Thursday, September 29, 2011

Last Day with Tartan

Today was my last day with Tartan, he is getting transferred to his new raiser tomorrow, so I decided to do something fun with him and have a whole day with just me and him.

I decided to take him hiking up to Bridal Veil Falls because it it one of my favorite places. He looks so grown up now and I know he will be such a good boy for his new raiser.

Here is the last picture of my two boys together. I cannot believe that Tartan is taller than Snickers now.
And, after four and a half months I finally got a picture of my labrador rainbow, black , chocolate and yellow.
Here is the last time Tartan played in the yard with his brother and sister.
Then I gave him a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and brushed his teeth. He is all pretty for his new raiser.
I sure and going to miss the boy, Tartan is such a good puppy! 10 hours. . .