Thursday, July 28, 2011

What has been happening since May 13th

I am admittedly an awful blogger! It's been over two months since my last post about the day I got Tartan. I can say not much has happened since then but here's a little post to get you all caught up.

I tried and failed to get a decent picture of the yellow, chocolate and black pups together. I decided to try again when Tart was older and still need to do it.
But it's okay cuz he's so stinking cute!
Paris has gone on several adventures and still manages to bring me the biggest stick she possibly can.
She also still loves water, mud, dirt, you name it. She is always totally filthy after her adventures.
I fostered 6 kittens that Snickers was absolutely terrified of! But, they still loved to cuddle with him.
Tartan is really good at being cute.
And sleeping in silly positions in his kennel.
Five of my kittens, one more joined several weeks after this pic.
Paris has eaten a truck load of pork twists and still holds them in her mouth like a cigar for several minutes before chewing on them.
I went to the zoo and got to see that baby elephant and many other cool animals.
Paris got a new collar.
I adopted one of my kittens and named him Igor. (He's a little special)
Tartan got his 12 week shots.
Paris got another new collar and loved to cuddle with all my kittens.
Snickers turned 1 year old!!!!! I still can't believe it!
Tart got his 16 week shots and was finally LEGAL!
To celebrate he got to run in the yard but, instead of running in the yard he ended up being flattened in the yard. We're working on Paris being a little gentler with the babies.
And Tartan is cute (Have I mentioned that?)
Added one more kitten to the pack. They are all gone now and three have found new homes so far and two plus the mommy cat are still waiting.
Igor and Paris became best friends
Paris is weird (and got a third new collar, this may or may not be an obsession)
Tartan enjoys the bush outside my house and spends most of his yard time in the bush.
The boys went to a Bee's baseball game and got free jerseys.
And got to meet Bumble the Bee's mascot. L-R Roscoe, Snickers, Tartan, Rio, Julimae and Silvana.
The boys have gone on countless outings and doing so well!
And I have the cutest boys in the world!
Tartan still finds weird positions to sleep in.
My cousin got married and my niece and nephew were the best on the dance floor.
Really! He twirls her and everything, it was so cute!
Paris went on more adventures. . .
Where it rained lots and lots, so we had to take refuge inside.
Tartan graduating to riding on tie down in the car and not in a crate and is now totally loose in my car.
My club had a pool party and Snickers HATED the water. He just clung to me for dear life.
Paris enjoyed the swim but got tired and latched onto the steps after a while.
Tartan loved it though, he was such a good little swimmer!
The other dogs in the club weren't too thrilled either though, Julimae (Yellow), Jacinda (on her back), Keiko (black in corner) and Rio.
And Snickers is as sweet as ever and I love him!
That's what we've been up to. :) I'll have a post about Fun Day and our California trip last week...hopefully in the next couple days.