I know she will do well. She did not like Sherman at all and the puppy truck guys said that I could have the option to keep her until they came back through Utah on Sunday. It was a tough decision but I was all ready to say good-bye and didn’t want to go through all that again, and since she didn’t like Sherman at all I didn’t want to make her live with him for a few days. So she is on her way to Colorado and then off to school in California. I already miss her a lot and even seeing pictures of her right now gets me teary eyed. Her fate is up to her now, I prepared her the best that I could and I know that she will become what is best for her. Getting the little man off the truck. He was darling and the first thing he did was give me puppy kisses so I could smell his wonderful puppy breath.
Adeline meets baby Sherman. She didn't like him at all. Quit jealous I would say.
We got four puppies in our group today. Montgomery (Sherman's cousin. Thier moms are sisters, Yolie and Yolette), Sherman, Rondelle (Thanks McKell), and Ontario. Sherman is the smallest one in the group even though Rondelle and him have the same b-day. I don't think he will get to big.

The three of us. Little Sherman, me and Adeline, getting ready for the long puppy truck ride.
Sherman has such a cute face.
Goodbye to my sweet Adeline. One last look before the puppy truck leaves. *tear*

Sherman ready to go home. He started jumping in my car, but we needed to feed him lunch first.
His first meal. He eats like a maniac. Such a change from Adeline who enjoys and chews one kibble at a time.
Cute little pose. He is such a handsome young man. Lots of skin to grown into.
I love my new boy and think that he will be so much fun to raise. I already notice a few differences from my four girls. (especailly when doing his buisiness. lol)
Megan, Sherman, & Adeline (on her way to college)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Phase Reports!!

Here is this weeks phase report. Adeline will be joining them all tomorrow. Although she will probably not show on the phase report for another week or two.

Adeline's Sibs:
Albright LAB M 2 No
Artemis LAB M 5 No
Avery LAB M 8 No
Adeline (the first of the girl in the litter to go in for training)

Glennie's Sibs:
Cortez LAB M 3 No
Gaucho LAB M 3 No
Giovanna LAB F 3 Yes
Glenetta LAB F 3 No

Tahoma's babies:
Renna LAB F 2 No

I will post again tomorrow to let you all know all about my new little man. I will meet in in 23 hours. I can't believe how fast the time has gone.

Megan, Adeline (short timer), & Mr. "S" (a cute little black lab on his way to Utah soon)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Last Bath and some video's

I gave Adeline her last bath today. So, she will be all clean and ready for the puppy truck on Friday.

Getting wet.
Prudy is not happy about her bath.

All Suddsy (is that a word)
Rinsing off. Prudy loves her little sister. She will be missed.
Drying off.
Adeline in the towel.

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Adeline's after bath ritual.

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Adeline gets really exited after a bath and spins and runs and shakes like a maniac. Such a cutie!

Megan, Adeline (leaving the day after tomorrow), & Mr. "S" (probably being preped for the puppy truck tomorrow so I can meet him on Friday :)

Monday, March 26, 2007

What I have found out so far. . .

So after some detective work I have found out quite a bit about Mr. "S" parents and his geneology. Here is what I have learned so far:
Norbert is a BIG MBL who was born April 17th 2004. He has been siring litters since January of 2006 and was just presented as a breeder at the last San Rafael graduation on March 10th. I guess he has been too busy to get to a graduation. lol Norberts parents are Righetti a MBL and Gelato a FYL. On his side is also some Julianne a FBL, Nagel a MYL, and Rashad a MYL. I dunno how they fit in the mix though. There were two other breeders pulled from his litter, Nico and Normandy (both MYL). Nico sired a few litters before being retired early for soft trachea. Normandy was GDB's first dog to be sent internationaly to be a breeder. He has sired a few litters for GDB as well. Norbert was raised in Contra Costa County.

Yolette is a FYL who was born January 29, 2002. Her parents are Atkins a MYL and Mimi a FYL. Atkins parents are Kraft a MYL and Flossie a FYL. Mimi's parents are Foster MYL and Nitelight FYL. Yolettes litter with Norbert was her fourth. There are five pups in the litter. Some are yellow and some are black.

Well, as you can tell I am getting really exited. I hope he will be a good boy and does his parents proud. Sorry, I wrote this out mostly for me so I can keep track of it all. Thanks to everyone who helped me find out more about where my boy comes from.

Megan, Adeline, & Mr. "S" (3 days)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ode to a food bucket : )

I started preparing for my new puppy today. I have had a bag of Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy for a couple of weeks now. I decided since Adeline only had a bottom full of food left that I would take out what she had left. I cleaned it out, washed it and stuck the baby food in it. I havn't done anything else but since I have more time off from work this week I am going to start puppy proofing everything and getting ready. EXITEING!!!! I have had these food buckets for years. I got the small one when I got Prudy in June of 2002. It has always been hers. The bigger one I bought when I recieved Tahoma in July of 2004. Now I use that one for all my PIT's. They both get washed when I start running out of food. I can't believe how much I love my food buckets. (I think my pups love them more though.) lol
Megan, Adeline, & Mr. "S" (comes in 4 days)

Funny story and some pics. . .

I don't know how many guys read this blog but beware because this post has a lot of girly content. lol A couple nights ago I had to go to work early and wasn't going to be home to feed and potty the girls. I asked my dad to do it. While I was at work I got a call from dad saying that he forgot to take Adeline's diaper off when he took her out potty, so she peed in it. I told him to put her in the kennel and throw her diaper in the wash and when it was clean to stick a pad in it (doggy pads from the pet store.) so that she can be loose in the house. I got home from work and the girls ran to the kitchen to greet me. I looked at Adeline and her diaper had wings sticking out. So I took it off and looked and sure enough he had stuck one of the people pads in there complete with wings. I laughed to hard. What a goof, my dad has no idea! The puppy pads were right on top of the kennel.

Adeline takes advantage of the blankets on the floor while my sheets are washing. She has such a cute face.
Prudy and Adeline play tug. (sorta, lol)

Adeline wants me to play while I am on my computer.
Adeline has really started to settle this last week. She had been driving me nuts with her constant wiggling around. I think her remaining time is going to be okay because she if finally laying down and seems content.
Megan, Adeline (5 more days in Utah), & Mr. "S" (with the impressive geneology, I will tell you about it later)

Friday, March 23, 2007

More Info on Mr. "S"

I received for info about my little Mr. "S" who I am picking up in 7 days. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. His parents are Norbert MBL and Yollete FYL. (Anybody know anything about them?) The litter was born 1-20-07. He will be 9 1/2 weeks when I pick him up. He is still a Mr. "S" and is an international boy. I am so flaming exited!!!
Megan, Adeline (our last week *tear*) & Mr. "S" (enjoying his last week of playing in the GDB kennel)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Phase Report Day!!!!!

They are all still there and Glennie's sibs have passed their health exams and are ready for harness work!!! YAY

Adeline's Sibs:
10-25-05 Kinsey MYL/Vonnie FYL
Albright LAB MYL 2 No
Artemis LAB MYL 3 No
Avery LAB MYL 8 No
and Adeline will be joining her brothers next week.

Glennie's Sibs:
9-27-05 Astro MYL/Paula FBL
Cortez LAB MYL 2 No
Gaucho LAB MBL 2 No
Giovanna LAB FBL 2 Yes
Glenetta LAB FYL 2 No

Tahoma's Kids:
11-25-05 Francois MBL/Tahoma FBL
Renna LAB FYL 2 No

Not much change just Albright and all of Glennie's sibs are done with health evals and moved to phase 2. Rae also moved to phase 5, I thought they didn't continue training when they undergo Breeder evals but who knows. Maybe she is in Oregon and waiting to hitch a ride to San Rafael. They all seem to be doing all right. YAY!!! Go puppies!!!
Megan, Adeline, & Mr. "S"

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Adeline's recall letter

I got Adeline's recall letter today. Naturally, I was a bit distraught because that means that she is officially leaving soon. It is really starting to sink in that she is leaving as I enter my last week with her. I am really going to miss Adeline. She has made so much improvement over the last year and I am so proud of everything she has accomplished. I have laughed with her and cried over her. It's funny she is the first puppy that I haven't fallen in love with from first sight. It didn't take long but once we got to know, and trust each other we have gotten along so well since then. I absolutely adore her and am going to miss her happy bouncy self. I am so sad that my time with her has come to an end but I know that she is going to bring such a wonderful light into the life of everyone she comes in contact with from her training instructors, kennel workers, and hopefully, someday a blind person for her to work with for a long, long time. Well, I am rambling now so I will say bye now. Hope everyone is having a great day.

Megan, Adeline (the short timer) & Mr. "S" (In the GDB kennels waiting to be put on the puppy truck so he can meet me.)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Phase Report Day!!!!!

So, I didn't get my copy of the phase report yesterday :( and was dying to find out how my puppies sibling are doing. So thanks to Anna I got it today. (THANKS!!!)

Adeline's Sibs:

Albright LAB 1 No
Artemis LAB 3 No
Avery LAB 8 No

Glennie's Sibs:
Cortez LAB M 1 No
Gaucho LAB M 1 No
Giovanna LAB F 1 Yes
Glenetta LAB F 1 No

Tahoma's pups:
Renna LAB F 2 No

Not much change from last week. Renna is now in training and already in phase 2. Looks like all of Glennies sibs are still doing health evals and stuff. Glenetta is no longer on breeder watch. But, Rae is undergoing BREEDER EVALS!!!!!!! I am so exited that GDB watns to continue Tahom's genes. She was such a special puppy and I am really rooting for one of her pups to become a breeder.
Megan, Adeline, & Mr. "S"

Weird Dream. . .

I had the weirdest dream last night that GDB decided to take Adeline early since she was in season. My PRA (or CFR. I am still not used to that) flew to Utah and I met her in Salt Lake. She had all these vet tool that she brought with her like an x-ray machine, and a bunch of other stuff that she kept pulling out of her suitcase. (Reminded me of the Mary Poppins bag) She did all these tests and x-rays on her and gave Adeline her 16 mo vaccines. Then she got on the phone and was talking to someone at GDB. When she got off she said that they decided to have Adeline be a breeder and asked me to be her breeder keeper. (like that would ever happen, I live clear out in Utah) Of course I said "YES!!!!" So Barb left and when I got home I had a package from GDB. I opened it and what was inside but a little vial of frozen semen, with instructions on how to artificially inseminate her. (I used to work at a vet and did that all the time. Not my favorite task.) I looked on the vial and it was from a MBL named Stud. Then my dream fast forwarded (literally, I saw everything go by really fast) to just before Adeline had her puppies. When she had them they were full grown two year old labs. Five of them all male black labs wearing harnesses. (Yes, my poor, tiny 48 pound girl had FIVE FULL GROWN LAB BOYS WITH HARNESSES ON!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!!) I called Barb (my CFR) and told her and she said to give them names that start with the letter "S" and she was on her way to pick them up for the current class training at GDB. So I named them Snoopy, Silver, Steiner, Sven, and Spritz. Barb came to my house a few minutes later (it is funny how time has no rule in dreams) and told me about all the new people in class waiting for their dogs and which dogs were going to which people and where they were going to live and work. But, I was startled awake by a certain yellow lab who is in season and now whines to go potty at five in the morning. (but I won't name names) I was kinda curious to see where that was going. Odd! Hmmm. . .
Megan, Adeline (who would rather have puppies than adult dogs), & Mr. "S" (who is glad he didn't become a guide the day he was born)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Last Bag of Food. . . :(

Adeline had about a week of food left this morning so I needed one last small bag before she leaves. Off to the pet store I went. When I got there I got my bag of food, and I couldn't help but buy a new toy for the new baby (even though I am ordering more with my puppy group at class on Saturday, what was supposed to be Adeline's last puppy class *tear*) When I got up to the check out stand there was a bit of a line and I started thinking about how this was going to be Adeline's last bag of food at my house and when it was gone she was leaving. So what did I do, I started bawling, IN THE MIDDLE OF PETSMART!! UGGG!!! I am really pathetic sometimes. Adeline with her last bag of food. *sigh* This took a bit to accomplish so I added a few "blooper" photo's. lol

Megan, Adeline, & Little lad "S"

Monday, March 12, 2007

Adeline pacing

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This is what Adeline does all day long. She goes from me to the door runs herself into it then slams herself into the wall, back to the door and back too me. She did this for an hour straight before she collapsed and rolled onto her back and fell asleep. Poor girl is so uncomfortable, I wish there was such thing as doggy midol. lol

Megan, Uncomfy Adeline, & Mr "S" (only 18 days)

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Here They Are . . .

Adeline sleeps on the floor with my sister Whitney 20 minutes before I notice that she is in season.

Frog Dog.

I don't know if maybe this makes her more comfortable. Hmm. . . It's darn cute though.

Adeline loves her diaper and shakes and wiggles when I put it on her. So cute.

Megan, Adeline, & soon to come Mr. "S"

WORST POSSIBLE TIMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adeline went into season last night. I am so sad because she won't be done until the day before her recall. So I don't get my "week of lasts" or my last puppy class and she is going to miss her farewell party. DARN DOG!!!!! I also had professional pictures scheduled for me and her tomorrow that I had to cancel since I can't take her out anywhere. I am so sad and disappointed. So she is going to be a house dog until her recall. Oh, well. Such is life, I guess it is her way of telling me that she is ready and doesn't need anymore socialization. This time is way worse than last time though. She was so calm and would barely move. Now she won't hold still to save her life. She is constantly pacing around and when she finally lays down she only does for a second and then she is right back up again. She lays down like a frog now with her back legs extended behind her. It is pretty funny. So she is back in her panties (which she LOVES) I got some pretty good pictures I will post later.
Megan, Adeline (under house arrest), and Mr. "S" (who will never go into season :)

Phase Report Day!!!!!

They are all still there which is a good sign. lol

Adelines Sibs:
Albright LAB M 1 No
Artemis LAB M 3 No
Avery LAB M 8 No

Glennies Sibs:
Cortez LAB M 1 No
Gaucho LAB M 1 No
Giovanna LAB F 1 Yes
Glenetta LAB F 1 Yes

Tahoma's Puppies:
Rae LAB F 4 Yes

There you have it not much movement from last week. Just Avery from phase 7 to phase 8. He has been moving really fast. Ta for now

Megan, Adeline, & Mr "S" (I decided my favorite name would be Snoopy, I think that would be awesome)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Not so Much a Mystery Boy Anymore. . .

YAY!!!!! I got my puppy assignment today. I am so exited. I am getting a male black lab, and his name starts with the letter "S." He is also from an international litter like my little Adeline. Now I can start guessing names. My family thinks it would be funny if his name was Stewart, or Stuart. (my last name is Stewart) I wouln't like it that much but it would be funny. Would GDB do that? Wouln't they see my last name is Stewart on my application and say "maybe we should not send this pup with the same name." Hmmm. . . you never know. I am so exited I get to meet my little Mr. S in 23 days!!!!
Megan, Adeline, and Mr. "S"

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Playing Tug

The girls (Prudy & Adeline) love to play tug. It is there favorite game EVER. So here is some video for your viewing pleasure.

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Megan, Prudy, Adeline, & Mystery Boy

Testing My New Camera

Before I left California someone stole my camera. I was so sad as I am a pictoholic and could not take any pictures of my girls. So there is a void of about six months were I have no pictures. :( So I went and got myself a new camera. It is so nice and I LOVE it. I went a little snap happy so here a a few good ones with my new camera.

Adeline at work, of course I forgot to bring her bowl so I went to the break room and got a paper bowl and set it on a paper plate. It worked but I definetly won't forget her bowl again. I always bring a toy though, today's toy of choice was the dyno. She LOVES them.
Adeline at school waiting in between classes. The flash on my camera is a little bright but I caught her right before a blink. She looks kinda funny.

Adeline at Bajio's our favorite Mexican restaurant. She is so good about getting under the table and waiting for us to finish eating.
There are the good ones, I am still figuring out some of the features. But it can film like 45 minutes of video too. I am way stoked, it is so awesome. (Don't worry, I won't post 45 minute clips, lol)
Megan, Adeline, & Mystery Boy (still no info, maybe on Thrusday when phase report come. I CAN'T WAIT)

Monday, March 5, 2007

It's a Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I got an update about my mystery puppy. I know it is going to be a male lab. :) I am so exited and nervous at the same time. I have never had a male animal in my life! It has always been girl cats, girl rats, girl mice, girl guinea pigs, girl hamsters, etc. . . I am so exited to start this new adventure with a little boy. I guess I am going to have to get used to saying "good boy!" I have been saying "good girl" for like 18 years as long as I have had dogs (not all for GDB) Not having to deal with a female in season will be nice I will have like 2 years off of that. How nice! I should find out the color, and letter sometime this week. I can't wait to start guessing names for my new BOY!
Megan, Adeline & Mystery Boy

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Pictures of my girls

Updated pictures of my girls.

Adeline's nightly ritual. She chews on her feet and squirms around before curling up into a ball and falling asleep.
Adeline in the car on the way to work. She is such a good girl and sits patiently while we drive.

Prudy got in trouble for getting into my garbage and so I told her to sit on her bed. It was so funny she really did and it looks like she is trying to go potty. What a funny girl.

Prudy pouts because I am mad at her and looks for comfort from my little sister, Whitney.

Prudy gets some lovin' from Whitney.
I went to the petstore to prepare for the new puppy coming in 27 days so I bought a new crate (since Prudy has taken over my old one and gets very upset when Adeline is in there.) The crate didn't fit in the trunk so I stuck it in the back and both of the girls had to sit in the front. They were such good girls.
After we put together the new crate. I have never had a wire one so I am pretty exited to try it out. I just bought a crate pad for it so Adeline has something soft to lay on while in there. But mystery puppy will have to earn it and not have accidents or chew on it before they get to be in the crate with it.
Megan & Adeline