Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in review

Here is a quick recap of what happened in 2010. (And an update on the holidays will come soon)

January- Started my journey with leash making, Paris was 10 months old, and Fullerton appeared in phase 8 of formal training.

February-Paris turned a whole year old and Fullerton was in phase 10!!

March-Things really started to click with Paris and I loved raising my stubborn girl. Not much else going on in March.

April-Hosted my first Green Leash Give-away (which reminds me I should do one soon), went from having 2 months left with Paris to 2 weeks, and Fullerton graduated as the best guide dog in the world!

May-Had to say goodbye to the Paris, picked up puppy #9 Picassa, found out Paris was cc'd for eye issues, moved to SLC, and decided Paris would be my forever dog.

June-Picked up Keiko from the puppy truck for another raiser in my club and got to spend a couple days with him, Got my Paris back and was thrilled to have her as my forever dog, and fell in love with Picassa and her quirky personality.

July-Picassa turned 1! I turned *cough, cough* 25. . . and started preparing for Fun Day!!

August-Went to Fun Day and made a couple new friends, Picassa went into heat :(, Found out I was receiving a Male Chocolate Lab to raise as my tenth puppy and was super stoked!! 8 days later I picked up Snickers and I love the boy to pieces! I also started a new job at an animal rescue and rehabilitation center and love it.

September-Picassa came out of heat, I started classes at UofU my new university, and Snickers became legal.

October-Snickers went on his first hike and I enjoyed my time with three of the most amazing dogs in the history of the world!

November-Had to part with my sweet girl, Picassa and send her off for breeder evals, found out Picassa was dropped from breeding and would be put into harness training.

December-Celebrated 6 months of having Paris as a pet and spent Christmas with good friends, family and puppies.

It was a great 2010, here's to an even better 2011!!! Happy New Year Ya'll!!