Monday, February 26, 2007

Prudy (lots of pics)

So I don't have a lot to update on so I decided to do Highlights from each of my previous puppies. Enjoy!! There will be a lot of pictures. Sorry they are scanned pictures so they aren't the greatest and a few are copies of copies. But you get the idea.

I picked up Prudy in Salt Lake City on June 29, 2002. The Davis County group brought her and four of her siblings from San Rafael fun day for me and Brittney (also in my puppy group) So Prudy and her brother Patriot were raised in my group. There was also Pearlette, Pritchard, and Pearson who were raised in the Davis group.
My senior pictures. I took this two days after Prudy came home. Since I was raising her as my senior project in High School I decided to get some profesional pictures of the two of us together. I love the tongue hanging out, it was soooo cute. (and I used to be so tan, my gosh what happened??!?!?!?)
Prudy finds a toy and decides that the Gallileo bone is going to be her favorite. (I still have that bone the thing is near indestructable)
Prudy's first bath. She loved that water and loved cuddling in the towel. (and I was in my hideous hat phase were I always wore some kind of ugly hat.)
Prudy on Halloween. I took her to school like this and she wore everything (crown included) all day without trying to takethem off. She won honorable mention in the costume contest at school. (she would have won first but the judges thought it would make the students feel bad if a dog won.) Her prize was a spoonful of peanut butter which she loved. (back when Peanut Butter was an okay treat for GDB puppies) She still loves peanut butter.

Quirky Prudy: When she was on tie down she loved to rest herself on the bench in the kitchen. I dunno why she did that. I would laugh though it was so cute. Prudy also got herself a gentle leader for not wanting to walk on leash when she was 5 mo old. It helped so much and she wore it until she was about a year and then was on a training collar.
Prudy went with me on a drama trip for school. We went to the Shakespeare Competition in Cedar City Utah. (That is why I am dressed up. I did a scene (As You Like It Act II Scene I) with my friend where we took first place in the region. I was way stoked.) Anyway, she stayed in the hotel and rode a bus all weekend and was such a good girl.
Eating in the hotel room in Cedar City. Her stuff took up half of my suitcase (ha ha) I tend to pack more for my dogs than I do for myself when I go on trips. I also slept on the floor with her because I wasn't able to bring a kennel.
Looking so cute while she is in "costume" drama people are weird and kept asking me what role she was playing. I would respond: "She is playing the role of future guide dog)
Me with Prudy, Brittney and Patriot and our gdb group leader Jill with Wafer (not in picture) did a presentation on Guide Dog puppies for a 4H group. It was a lot of fun and all the kids had a good time petting the puppies after the presentation.

Utah State Fair we had an evaluation for all the puppies. I finally got to meet all the puppies being raised in Utah. I don't remember the raisers names but the dogs from left to right are: Pritchard, Pearlette, Pearson, Patriot, and Prudy.
Prudys first restaurant. 4mo old. She had just gotten her shots and was such a good girl. She slept the whole time. The waitress loved her and brought me a huge glass of whipping cream for my pie. (you can see it on the table.) Also there with my friend Elsie and sister Whitney.
December 2002. The Utah Christmas party with our PRA Kathy Laber. She worked with Prudy on food distractions. She wanted it so bad but was wonderful. Eventually she had food on her paws and on her back.
I was in a play: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Prudy went with me to play practice everyday. She was so good. I would tie her down to a chair in the audience and she would sleep all during rehearsal. We even had a couple numbers where we would run down the aisles and she would stay put with all the weird costumes and all.
After I graduated High School I moved out of my parents house and in with my grandma. My grandpa had just passed away so I was helping my g-ma out. We lived there for almost a year until we got in a car accident (yes Prudy was in the car) and I almost died so we moved back in with the folks so they could keep an eye on me. lol

Senior Project Presentation. At the end of the school year I had to do a presentation on guide dogs for my senior project. I showed them the commands and how Prudy knew them and what would happen next. I did really well and got an A on my project and was also invited to speak at graduation for having the best project. It went really well.
A few days before recall me and Prudy got our pictures taken again. She was such a good dog and was almost 20 months old when she went back. Long story short she had a split season when she was 14 months old (meaning she went into heat twice right after eachother) She had to be kennel at the vet for nearly three months because she was also spayed. So when I got her back she was fat and had forgotten all of her training. So I kept her longer to get her back into shape and pretty much reteach her everything.
Recal December 2003. Loading my girl into the kennel of Kathy Labers van. It was so hard to say goodbye but I knew Prudy would do well. I was so proud of her and the progress we had made.
Prudy was in training for three months and made it to phase 8 before I got the "dreaded call" that she had been cc'd for seperation anxiety/relieveing in harness. I was on my way to Oregon the next day to pick up my girl. She was so exited to see me as I was her. Now she is my pet and has been home for three years in mid March. She has been helping me raise all of my other puppies and loves her new job.


Erin & Rei said...

Love the pics!!! So you did a guide dog as a senior project huh?
My mom wants me to do that..

Megan said...

That is how it started, but I got addicted and can't stop now. lol It is a fun project and I got my hours really fast because I could count all outing with her, meeting and training sessions at home.