Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Howl-oween

Picassa and Snickers want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween to everybody. Have a safe night!
P.S. A longer update is coming soon. I know we've been absent for about a month now. :(

Friday, October 8, 2010

4 Things at 4 months

Today Snickers is 4 months old! And since Blogger doesn't want to load my pictures so here are my 4 things without pictures. :)

1. Snickers is excellent at entertaining himself with toys. (Although most the time he is running around like a psycho flinging his toys around.

2. Snickers is fantastic in my classes and all the students in my classes love him!

3. He is the most confident little bugger ever! Not a single thing phases him. He reminds me a lot of Paris in that way.

4. He loves to cuddle. I've taken many naps with this little guy and while he hardly ever holds still if I hold him he settles right down to snuggle and sleep.

Also, today is the 1 months till Picassa leaves day. :( I can't believe it's gone by so fast.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Snickers First Hike

I took Snickers on his first hike last week. He was such a good boy and walked very well except when bikes passes, he wanted to chase them. :) Silly boy. But here are some ridiculously cute pictures of Choco-boy.

Snickers standing on a rock with a tree limb behind him.
Snickers standing amongst four tree trunks.
Snickers sitting on a bridge over a river.
Snickers walking down the path.
Snickers head with the waterfall behind him.
My favorite picture from the day, Snickers sitting nicely with the waterfall behind him.
Snickers meets a tractor. The thing was turned on and everything but it didn't phase him one bit.
Snickers after jumping in the water. He is a definitely a water dog! :D
Snickers romping in the backyard.
Picassa and Paris in the lead with Snickers trying really hard to catch up.
Again the girls way out in front while Snickers brings up the rear.
Snickers is doing great and I am loving how confident he is. He will be joining me at college tomorrow and I am sure he will do fabulous!