Saturday, July 19, 2008

We are still alive. . .

Well, we have finished two more sessions and start anther one on Sunday! I absolutely love it here. I am so glad that I decided to come.

So I am going to back track a bit to catch you all up. One the 30th (Spankys B-day) we all went to Germs house with five of our pups (Spanky, Frisco, Miata, Sherwood, and Godfrey) to have a pool party for him. . . okay so it wasn't specifically for him but we decided it was a b-day party for him while the dogs were running around. They had a grand old time jumping in the pool and running around Germs backyard. While I was there I called GDB to discuss placement for Sherman, I said that I couldn't take him back and asked if they could find community placement for him. The lady I talked to was very nice and said they would look into other jobs that he could do. I didn't expect to get a response as fast as I did but a couple days later I got this e-mail from Dogs4Diabetics:

"Dear Megan: Thank you for your generous gift of Sherman to our program. Dogs4Diabetics is non-profit organization that teaches a dog to alert on Type 1 diabetics. Dogs4Diabetics dogs are specifically trained to identify and more importantly, act upon the subtle changes that hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) creates in the body chemistry of type 1 diabetics.

We picked up Sherman today at the GDB. What a sweet mellow dog, you did a fine job in puppy raising. He will be living at night and during the weekends with a foster family. During the week day he will be brought by the foster family in for training and obedience work. We look forward to working with Sherman here at D4D.

Thank you for the puppy pictures, Sherman looks like he had a wonderful puppy hood. Your detailed "Fun Things About My Puppy" is a big help for us to get to know him.

I also raise puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind and realize the generous gift we have received in your donation of Sherman to our program.

We send out a short report monthly,regarding Sherman's training and socialization's. At times the report time may longer, please be patient with us, we are almost a total volunteer organization.

If you are interested more in our program, please look us up on the web at

Thank you again, for your generous gift."

I am so excited and proud of my boy. I hope he does well in his new job! I already got an e-mail from his foster mommy and she loves him and told me how sweet and mellow he is. Good Luck Shermy!!!

Spanky is still doing great here at camp our last session was elementary camp and my campers LOVED having him in the cabin with them. They all had to take turns saying goodnight to him and giving him pets. It was so cute. I had some of the cutest little girls in my cabin they were nine to eleven years old and such sweet little girls. It was hard to say goodbye to him by the end of the week.

Anyway, it is late and I am exhausted so goodnight everyone. . . oh and my b-day is in six days on the twenty fourth. Ya for being old. I was so happy when I told my campers that my birthday was on the twenty fourth and I was turning twenty three I said that I was so old and they said I wasn't old until I was twenty five. That made me laugh so hard, they are so very sweet. Hope everyone is doing well!!