Saturday, March 3, 2007

Smartest Little Girls in the World

I am SOOO proud of my little Adeline. Last Sunday I went to my grandmas house for dinner. She hates dogs and so I have to leave Adeline at home when I go. Since my mom had some projects for work sitting out I had to put Adeline in the kennel. I was gathering homework and stuff to do at my grandmas house and asked my little sister to put Adeline in the kennel. We went to grandmas house and about two hours later we went home. I walked in the house and noticed that the door to the kennel was wide open. I walked up to the kennel and Adeline was still sitting in there waiting for the "okay" to come out. I said "okay" and out she came. I was shocked, she knew it was open but stayed in there anyway. What a good girl. Well, my sister felt a little stupid for not closing and latching the kennel and I gave her a hard time all night. lol
Megan & Adeline (maybe she really is ready for college.)