Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Too Cool!

Sherman's new way of riding in the car. :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

A little confused. . .

I think Sherman is a little gender challenged. :) He is not understanding the whole "pee like a man" thing. He has started lifting his leg when he does his buisiness but, it is his front leg which causes him to topple and pee all over himself. ICK!!! I think he needs a good male influence since it is obvious that he isn't getting that from Lucy and Prudy. lol

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dumb little tricks. . .

So, I am back to regularly scheduled blogging, back to guide dogs and my pups in general. So to start the week off I thought I would share little clips of the dumb little tricks that I have taught Prudy after she was cc'd. I was going to get her certified as a therapy dog so I taught her some fun things, but after working really hard with her she has too many fear issues to be happy doing that. (I am surprised she wasn't cc'd for fear issues) She was my "special" (ed) puppy. lol Anyway, they are pretty pathetic! She never caught onto the over of "roll over" and she NEVER barks so "speak" is weak too. But the paw thing she does pretty well :)

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This is Lucy the pup I am watching for the summer. She is really good at hoping around on two legs. She can get quite a distance too.

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He's Here!!!

Well at 5:49am little Cannon McKay Becar came into the world. He is such a handsome little man!!!! He is 7 pounds 5 ounces and 18 inches tall. He is such a good natured baby and didn't cry at all. He just looked around the room at each of us. He had the most confused look on his face. It was adorable!!!!

Just a few minutes old getting cleaned up. He has such long fingers!
"Where am I?"
First diaper. I love the Whiney the Pooh diaper.
Meeting the mom. I love this picture!!!
Grandpa (my mom and dad are still getting used to that, even though we have been calling them g-ma and papa for the last six months.
And ME!!! He is the best and cutest nephew I have ever had!!
So after 14 hours in the hospital my little nephew is here. My dad left youth conferance and showed up at about 4am so he got to meet his grandson too. Anyway, I didn't sleep all night so I am going to try and get a few winks of sleep before puppy class. I am an AUNT!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm going to be an aunt. . .

I just got the call from my mom that my older sister was admitted to the hospital to have her baby. I am SOOOOO exited!!!!!! This will be the baby that makes me an AUNT!! She is having a little boy. She has the name picked out but refuses to tell anybody (even though I saw wooded blocks hidden in a drawer in the nursery that spelled out Cannon, but. . shhhh don't tell anyone. lol) So, I have food orders for my bro-in-law and mom (the rest of my family is at youth conferece until Sunday, so it is the three of us who get to meet him first.) and also movie orders for my sis. (I work at a video store so they come to me for all their movie needs. lol) Pictures will come soon!
Oh. . . to make this dog related, I called the hospital and they said that it would be fine for Sherman to join me. I thought it would be a good experience for him! Hopefully, I don't have to wait to long to be an aunt!
Megan (the soon to be aunt), Sherman (who will have a "cousin")

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My how you've grown. . .

I was showing my sister pictures of Sherman the day I picked him up and she refuses to believe that it is the same dog. He has grown so much since I picked him up two and a half months ago!!! But, he is definetly the same dog. Look at the lazy lab sit, it is almost identical! lol

9 1/2 weeks

4 1/2 months

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fun in the Pool

Last Friday was really hot so I went out and got a little kiddie pool for the pups to play in.
Sherman couln't quite figure out how to get up and over the edge so he just ran into the side the first couple times. I laughed so hard it was the funniest thing and he was getting so frustrated that he couln't get to the water.

Getting better and trying to get over the wall.

I finally led him in with the leash and he had a good time splashing around with the other dogs.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


This cute little guy is the newest member of the family. He is a real sweetheart (for a cat, I am not a huge cat person) My brother "claims" to have found him on the side of the road but I am sure that was just a line to convince my parents to let him keep it. He named it Binx (the cat from Hocus Pocus, even though he isn't black) Binx HATES Lucy, and Prudy and doesn't want anything to do with them. They are both scared of him because he hisses and spits at them. But, for some reason he really likes Sherman. And Sherman is so gentle with him and now they are buddies.
Sherman was unsure of Binx at first and went into his kennel (security blanket) but after a while started investigating closer.
After a couple days they are used to each other and are able to cuddle. They are very cute together because Sherman is so careful with him and Binx will box Shermans nose but won't retract his claws. It is a fun game that they both like.