Sunday, April 22, 2007

Prudy story & a Sherman video

Prudy caused me quite a bit of pain yesterday. She is always exited to see me when I have been gone for a while and then come home. Yesterday, I was at church for three hours and Prudy stayed home with my sister who has the flu. (Prudy usually hangs out in the kitchen and greets me when I walk in the door) So she missed me when I came in. I went straight to the kennel and took Sherman out potty. I went around the corner of the house were there is some gravel that I relieve my puppies in. I heard the door open and figured that my sister got up to let Prudy outside. I praised Sherman for going potty on command and then I heard Prudy start to run. She bolted around the corner of the house heading straight for me like a seventy pound torpedo. I screamed because she wasn't slowing down at all! So, she hit me going full speed and knocked my legs out from under me. BAM!!! I hit the gravel so hard, right on my head, and back. I managed to hold onto Shermans leash (and to miss landing in a fresh pile) but Prudy stayed there and licked my face and wagged like crazy until I got up and said hello to her and then she went on her way. Ouch!!! I still have a headache. Silly dog!

Now for the video, I apologize for the hideously annoying narration. My grandma has no idea about puppy raising and wanted a "play by play" of what I have to teach my puppies. But he did so good I had to share. I know it is kinda dark, a black dog in a black kennel in a dark room just doesn't photo very well at all. lol

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Megan, Sherman, & Adeline (in SR)


Tabatha said...

YAY sherman!! He did so good!!! What a champ he is!!! And good teaching Megan!!

Sarah said...

Ouch Prudy! I can relate-last summer, in the morning (hence wet grass), 3 labs barreling at me. I didn't stand a chance :) Hope you feel better!

Sarah and the I's

Kelsey and Chappelle said...

Ouch, sorry about Prudy knocking you over.;) That must have hurt. And good job to Sherman, that was a cute video.:)