Sunday, April 29, 2007

It is a really nice day today!!!!

My brother is moving to Minnesota tomorrow so yesterday me and my dad and sister went to get some food at a restaurant and then we took it to a hotel where my mom was having a crop for her scrapbooking buisiness. We had a family dinner as a farewell to my brother. I took Sherman with me to the restaurant and he was excelent. He sat next to me in line and then when we sat at the table and waited for our food he tried to grab a piece of food off the floor but after one correction he didn't try it again and just lay quietly next to my chair. Then we went to the hotel and he fell asleep and didn't move the whole time we were eating.

It has also been a really nice day today. Sunny and warm!!! Feels so good since it has been cold for so long. We are having a wedding reception in my backyard next month so we took out all of the trees (they were all dead and we are getting sick of picking up rotton fruit) So, we finished putting in sod yesterday. Our yard looks so nice, I love it. Today I let the dogs out in the yard to run around and play. They loved it.

Waiting in line at Wallaby's.
Waiting for our food, being such a good boy.

In the hotel lobby.

I love the action shot, with the tongue hanging out and all.

Tired puppy all done playing. He has been sleeping ever since.
Megan, Prudy, Sherman, & Adeline

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Some news. . .

I finally got word last night at 1am (oh, I guess that is this morning) that Adeline's first raiser has decided to adopt her. I am happy that she is going to someone familiar, and her raiser is going to compete her in obedience and agility which she will love, Adeline also loves little kids so she is also going to be certified as a therapy dog and go to childrens hospitals. I know Adeline will be well loved and taken care of. Although I am dissapointed that I couln't place her with Lindseys friend, who I had to call and tell her that Adeline would not be able to come to Utah, which was sooooo hard, I know that she has a good home, and will be loved and have house mates. I just hope I hear from them often. (I will let you know if I hear anything)

Also, I am done with finals, and lived to tell about it. They were not too bad and now I am waiting until tomorrow when grades are posted, to see how I did. I am so glad this semester is over. I don't know what it was but for some reason it was really hard to stay motivated to go to classes and even get up in the morining.

Also, I just have to say that Sherman is WONDERFUL!!!!! I am so proud of him, he is such a smart boy and will do anything I ask him. When he gets into trouble one correction gets him to stop and he usually doesn't try it again. He is super mellow and just goes with the flow. I love him!!!

This is his "I am trying to sleep, will you please stop taking pictures of me." look.

I realized that he has been here for a month and I don't have a single picture of Prudy and Sherman together. So here it is, he looks really big next to Prudy, hmm. . .

That didn't last long. lol

So, Shermans mom is a yellow lab and his dad is a black lab so I have been looking for any white spots, because Tahoma's (my last black lab) mom was black and dad was yellow and she had white wisps on the inside of her back legs along her belly. SOOO CUTE!! I finally found them. He has white spots in between his toes. It adds character! (right foot)
Here is the left foot.
I have also thought that he had dirt on his face or that he got into something so I was constantly wiping his mouth. I looked closer the other day and he has a bunch of white whiskers on his chin. Adorable!!!
Megan, Sherman, & Adeline (till Friday when she goes to her new home.)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Phase report day. . .

Adeline's Sibs:
Albright 417H LAB M 4 No
Alya 423H LAB F 2 No
Argyle 419H LAB M 2 No
Artemis 420H LAB M 8 No
Avery 421H LAB M 10 No

Glennie's Sibs:
Cortez 44H2x LAB M 4 No
Gaucho 44H1 LAB M 4 No
Giovanna 44H3 BRDEVL LAB F 4 No
Glenetta 44H4 LAB F 4 No

Homies kids:
Renna 487H LAB F 5 No
Rose 488H LAB F 3 No
Russ 485H LAB M 2 No

Well, as you all know Adeline was cc'd last week. :( The rest have passed thier health checks and are on to harnesss work. YAY!!! They are still going good.

Megan, Sherman, & Adeline

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Virdict is in. . .

I finally got the call from the vet about Prudy's ear culture. It turns out that it is a yeast infection. (BUMMER) so she has allergies. The vet gave me two options, #1 is to change Prudy's food to Z/D which is $48 for an 18 pound bag for nine weeks and see if it gets any better, option #2 is to do a blood test and see what she is allergic to which costs $200 and then get meds $150 that can last 3-12 months and that could take up to a year to do anthing. I opted for option number 1 so I went to the vet and got the incredibly small and expensive bag of food. I am hoping it is a food allergy and not an environmental allergy so that the food works. Cross your fingers.
Megan, Prudy, Sherman, & Adeline (I talked to Lindseys friend a few days ago and she sounds WONDERFUL, I know Adeline would have a great home and they would take EXCELENT care of her, so I am still waiting to hear from GDB)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Prudy story & a Sherman video

Prudy caused me quite a bit of pain yesterday. She is always exited to see me when I have been gone for a while and then come home. Yesterday, I was at church for three hours and Prudy stayed home with my sister who has the flu. (Prudy usually hangs out in the kitchen and greets me when I walk in the door) So she missed me when I came in. I went straight to the kennel and took Sherman out potty. I went around the corner of the house were there is some gravel that I relieve my puppies in. I heard the door open and figured that my sister got up to let Prudy outside. I praised Sherman for going potty on command and then I heard Prudy start to run. She bolted around the corner of the house heading straight for me like a seventy pound torpedo. I screamed because she wasn't slowing down at all! So, she hit me going full speed and knocked my legs out from under me. BAM!!! I hit the gravel so hard, right on my head, and back. I managed to hold onto Shermans leash (and to miss landing in a fresh pile) but Prudy stayed there and licked my face and wagged like crazy until I got up and said hello to her and then she went on her way. Ouch!!! I still have a headache. Silly dog!

Now for the video, I apologize for the hideously annoying narration. My grandma has no idea about puppy raising and wanted a "play by play" of what I have to teach my puppies. But he did so good I had to share. I know it is kinda dark, a black dog in a black kennel in a dark room just doesn't photo very well at all. lol

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Megan, Sherman, & Adeline (in SR)

It is time for a Sherman update. . .

Sherman is doing really well. He seems like a super confident litte guy and very smart too. He is catching onto everything just wonderfully. He almost has sit down, he does it about twenty percent of the time without me having to place him in a sit, and he also is getting the hang of walking with a loose leash. We had our second puppy class this morning and he was great. He was a little obnoxious when we traded puppies with other raisers in the group. Sherman went to a girl who recieved her first puppy on the truck when Sherman came. He definetly took advantage of her by eating anything he could find on the ground and squirming around her in circles. Our leader stepped in and he was a lot better. Then we switched back so we had our own puppies again and did a walk through the library with all the babies and Sherman did great. He handled little kids wanting to pet him and stayed on a loose leash the whole time. I am so proud of my boy. He is such a great dog.

Sherman last week on his way to his first puppy class. (Please note: The car was not moving yet and he layed down before it did.)
Sherman enjoys the lawn. He is so goofy, we will go outside and he will dive into the grass and just lay in it for a while.
He has such a cute face. And his shaved patch is starting to grow in. YAY!!!
I have a leprechaun bear named Blarny (yes, since I can't name my dogs I name everything else. ex: My car is Lola, and my computer is Vlad etc, etc, etc. lol) that usually wears this costume, but I couln't resist. Sherman didn't even care. It is almost too small, but oh, so cute.
I LOVE the little bow tie. That is such a nice touch. I think green is his color.

Sherman got his jacket at puppy class today so I took him to work for an hour. He was great! He chewed on his bone for a bit and then fell asleep.
I know it is a little fuzzy, but he looks so handsome in his jacket. This is the first time I have had a baby vest in this style. I had Tahoma when the vest switch happened and she was already in a medium then, and since her I have had transfers who come wearing mediums. So the tiny little coat is soooo very cute.

As for Adeline, her first raiser is seriously considering taking her back. She would compete Adeline in obedience and agility, which I know Adeline would absolutly LOVE. And she has a pet golden retriever who is six months younger than Adeline so they could be playmates. I think Adeline would really enjoy that, and since she already knows her first raiser the transition would not be all that bad. I know she would be well taken care of, and I would get updates. :)
I will let y'all know.
Megan, Sherman, & Adeline (in the abyss)

Saturday, April 21, 2007


I got word yesterday that Adeline was career changed. I am so terribly dissapointed. She was such a good dog. Here is her training report:

SUMMARY: Adeline is a sweet, calm dog. Overall, she adjusted well to thekennel environment, and interacted well with her roommate and others incommunity run. She requires average handling for control. During her short stay in formal training, Adeline had several reactions toward a few men andhas been generally uncomfortable around numerous men. With each incident,she remained untrusting of each man following socialization. Food was used in these situations and Adeline was willing to take the food, however thisdid not change her overall demeanor. Adeline's CFR reports notes an earlysensitivity to men with beards, as well as uneasiness around cigarette smoke/smoky environments. Our observations and her CFR history hasultimately led to Adeline's release from our program.RELEASE REASON(S): 21101 - BEH: Fearful Behavior People Generalized

I know I can't keep her, (which is soooo heartbreaking) and if GDB can't find another job for her considering this issue then I may place her with a friend of Lindsey B.'s. I can't even think right now so I am done with this post. I will keep you updated on my sweet girl, who I miss emensly.

Megan, Sherman, & Adeline (waiting placment at GDB)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

She is still there. . . :)

Adeline's Sibs:
Adeline 422H LAB F 1 Yes
Albright 417H LAB M 4 No
Alya 423H LAB F 1 No
Argyle 419H LAB M 1 No
Artemis 420H LAB M 8 No
Avery 421H LAB M 10 No

Glennie's Sibs:
Cortez 44H2x LAB M 4 No
Gaucho 44H1 LAB M 4 No
Giovanna 44H3 BRDEVL LAB F 4 No
Glenetta 44H4 LAB F 4 No

Homies kids:
Renna 487H LAB F 4 No
Rose 488H LAB F 3 No
Russ 485H LAB M 1 Yes

Adeline is the only one from her litter (that is in training) that is still under breeding watch so I am crossing my fingers for her. Also, Avery is class ready, phase 10 YAY!!! I am so exited for him. I have heard that he is a great dog. Also, Artemis moved from 7 to 8. Moving right along. Glennies sibs are all still in phase four but Giovanna in doing breeder evals. There may be a breeder from that litter. Woohoo! Renna and Rose each advanced a phase each. I am still trying to find out whether Rae has become a breeder or not. But, they are all doing well.

Megan, Sherman, & Pretty Miss Adeline

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Freaking Awesome!!!!

A few months ago Adeline bit a NylaKnot in half. Yes, IN HALF!!! I sent the bone along with a letter with her name, breed, weight, age and a short explanation of what happened to the bone to the nylabone company. About a month ago I got a letter saying that they send the defective bone to their molding department and that I would receive a replacement in the next 4-6 weeks. So, what came in the mail today? Three, you read that right, three new nylabone toys. They sent me a new NylaKnot, a Big Chews Truck Tire, and a Liver flavored Nylabone Souper Bone. (That one is the favorite, I never buy anything but the original flavor so Prudy, and Sherman have been fighting over the liver flavored bone.) I didn't expect that at all, I just thought I would get a new Nylaknot or something. What great service, I love Nylabone even more now. I am a bit sad that the bones took so long to get here so that Adeline couldn't enjoy the spoils of her chewing, but *sigh* she if off to bigger and better.
Megan, Prudy, Sherman, & Adeline (who I still can't believe bit a big nylabone in half and is in phase 1)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Big Day. . . and Phase Reports

It has been a big day today. First off there is the phase reports:

Adeline's Sibs:
Adeline 422H LAB F 1 Yes
Albright 417H LAB M 4 No
Alya 423H LAB F 1 No
Argyle 419H LAB M 1 Yes
Artemis 420H LAB M 7 No
Avery 421H LAB M 9 No

So, Adeline is still there and I think that health evals are over now. *WHEW* So she and Alya and Argyle should be in phase 2 next week. Albright moved from phase 3 to 4 YAY! Artemis seemed to have a slow start but is trotting right along now jumping from phase 5 to 7. And Avery moved from 8 to 9. He was doing almost a phase a week but then got stopped in 8 for a few weeks but is moving again to 9. WOOHOO!!! What a great litter that is.

Glennie's Sibs:
Cortez 44H2x LAB M 4 No
Gaucho 44H1 LAB M 4 No
Giovanna 44H3 LAB F 4 Yes
Glenetta 44H5 LAB F 4 No

They are all moving right along. They went from phase 3 to phase 4 this weeks. Looks like Giovanna is still on breeder watch, there may be a breeder from this litter soon.

Tahoma's babies:
Renna 487H LAB F 3 No
Rose 488H LAB F 2 No
Russ 485H LAB M 1 Yes

Well, Rae dissapeared. She was on breeder eval for a while and I really hope that she was pulled as a breeder. (Anyone know?) Rose is already in phase 2. (she went back with Adeline and Russ) Jelous! lol Looks like Russ is on breeders watch as well. He is such a sweet guy. That is all that is new on the phase report. On with the rest of the day.

Well, Sherman had his first vet visit today. He got his 12 week shots. He is such a big boy now. And, I LOVE my vet, he takes care of paperwork and he just charges GDB for vaccines and any test he has to do (that are requested by GDB) He is an old family friend so he does this for me and I love not having to fill out the form.

Anyway, Sherman was sooo good. He didn't like getting his temperature taken that much. Dr. Deggehring got out the thermometer and stuck it in Sherman's rear end. Sherman didn't wiggle or anything he just looks at me with this really pathetic look on his face and starting whining a little bit. I was holding him on the table and he stuck his head on my shoulder, it was so cute and I felt bad. But he was such a good boy to hold still like he did. But, he is perfectly healthy and was good getting his vaccine. Didn't even notice. Only one more month until his big boy shots and then he is finished for a year. YAY!! Prudy went with us because she has a bad ear infection and keeps getting them. The doctor ordered an ear culture to see if it is yeast or bacteria because he suspects that it may be allergies. I should hear from him in a few days. Hopefully it is nothing serious, but she has had ear infections at least once a month for the last couple years so it is high time we get to the bottom of this. When he did the ear culture he had to stick a swap all the way down her ear canal. She screamed, and didn't like that at all. I felt so bad, but the doctor gave her a treat afterward and he is her best friend again. lol

Sherman in the waiting room. (I am paranoid about him catching things at the vet so he sat in a chair next to me.
Sherman on the exam table.
Prudy before her exam. She was really mopey afterward but the vet gave her a treat and she was fine.

Also, I forgot to post pictures of Shermans littermates that I took from the puppy truck. They are all so adorable.
The Yellow ones are the females, Sage and Samantha. I am not sure which one is which. Then the black one is Sirocco.
Sage or Samantha?
This is Spartan. He looks a lot like Sherman, just yellow.
Spartan again.

and Spartan again.

That is all for today. See everyone later.
Megan, Prudy, Sherman, & Adeline (phase 1)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Sherminator

It has been a while so I thought that I would post an update on what me and Sherman have been up to. He is still a great little guy, still a bit vocal but nowhere near what it was. I am hoping to have that behind us by next week. He is totally silent during the night but during the day he can be a bit whiney. (sp?) The regulars at work keep asking about Adeline, I didn't realize how popular she was there, and ask me when I will be bringing my new dog. I may take him for a couple hours sometime next week. Also, My dad also admitted that he likes Sherman!!!! He hasn't said that about any of my previous dogs. I think he will do well here. He gets along with my family better than Adeline did. I adored Adeline, and she was my favorite, but she didn't like my family very much and they didn't like her, probably because the first five-six months I had her it was just me and her in California and then she had to share me with my family. She didn't like that much. Sherman is enjoying being a puppy and loves to romp and play and is really starting to respond to some commands (sit, okay, wait, DYB, that is pretty much it) He also whines to go out, it is a different whine than his normal obnoxious whine though. I like that! OH, HE KNOWS HIS NAME!!! It is so cute, when I say his name he totally looks at me every time. I love when the name clicks and the dogs figure it out. This is a lot longer than I meant it to be, but here are some pictures for your visual enjoyment.

Sleepy Sherman. He winced when the flash went off.
He loves to pounce on his toys. It is cute, he will hide behind my entertainment center and then jump out at his toys. This is the first time I have had a Jolly-Ball and he LOVES it!!
I got Sherman his name tag yesterday. It matches his GDB tag (kinda, color at least) I love it, sooo cute. (I erased my phone # from the picture so random people don't call. lol)
We can't forget Prudy, she is super insecure right now and looks for attention from anyone who will give it. She also has an ear infection so when Sherminator gets his 12 week shots on Thursday, Prudy will join him to get some meds.
Thanks for reading.
Megan, Prudy, Sherman, & Adeline (phase 1)

Friday, April 6, 2007

Phase Report Day!!!!

Adeline's Sibs:
Adeline LAB F 1 Yes
Albright LAB M 3 No
Alya LAB F 1 No
Argyle LAB M 1 Yes
Artemis LAB M 5 No
Avery LAB M 8 No

Glennie's Sibs:
Cortez LAB M 3 No
Gaucho LAB M 3 No
Giovanna LAB F 3 Yes
Glenetta LAB F 3 No

Tahoma's Kids:
Renna LAB F 3 No
Rose LAB F 1 No
Russ LAB M 1 Yes

A lot of new stuff this week. Alya, Adeline, Argyle, Rose, and Russ have all entered advanced training. Tahoma only has two more boys in puppy raising home, Rebel and Rally. I know one is going back in June and the other in July. Adeline has two sisters and a brother, Anna, Avani, and Amigo still in raiser homes. I am not sure when any of them are going back. Now that I have a pup in formal training I am going to be very anxious on Thursdays. I hope they all continue to do well.
Megan, Sherman, & Adeline (phase 1, WooHoo)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

He did it!!!

He did it. Sherman made it up and down my stairs all by himself today. Just the outside ones there is only like four stairs. The inside ones are still a little scary. (more like 13 stairs) I forgot how cute it is to watch a puppy go up and down stairs. I am so proud. *tear* lol

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Megan, The Sherminator, & Adeline (enjoying puppy college)

Monday, April 2, 2007

Pictures of Adeline

I went and got professional photos taken of Adeline the day before she left. The photographer is a friend of mine so I just had to pay for the prints. Which was really nice. So, I went and picked up the prints today and here they are.

I LOVE this shot. She looks so grown up. With a gaze of far off wonderment. lol
This picture makes her look HUGE. My littel 50 pound girl.
I was trying to get her to look at the camera, but it turned out being a kinda cute picture.
This is a nice one.

Megan, Sherman, & Adeline at college