Monday, August 31, 2009

The little guy is 1!!!!

Today is my boys birthday. I can't believe he is that old already! He has been with me for 10 months and I have enjoyed every second of it. He is a great pup who has come a long way since those first days and I am very proud of him! Here are some pictures of Fullertons big day:

We got up this morning and Fuller got a nice romp outside before school.
After that we went to classes, then we went to the grocery store to get some ingredients for his birthday cake. ;D (He is looking so adultish lately too)
Then we went home and baked his cake. I must say I am pretty proud of it although it smelled really weird. . . I think it was supposed to though.

Of course no birthday is complete without the goofy b-day hat.
He really loved his cake. I let him lick it a bit and then I cut a small piece for him to eat. (It is a carrot/peanut butter cake with cottage cheese frosting and peanut butter accents.) lol
Fullers little piece.
Can't leave any crumbs Fullerton was nice enough to share his birthday cake with his doggie buddy Moose.
Well, that's about it for Fullertons birthday, I think he had a good one, he is on the floor at my feet enjoying his new birthday bone. I am gonna go get some snuggle time with my man before bed so have a good night everyone!

Friday, August 28, 2009

And we are Home

Well, we are home now. We had a great summer but it is nice to get back to real life. We had a very good flight not a single issue going through security this time *phew* and no problems on the plane either. The stewardesses were so excited to see Fuller and kept passing by our seat for a peek. :D They also switched my seat so I had a row to myself which was so nice because Fuller could stretch out a bit. We got home around 2am on Wednesday morning and then unpacked a little and did a load of laundry before going to bed and then waking up at 6am to go to school. I was so tired that day! We have had our first three days of school and Fuller has been great. He keeps wanting to take me to the LA building where all our classes were last semester but we have classes in 3 new buildings this semester. Fuller has been really tired too, here's a pic of him on the way home from school Wednesday. Poor puppy, he is such a good boy.

Yesterday after classes me and Fuller went up to my dads new school for a little tour. He is at a High School this year while his Jr High is being built and then he will move there next year. He really likes the High School though. It is really nice. . . and BIG! Fuller had fun breaking in the school for Meade-o. :D I got asked by a teacher if Fuller was going to be a school dog that year and she was disappointed when I said "no" but my dad told her there would be another dog coming to school, so she was excited about that. lol

After a tour of my daddio's school I went up to my sisters house to see my nephew and my niece. They both grew a lot Cannon was so excited to see me and Fuller again and little Hazel is such a cutie. I missed them both so much! Here are a couple shots of Fuller and Cannon playing.

And lastly the little kitten I left here has sure grown into a sweet cat. Pickles is now a 7-8 month old cat and she now sports a cute little black collar with purple flowers and a very official looking tag. I really like her!
My only other news is that Fuller will be leaving for his formal training the end of October. He will undergo breeder evaluations first and if he is not chosen he will go into a training string. I will be really sad to see him go but he is ready and I think I have done all I can with him. He has really grown and matured this summer and he is a great little dog. He will be a year old on the 31st and weighed 54 pounds as of a week ago. We have a few tiny things to work on before then but nothing major, he should be a great guide/breeder whatever he chooses. :D

Family Camp #2

Our last session of camp was AMAZING! I met this little boy who is absolutely extraordinary. He made my summer! He is totally blind in one eye and VI in the other and he is in a wheelchair. The first day of session he came to the rock wall with his mom, I talked with him and his mom for a minute and she said that they were just going to watch so that her son could see what the rock wall is all about. After a few people went I asked his mom if we could put a harness on him so he could see what it felt like. She agreed so with the help of a few counselors we lifted him out of his chair and put a harness and a helmet on him. He was so happy and smiling and said it felt so weird. Then I asked him and his mom if he wanted to try connecting himself to our ropes course (kids climb 30 feet up a pole and then walk across a wire) and see if we could lift him up. They agreed and so we did. He was all giggles and kept telling us to lift him "higher and higher" it took me and two counselors to lift him but it was totally worth it. He came back every day of session to go up. We got him up the rock wall twice and the ropes course 3 times and it was the most amazing experience of my life! The last day he thanked me and Hercules (my co at the rock wall) and told us how much fun he had and how he never thought that he would be able to climb a wall like "normal" kids do. He totally brought tears to my eyes and I will never forget him. Oh, I can't even describe how good it feels to know I made a difference in his life.

Here are pics from Family Camp #2.

Fullerton in the alcove above my bed, I asked him to "kennel" and he hopped right up.

Chewing bones in his typical style.

Wearing some sweet shades.

For our last session this little girl joined us. Her name is Zesty and she is a sweetheart. She is 6 months old and is a Lyric puppy (Coreenas puppy Lodens sister)

Here is Fuller by the Camp Bloomfield Sign.

And Zesty

Fuller on our big metal bridge. He was afraid of it the beginning of the summer but by the end didn't care one bit.

I don't think I could ever top my experience this summer. I had an amazing time!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Teen Camp

Teen camp went by way to fast there were some great kids in this session. There was also a film crew there filming a documentary called. . . "Do you dream in color" I think. Should be interesting and it's coming out in 2011.

One of our staff had a birthday during session so we painted Fullerton to celebrate. You can't see it but I stuck glitter to the paint while it was still wet, it was so fun.

This camper was obsessed with Fuller all she could talk about all session was how she wanted to get a guide dog. Fuller really liked her too.

After session we went to Santa Monica and Venice Beach. Those are some nice places!

Oh, we also had international day during teen camp. All the international staff set up booths about their country it was really neat learning about all those countries and most of them cooked food and it was all amazing!

I did three posts today so look for the others if you want. Look for 2 more tomorrow and then I am all caught up. :D

Junior Camp

Junior camp was fun. The reptile lady camp back from Elementary camp and the Junior kids really liked them. We had a few new guys and some returning. Unfortunately my buddy Draco didn't come back but that's okay. This one was really cool.

Starburst returned and showed off his banana eating skills.

Me and Cornelius the Corn Snake. The kids really liked him, I did too, it make me want a snake. . . if only I didn't have to feed them little mice.

Here is one a VERY few pics I got of my area. I am kinda busy while I am there so I didn't get many pictures. :( but thats okay. This is the Burma Bridge, it is way fun and the kids loved it.

During Junior Camp we had a Halloween dance. One of the staff dressed up a Cruella DeVille so me and Fullerton and a couple other staff dressed up as Dalmatians. Fullerton was so good while I painted spots on him. :D

The 101 crew. :D

During the Halloween Dance. It was really fun.

We also took the campers deep sea fishing. They all had fun feeling all the fish and the bait and everything. Here is a really freaky lookin fish that was caught.

My one and only fish, I didn't fish for long because I was helping some of the campers but some of them caught up to 24 fish and we were only out there for 2 hours. That's about it from Junior Camp. Everyone had a really good time!

Trip to San Francisco

For one of our breaks a group of us went up north to San Francisco, it was a lot of fun. The first day we went to China town and walked around and ate, the food was spectacular! Then we went around Union Square for some shopping. (Here is Fullerton outside of Anthropology)

Then the highlight of my trip, a small (3 of us) group went to see WICKED!! It was so much better than I remember and I enjoyed it so much, we had really good seats too. I spent the whole morning trying to get a hold of the theatre to see if Fuller would be okay to go, about 3 hours before it started I finally got the house manager and he said that it would be fine. I was so happy, Fullerton was fantastic, he slept through the whole thing and when we got up everyone was surprised because they didn't know there was a dog there, that is the greatest compliment, I was so proud of my little man. There was very little room for him but we made it work. :D

The next day we went to Alcatraz (and it was my birthday!! I turned 24. . . yikes almost a quarter of a century old) It was so fun and Fuller was wonderful! His face cracked me up in this pic.

The Wardens house

Me and Fuller with the city behind us. (and I am sporting my wicked jacket I got the day before)

Me and Fuller by one of the cells

I fit Fullerton between the bars to get a pic of him in a cell, he looks a little worried. :D

At the top of the steps in the rec yard. Those stairs are kinda huge and scary to climb.

Laying at the top of the steps.

Fuller with the city behind.

Fullerton in BART on the way home, he wanted to sit with his head in my lap and then he sagged a little when he fell asleep, it was so funny.

Then in the car on the way home, I can't believe the positions he finds comfortable.That was our break, Fuller was a real trooper and boy was he tired when we got back to camp.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sherman News

I got a tip from an anonymous sorce about this newspaper article about Sherman. It really made me smile, he is certainly a special boy! Click Here or this is the link to the article. . .