Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Freaking Awesome!!!!

A few months ago Adeline bit a NylaKnot in half. Yes, IN HALF!!! I sent the bone along with a letter with her name, breed, weight, age and a short explanation of what happened to the bone to the nylabone company. About a month ago I got a letter saying that they send the defective bone to their molding department and that I would receive a replacement in the next 4-6 weeks. So, what came in the mail today? Three, you read that right, three new nylabone toys. They sent me a new NylaKnot, a Big Chews Truck Tire, and a Liver flavored Nylabone Souper Bone. (That one is the favorite, I never buy anything but the original flavor so Prudy, and Sherman have been fighting over the liver flavored bone.) I didn't expect that at all, I just thought I would get a new Nylaknot or something. What great service, I love Nylabone even more now. I am a bit sad that the bones took so long to get here so that Adeline couldn't enjoy the spoils of her chewing, but *sigh* she if off to bigger and better.
Megan, Prudy, Sherman, & Adeline (who I still can't believe bit a big nylabone in half and is in phase 1)


Erin & Rei said...

Hey Bubbles chewed one down to about half its size and then
Paul ( the labradoodle I was puppy camping) ate the rest of it!!!!

Anna said...
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Megan & Sherman said...

No, I didn't think to include that until after I sent it. But didn't think it would matter to them in the long run. Oh, well, it was a really nice surprise!

Tabatha said...

Thats awesome!!! That looks so good on the nylabone company!!!