Thursday, August 27, 2009

Teen Camp

Teen camp went by way to fast there were some great kids in this session. There was also a film crew there filming a documentary called. . . "Do you dream in color" I think. Should be interesting and it's coming out in 2011.

One of our staff had a birthday during session so we painted Fullerton to celebrate. You can't see it but I stuck glitter to the paint while it was still wet, it was so fun.

This camper was obsessed with Fuller all she could talk about all session was how she wanted to get a guide dog. Fuller really liked her too.

After session we went to Santa Monica and Venice Beach. Those are some nice places!

Oh, we also had international day during teen camp. All the international staff set up booths about their country it was really neat learning about all those countries and most of them cooked food and it was all amazing!

I did three posts today so look for the others if you want. Look for 2 more tomorrow and then I am all caught up. :D


Miss Muddy Paws said...

It sounds like you had an amazing time! I'm glad Fullerton was able to keep that girl company, and help her realize how much she'd love a guide dog. I once painted my horse! :)

Erin and the Furry Troops said...

What a great time for you and Fuller!!