Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What the Wednesday

Today at puppy class Orleans got to meet Santa Claus
She loved him, or maybe just his beard. . .
On his lap is Onessa and Orleans and on the ground is
Athens, Rio, Silvana, Mozart and Stan.
Getting 7 dogs to hold still and simultaneously look at the camera is hard
Paris really doesn't like Orlie much
unless she wants to play tug,
both girls love tug.
I just realized that my cat is watching them in this picture,
he is so goofy. :)
Orleans sure gets a lot of attention when we are out in public,
most comments are about her soft fluffy ears,
I agree, they are amazing!
She has been great on outings too, and is always well behaved.
She still likes to taste people a little too much though,

Snickers is still in phase 3
But, the new report comes out tomorrow,
so fingers crossed he has moved up. :)
I miss my handsome boy,
but he will sure make someone happy one day!
Keep it up Snick!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What the . . . Thursday?

Okay so my first week doing What the Wednesday and I totally fail, in my defense I was super busy doing homework all day and night. UGH! But, the semester is almost over. YAY! Anyway, so here is What the Wednesday, one day late.

Orleans is obsessed with my cat.
She is either watching him in complete awe,
or trying to eat him.
I swear I have to take him out of her mouth a dozen times a day.
I wish he would fight back just a little,
but he is the most passive cat I have ever met!
One of these days she'll get it. . . right?
Orleans really likes the sound of her voice!
She is totally quiet in the kennel but she HATES tie-down.
She is getting better though,
but I think I have seen enough of her tonsils for the time being.
Man is she cute though!
She has the cutest wiggle when she is excited too,
it makes me laugh.
Right now the main thing we are working on is people greetings,
she likes to. . .taste people when they pet her,
or jump on them.
I hate when they tell me it's okay and that they don't mind,
cuz I do. :)
And Snicker-doodle is in PHASE 3!!!!
I am so proud of him,
but I miss those big yellow-green eyes too!
Go Snickers, go!!!
The End!