Monday, February 26, 2007

Tahoma (lots of pictures)

So here is Tahomas highlights.

Tahoma after we got home from the puppy truck. She was so tired I layed her down and she slept for hours.
Tahomas first bath. The puppies lay in newspaper clipping on the puppy truck so I give them a bath the same day to clean them off. My yellow labs all looked grey until thier baths.
Tahoma getting used to the kennel. She loved her kennel. After the first few days she would go in there herself and just hang out.
Tahoma find a toy the kong and that was her favortie one.
Tahoma learns the come command. That was her favorite command she would come running and knock me over. It was adorable.

Mine and Tahoma picture.
Halloween. Tahoma was a half devil and half angel. (her personality lol) and Prudy was a hulla girl complete with coconut bra.
Tahoma at work. I worked at Tahitian Noni and Tahoma loved it.
Happy New Year. My family got a little out of control with the silly string.
Tahoma turns one. She also gets her recall date for May 9th. Just four days after her first b-day.

On our way to California to drop her off. I was also moving there (reason for her early recall)
First time at the beach the day before her recall. She loved the water and would jump over the waves. It was sooo cute.
Tahoma at GDB for her recall. I was so sad to let her go. She was a challenge but I loved it.
October 8th. Tahoma graduates as a breeder. YAY HOMIE!!!!!!!!!!
On the stage talking about my girl.

Tahoma has a litter of seven on November 25, 2005. They were assigned the letter 'R'. Radar (MBL), Rally (MBL), Rebel (MYL), Russ (MYL), Rae (FBL), Renna (FYL), and Rose (FYL) She had four boys and three girls. This is Radar the biggest boy in the litter.
Here is Rose the smallest girl. She was a doll and did the head tilt just like her mommy did.
Me with Rae (biggest female, up on my arm), Rally (the one I am holding) and rose in the background. Rae didn't leave me alone the whole time. She followed me around everywhere. It was so cute.
All the yellow puppies tugging on a rope. Rebel, Russ, Renna and Rose.
Tahomas recall after having her puppies. This is her breeder keepers Dick and Betty Currie and me with Glennie (puppy #3) and Tahoma. They let me meet them at the campus to turn her in. It was so nice to see her again after four months.

Tahoma cruised through the ten phases of training and was initially pulled out of phase 8 and matched with a women from Canada but the match didn't work out so she was put into class the next month and graduated Sept 2nd with a man from Ohio named Shimon Brand. He had to leave class early so I went to meet them the last weekend in August.
She loves to work and was so exited when Shimon brought out her harness she wiggled and ran up to him and then stood still as a statue while he put it on. They moved so fast together I had to jog to keep up. It was wonderful to see her work and she looked absolutly gorgeous in her harness.
Me, Shimon, and Tahoma. I havn't heard much from them but I know that he is taking care of her and that they are going to have a wonderful live together. I am so proud of my girl.

Prudy (lots of pics)

So I don't have a lot to update on so I decided to do Highlights from each of my previous puppies. Enjoy!! There will be a lot of pictures. Sorry they are scanned pictures so they aren't the greatest and a few are copies of copies. But you get the idea.

I picked up Prudy in Salt Lake City on June 29, 2002. The Davis County group brought her and four of her siblings from San Rafael fun day for me and Brittney (also in my puppy group) So Prudy and her brother Patriot were raised in my group. There was also Pearlette, Pritchard, and Pearson who were raised in the Davis group.
My senior pictures. I took this two days after Prudy came home. Since I was raising her as my senior project in High School I decided to get some profesional pictures of the two of us together. I love the tongue hanging out, it was soooo cute. (and I used to be so tan, my gosh what happened??!?!?!?)
Prudy finds a toy and decides that the Gallileo bone is going to be her favorite. (I still have that bone the thing is near indestructable)
Prudy's first bath. She loved that water and loved cuddling in the towel. (and I was in my hideous hat phase were I always wore some kind of ugly hat.)
Prudy on Halloween. I took her to school like this and she wore everything (crown included) all day without trying to takethem off. She won honorable mention in the costume contest at school. (she would have won first but the judges thought it would make the students feel bad if a dog won.) Her prize was a spoonful of peanut butter which she loved. (back when Peanut Butter was an okay treat for GDB puppies) She still loves peanut butter.

Quirky Prudy: When she was on tie down she loved to rest herself on the bench in the kitchen. I dunno why she did that. I would laugh though it was so cute. Prudy also got herself a gentle leader for not wanting to walk on leash when she was 5 mo old. It helped so much and she wore it until she was about a year and then was on a training collar.
Prudy went with me on a drama trip for school. We went to the Shakespeare Competition in Cedar City Utah. (That is why I am dressed up. I did a scene (As You Like It Act II Scene I) with my friend where we took first place in the region. I was way stoked.) Anyway, she stayed in the hotel and rode a bus all weekend and was such a good girl.
Eating in the hotel room in Cedar City. Her stuff took up half of my suitcase (ha ha) I tend to pack more for my dogs than I do for myself when I go on trips. I also slept on the floor with her because I wasn't able to bring a kennel.
Looking so cute while she is in "costume" drama people are weird and kept asking me what role she was playing. I would respond: "She is playing the role of future guide dog)
Me with Prudy, Brittney and Patriot and our gdb group leader Jill with Wafer (not in picture) did a presentation on Guide Dog puppies for a 4H group. It was a lot of fun and all the kids had a good time petting the puppies after the presentation.

Utah State Fair we had an evaluation for all the puppies. I finally got to meet all the puppies being raised in Utah. I don't remember the raisers names but the dogs from left to right are: Pritchard, Pearlette, Pearson, Patriot, and Prudy.
Prudys first restaurant. 4mo old. She had just gotten her shots and was such a good girl. She slept the whole time. The waitress loved her and brought me a huge glass of whipping cream for my pie. (you can see it on the table.) Also there with my friend Elsie and sister Whitney.
December 2002. The Utah Christmas party with our PRA Kathy Laber. She worked with Prudy on food distractions. She wanted it so bad but was wonderful. Eventually she had food on her paws and on her back.
I was in a play: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Prudy went with me to play practice everyday. She was so good. I would tie her down to a chair in the audience and she would sleep all during rehearsal. We even had a couple numbers where we would run down the aisles and she would stay put with all the weird costumes and all.
After I graduated High School I moved out of my parents house and in with my grandma. My grandpa had just passed away so I was helping my g-ma out. We lived there for almost a year until we got in a car accident (yes Prudy was in the car) and I almost died so we moved back in with the folks so they could keep an eye on me. lol

Senior Project Presentation. At the end of the school year I had to do a presentation on guide dogs for my senior project. I showed them the commands and how Prudy knew them and what would happen next. I did really well and got an A on my project and was also invited to speak at graduation for having the best project. It went really well.
A few days before recall me and Prudy got our pictures taken again. She was such a good dog and was almost 20 months old when she went back. Long story short she had a split season when she was 14 months old (meaning she went into heat twice right after eachother) She had to be kennel at the vet for nearly three months because she was also spayed. So when I got her back she was fat and had forgotten all of her training. So I kept her longer to get her back into shape and pretty much reteach her everything.
Recal December 2003. Loading my girl into the kennel of Kathy Labers van. It was so hard to say goodbye but I knew Prudy would do well. I was so proud of her and the progress we had made.
Prudy was in training for three months and made it to phase 8 before I got the "dreaded call" that she had been cc'd for seperation anxiety/relieveing in harness. I was on my way to Oregon the next day to pick up my girl. She was so exited to see me as I was her. Now she is my pet and has been home for three years in mid March. She has been helping me raise all of my other puppies and loves her new job.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Her nose is pink (w/ before and after pics)

Okay so I noticed today how pink Adeline's nose has gotten. She used to have a dark black nose and it was so cute but her nose is almost all pink except for the edges.


This has happened to all of my dogs and I never really thought anything about it. So I went online and started researching what causes it and I found some really funny comments. Some said to take your dog to the vet immediately!!! Like a pigment change off the nose is fatal, it made me laugh. I guess it is called winter nose where a change in the weather makes the pigment change in the nose. If this happens to show dogs their is a paint you can buy to paint your dogs nose back to black. There are also rumors that if a hunting dogs nose turns pink their sense of smell isn't as good and they are going to be useless hunting dogs. People are so neurotic. WOW!!

Megan & Adeline

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Practicing Commands

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Okay, so this took me an hour to figure out how to get a video on here. Anyway, Adeline is leaving in 37 days (but who is counting) and I have been doing little sessions with her to make sure she knows all the commands and is consistent with them. So this is part of one of our sessions. She makes me laugh because she gets closer to me with each command. Silly girl

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Adeline's "three sisters"

This is Prudy. She was the first puppy that I raised to be a guide dog. She was born 5-1-01 and her parents are Klondike and Flower both yellow labs. Five of her siblings were raised in Utah. A group in Davis county brought them all from California to Utah where I picked her up. There were nine puppies in her litter. Her siblings are Phoenix (guide in IL), Pritchard (CC'd-Temperment), Pearson (Guide in CA), Patriot (CC'd-Allergies), Paulina (?), Pearla (?), Pearlette (Guide in WA), and Polka (?). Prudy was recalled December of 2003, and made it to phase 8 in three months before I got the call saying that Prudy had been career changed (CC'd) for separation anxiety/relieving in harness. Me and my dad were on our way to Oregon to pick her up the next day. So Prudy is my pet now and loves her new job of taking care of the family and helping me raise more puppies. She loves being able to hang out with the family and spend time on the couch and bed. (Adeline gets jealous! She is not allowed on the furniture!!!)
This is Tahoma she was my #2 puppy. She was born 5-5-04 and her parents are Jessel a yellow lab and Divina a black lab. There were eight puppies in her litter. They are Tustin (CC'd-torn ACL), Trenton (Guide in AZ now back at GDB after first match didn't work), Taxi (CC'd-soft trachea), Tarzan (CC'd), Talura, (CC'd), Tangerine (Guide in Canada), Tawny (CC'd). I picked Tahoma up from the puppy truck July 7, 2004. Tahoma was a tough little puppy but I enjoyed the challenge, and learned a lot from her. Tahoma was recalled early because I moved to California. She went back just four days after her first birthday on May 9, 2005. She did well in training and was chosen to be a breeder, but Guide Dogs had pulled too many female breeders so they decided to use Tahoma as a charter stock breeder, meaning she would have one litter and then go back into training as a guide. She was bred to a black lab named Francois (he is very handsome pictured below)
and had seven puppies on November 25, 2005. They were assigned the letter 'R' and were named Radar MBL (CC'd), Rebel MYL, Russ MYL, Rally MBL, Rae FBL, Renna FYL, and Rose FYL. She was put back into training February 23, 2006 and graduated on Sept 2nd as a Guide Dog. She is now working with a blind man in Ohio and they are the perfect match for each other.
This is Glennie. She was born September 27, 2005 and her parents are Paula a female black lab and Astro a male yellow lab. There were only five puppies in her litter. They were Cortez, Gaucho, Giovanna, and Glenetta. Glennie was my third guide dog puppy. I picked her up February 13, 2006. She was my Valentines puppy. Unfortunately, Glennie's time with me was very short. She was transferred to me when she was five months old because she had some issues with being balky in public and was aggressive around food. I worked really hard with her and she stopped growling when I got near her food but she just didn't like to go out in public. So when she was six months old she was career changed. She is now living the good life as a couch potato with a wonderful family in Navato, CA.

Those are my previous pups so if I mention one you will know who I am talking about. Ta for now.
Megan & Adeline (45 days till puppy college)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Baby pictures

These are pictures of Adeline when she was with her first raiser. So these are the only "baby" pictures that I have of her. She really hasn't changed a bit and looks just like she did then. Just bigger.
Megan & Adeline