Friday, December 17, 2010

Snickers Meets Santa

For puppy class this week we all went to the mall to have our pups meet Santa Claus. This is the first time I have gotten my pups picture with Santa and I love it! Definitely something I would love to continue. All the dogs did great standing in line, unfortunately every time they got settled we had to get them up to move 6 inches and wait a few minutes before repeating the process. They all handled it like champs, even Lacole our clubs baby, she is only 16 weeks old. Anyway, here are the pictures.

The first is Snickers and Santa. Santa looked a little grumpy in most of the pictures but in Snickers he is kinda grinning a little so I am convinced that Snickers was his favorite. :)

The second is our whole group. Kyle, Sugar, Clyde, Julimae, Snickers (giving Lacole a smooch), Lacole, and Keiko laying in front.

Our club looked totally ridiculous while we were getting pictures done. During each picture we had every member of our group whooping and jumping up and down to get each dogs attention. People behind us in line were definitely laughing at us! But, who cares we had fun. :) I love my club!