Monday, February 26, 2007

Tahoma (lots of pictures)

So here is Tahomas highlights.

Tahoma after we got home from the puppy truck. She was so tired I layed her down and she slept for hours.
Tahomas first bath. The puppies lay in newspaper clipping on the puppy truck so I give them a bath the same day to clean them off. My yellow labs all looked grey until thier baths.
Tahoma getting used to the kennel. She loved her kennel. After the first few days she would go in there herself and just hang out.
Tahoma find a toy the kong and that was her favortie one.
Tahoma learns the come command. That was her favorite command she would come running and knock me over. It was adorable.

Mine and Tahoma picture.
Halloween. Tahoma was a half devil and half angel. (her personality lol) and Prudy was a hulla girl complete with coconut bra.
Tahoma at work. I worked at Tahitian Noni and Tahoma loved it.
Happy New Year. My family got a little out of control with the silly string.
Tahoma turns one. She also gets her recall date for May 9th. Just four days after her first b-day.

On our way to California to drop her off. I was also moving there (reason for her early recall)
First time at the beach the day before her recall. She loved the water and would jump over the waves. It was sooo cute.
Tahoma at GDB for her recall. I was so sad to let her go. She was a challenge but I loved it.
October 8th. Tahoma graduates as a breeder. YAY HOMIE!!!!!!!!!!
On the stage talking about my girl.

Tahoma has a litter of seven on November 25, 2005. They were assigned the letter 'R'. Radar (MBL), Rally (MBL), Rebel (MYL), Russ (MYL), Rae (FBL), Renna (FYL), and Rose (FYL) She had four boys and three girls. This is Radar the biggest boy in the litter.
Here is Rose the smallest girl. She was a doll and did the head tilt just like her mommy did.
Me with Rae (biggest female, up on my arm), Rally (the one I am holding) and rose in the background. Rae didn't leave me alone the whole time. She followed me around everywhere. It was so cute.
All the yellow puppies tugging on a rope. Rebel, Russ, Renna and Rose.
Tahomas recall after having her puppies. This is her breeder keepers Dick and Betty Currie and me with Glennie (puppy #3) and Tahoma. They let me meet them at the campus to turn her in. It was so nice to see her again after four months.

Tahoma cruised through the ten phases of training and was initially pulled out of phase 8 and matched with a women from Canada but the match didn't work out so she was put into class the next month and graduated Sept 2nd with a man from Ohio named Shimon Brand. He had to leave class early so I went to meet them the last weekend in August.
She loves to work and was so exited when Shimon brought out her harness she wiggled and ran up to him and then stood still as a statue while he put it on. They moved so fast together I had to jog to keep up. It was wonderful to see her work and she looked absolutly gorgeous in her harness.
Me, Shimon, and Tahoma. I havn't heard much from them but I know that he is taking care of her and that they are going to have a wonderful live together. I am so proud of my girl.


EmilyG said...

I go to school where Tahoma and Shimon work and it was fun to find her on your blog. When Shimon is up in his office all day, sometimes I come and take her for walks. I love her a lot and it was great to see puppy pictures. She is doing great and loves all the snow this time a year.