Friday, April 27, 2007

Phase report day. . .

Adeline's Sibs:
Albright 417H LAB M 4 No
Alya 423H LAB F 2 No
Argyle 419H LAB M 2 No
Artemis 420H LAB M 8 No
Avery 421H LAB M 10 No

Glennie's Sibs:
Cortez 44H2x LAB M 4 No
Gaucho 44H1 LAB M 4 No
Giovanna 44H3 BRDEVL LAB F 4 No
Glenetta 44H4 LAB F 4 No

Homies kids:
Renna 487H LAB F 5 No
Rose 488H LAB F 3 No
Russ 485H LAB M 2 No

Well, as you all know Adeline was cc'd last week. :( The rest have passed thier health checks and are on to harnesss work. YAY!!! They are still going good.

Megan, Sherman, & Adeline


Runza said...

I hope you don't mind, but I linked to you from our blog. Runza is a KSDS puppy in training. -