Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in review

Here is a quick recap of what happened in 2010. (And an update on the holidays will come soon)

January- Started my journey with leash making, Paris was 10 months old, and Fullerton appeared in phase 8 of formal training.

February-Paris turned a whole year old and Fullerton was in phase 10!!

March-Things really started to click with Paris and I loved raising my stubborn girl. Not much else going on in March.

April-Hosted my first Green Leash Give-away (which reminds me I should do one soon), went from having 2 months left with Paris to 2 weeks, and Fullerton graduated as the best guide dog in the world!

May-Had to say goodbye to the Paris, picked up puppy #9 Picassa, found out Paris was cc'd for eye issues, moved to SLC, and decided Paris would be my forever dog.

June-Picked up Keiko from the puppy truck for another raiser in my club and got to spend a couple days with him, Got my Paris back and was thrilled to have her as my forever dog, and fell in love with Picassa and her quirky personality.

July-Picassa turned 1! I turned *cough, cough* 25. . . and started preparing for Fun Day!!

August-Went to Fun Day and made a couple new friends, Picassa went into heat :(, Found out I was receiving a Male Chocolate Lab to raise as my tenth puppy and was super stoked!! 8 days later I picked up Snickers and I love the boy to pieces! I also started a new job at an animal rescue and rehabilitation center and love it.

September-Picassa came out of heat, I started classes at UofU my new university, and Snickers became legal.

October-Snickers went on his first hike and I enjoyed my time with three of the most amazing dogs in the history of the world!

November-Had to part with my sweet girl, Picassa and send her off for breeder evals, found out Picassa was dropped from breeding and would be put into harness training.

December-Celebrated 6 months of having Paris as a pet and spent Christmas with good friends, family and puppies.

It was a great 2010, here's to an even better 2011!!! Happy New Year Ya'll!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Snickers Meets Santa

For puppy class this week we all went to the mall to have our pups meet Santa Claus. This is the first time I have gotten my pups picture with Santa and I love it! Definitely something I would love to continue. All the dogs did great standing in line, unfortunately every time they got settled we had to get them up to move 6 inches and wait a few minutes before repeating the process. They all handled it like champs, even Lacole our clubs baby, she is only 16 weeks old. Anyway, here are the pictures.

The first is Snickers and Santa. Santa looked a little grumpy in most of the pictures but in Snickers he is kinda grinning a little so I am convinced that Snickers was his favorite. :)

The second is our whole group. Kyle, Sugar, Clyde, Julimae, Snickers (giving Lacole a smooch), Lacole, and Keiko laying in front.

Our club looked totally ridiculous while we were getting pictures done. During each picture we had every member of our group whooping and jumping up and down to get each dogs attention. People behind us in line were definitely laughing at us! But, who cares we had fun. :) I love my club!

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Visit from Julimae

Okay, I majorly failed doing the 30 for 30 thing...but I was super busy at work and school with finals and everything. I think it's a good enough excuse, right? Well, last week Snickers went on his first puppy trade. He got a stellar report and the puppy sitters loved him. I traded for Julimae and had her for about 5 days. She is a sweet puppy and I loved having her. Here are some pictures from her play time with Paris, Marley and Rafferty. Hopefully I'll be a little better at updating the blog from now on. It'll be really nice to have a break from school. I am really looking forward to it.