Thursday, August 27, 2009

Junior Camp

Junior camp was fun. The reptile lady camp back from Elementary camp and the Junior kids really liked them. We had a few new guys and some returning. Unfortunately my buddy Draco didn't come back but that's okay. This one was really cool.

Starburst returned and showed off his banana eating skills.

Me and Cornelius the Corn Snake. The kids really liked him, I did too, it make me want a snake. . . if only I didn't have to feed them little mice.

Here is one a VERY few pics I got of my area. I am kinda busy while I am there so I didn't get many pictures. :( but thats okay. This is the Burma Bridge, it is way fun and the kids loved it.

During Junior Camp we had a Halloween dance. One of the staff dressed up a Cruella DeVille so me and Fullerton and a couple other staff dressed up as Dalmatians. Fullerton was so good while I painted spots on him. :D

The 101 crew. :D

During the Halloween Dance. It was really fun.

We also took the campers deep sea fishing. They all had fun feeling all the fish and the bait and everything. Here is a really freaky lookin fish that was caught.

My one and only fish, I didn't fish for long because I was helping some of the campers but some of them caught up to 24 fish and we were only out there for 2 hours. That's about it from Junior Camp. Everyone had a really good time!


Ellie's mom said...

I used to have a Ball Python. He wasn't as big as pythons usually are, only about 4 feet long.
The feedings were quite horrible. But we only fed him two mice a month.
As he got older he got hungrier so we gave him back to his original owner who feeds him a rat a week. I'm glad I'm not dealing with that. :)