Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Sherminator

It has been a while so I thought that I would post an update on what me and Sherman have been up to. He is still a great little guy, still a bit vocal but nowhere near what it was. I am hoping to have that behind us by next week. He is totally silent during the night but during the day he can be a bit whiney. (sp?) The regulars at work keep asking about Adeline, I didn't realize how popular she was there, and ask me when I will be bringing my new dog. I may take him for a couple hours sometime next week. Also, My dad also admitted that he likes Sherman!!!! He hasn't said that about any of my previous dogs. I think he will do well here. He gets along with my family better than Adeline did. I adored Adeline, and she was my favorite, but she didn't like my family very much and they didn't like her, probably because the first five-six months I had her it was just me and her in California and then she had to share me with my family. She didn't like that much. Sherman is enjoying being a puppy and loves to romp and play and is really starting to respond to some commands (sit, okay, wait, DYB, that is pretty much it) He also whines to go out, it is a different whine than his normal obnoxious whine though. I like that! OH, HE KNOWS HIS NAME!!! It is so cute, when I say his name he totally looks at me every time. I love when the name clicks and the dogs figure it out. This is a lot longer than I meant it to be, but here are some pictures for your visual enjoyment.

Sleepy Sherman. He winced when the flash went off.
He loves to pounce on his toys. It is cute, he will hide behind my entertainment center and then jump out at his toys. This is the first time I have had a Jolly-Ball and he LOVES it!!
I got Sherman his name tag yesterday. It matches his GDB tag (kinda, color at least) I love it, sooo cute. (I erased my phone # from the picture so random people don't call. lol)
We can't forget Prudy, she is super insecure right now and looks for attention from anyone who will give it. She also has an ear infection so when Sherminator gets his 12 week shots on Thursday, Prudy will join him to get some meds.
Thanks for reading.
Megan, Prudy, Sherman, & Adeline (phase 1)