Sunday, April 29, 2007

It is a really nice day today!!!!

My brother is moving to Minnesota tomorrow so yesterday me and my dad and sister went to get some food at a restaurant and then we took it to a hotel where my mom was having a crop for her scrapbooking buisiness. We had a family dinner as a farewell to my brother. I took Sherman with me to the restaurant and he was excelent. He sat next to me in line and then when we sat at the table and waited for our food he tried to grab a piece of food off the floor but after one correction he didn't try it again and just lay quietly next to my chair. Then we went to the hotel and he fell asleep and didn't move the whole time we were eating.

It has also been a really nice day today. Sunny and warm!!! Feels so good since it has been cold for so long. We are having a wedding reception in my backyard next month so we took out all of the trees (they were all dead and we are getting sick of picking up rotton fruit) So, we finished putting in sod yesterday. Our yard looks so nice, I love it. Today I let the dogs out in the yard to run around and play. They loved it.

Waiting in line at Wallaby's.
Waiting for our food, being such a good boy.

In the hotel lobby.

I love the action shot, with the tongue hanging out and all.

Tired puppy all done playing. He has been sleeping ever since.
Megan, Prudy, Sherman, & Adeline


Runza said...

What a good boy. Was that his first outing to a restaurant? Do you have any problems with people allowing you to take your pups places?

Megan & Sherman said...

Yep, his first restaurant. I was so proud of him for being such a good boy. I usually don't have any trouble taking him anywhere. Sometimes people will ask me to leave and I will explain that he is in training to be a guide dog for the blind and how socializing him is part of what I teach him and how helpful it is when I am allowed access for sucess in his future career and most the time they will let me in. If after that they still don't want my puppy there I will leave.