Saturday, May 29, 2010

A New Blog

I just found this very interesting blog that I think you all would really enjoy! So go check it out!

More Hiking

Gabby, and Karen and I went hiking up Big Cottonwood Canyon today with three awesome guide dog puppies. It was so much fun and a great way to tire out the dogs. It was also a great place to take pictures, so here they are. *smile*

[Picassa sitting in front of a mini-waterfall.]
[Mara, who we are puppy sitting, sitting in front of the same mini-waterfall with her head tilted to the right.[
[Me and Picassa sitting on a rock in front of a rushing river. Picassa refused to look at the camera so she is looking off the the left.]

[Picassa sitting on a rock in front of the river.]
This is my favorite of the day.
[Picassa laying across a flat rock with her front feet hanging off the edge. She just looks so sweet.]
Me and Gabby ran up some rocks to get a picture of us tucked into some rocks. I was impressed with how well Picassa ran up the rocks.

[Gabby, Mara, Me, and Picassa sitting in a big crack in a rock.]
[Picassa rests her head on a tree because she is sick of getting her picture taken.]
[A picture of Picassa from below she is looking to the right and has a gnarly tree behind her.]
[Picassa in a tree with three trunks coming out of the ground looking at the camera.]
[The three dogs making an oreo. Clifford, Picassa, and Mara sitting on a rock. . . looking quite pathetic!]
[The three dogs sitting in front of a tree looking a little less pathetic.]
[I love this shot of Clifford, he is on a bridge with the water behind him. He has the best blocky head and is so handsome.]
[Picassa sitting on a rock in the brush. I love how green it is around her.]
I am looking forward to much more hiking this summer. I love it!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Now That I am Caught Up

Now that I am all caught up on posts I can share the news I got today. It's not happy news and I am actually quite devastated, but Paris was career changed today. She was CC'd because she has Persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous, which in plain English means she has blurred vision. The condition is not expected to be progressive. I feel horrible because I should have noticed there was something wrong. There are just no words for how disappointed I am, Paris was the perfect dog and would have made an excellent guide. I hate health cc's they are really the hardest. Since no other organization will take her with a vision impairment I have a very difficult decision to make. I just can't imagine her being anybody's pet but mine, but I just can't think of a way to make it work. What to do, what to do. . .

Catch Up Post #7-The Bath

After our nature walk it was time for Picassa to get a bath. Saying she was dirty would be an understatement. I looked around for some dog bath places but decided to just do it at home. I have never had a dog look quite as pathetic as she does during a bath, but she was a good sport.

[Picassa laying in the tub as it fills with clean and clear water.]
[Picasas licking the water off her nose while laying in the bathtub.]
[I gave Picassa a Mohawk during her shampoo because her hair is so darn long.]

[Picassas sad face after rinsing the shampoo, the water under her is nearly brown. GROSS!!]
[Picassa's floofy tail. The hair on the tip of her tail flairs out in every direction it's her nutty puff.]
I uploaded a ton of videos of Picassa. The first video is her bouncing up and down. This is what she does when she wants attention. It was cute at first but it's really annoying now because she does it all the time. I am working on getting her to quite doing it.

This one is of her playing with her jolly ball. She loves the jolly ball and will shake her head so that it hits her in the shoulders/head. It's pretty funny.

These last five are her after bath crazies. She is pretty ridiculous spinning in circles and rubbing herself all over the place and turning somersaults. She is a nutter!

Maybe after these videos my puppy club will believe me when I say she is crazy. :D She is so good and calm at puppy class (which I am truly thankful for) that they don't believe she is a nutter. lol. I am loving this dog more and more every day, she is really fun!

Catch Up Post #6-Nature Walk

Me and my roommate were trying to find a fun place to walk the dogs when we stumbled upon a trail that runs next to a river. It feels very secluded and there is lots of trees, birds and other various nature things. We probably walked about 6 miles because we wanted to see where the trail led, but had to give up, it's a very long trail. Along the way we got a lot of pictures because it is very pretty. The dogs did great and slept for a good day and a half afterward (the humans did too)

[Picassa sitting in some tall grass.]
[Picassa sitting in front of a gnarly tree and some white flowers.]
Part way through the walk we went over the freeway, Picassa handled this one much better than the one a few days before.

[Picassa sitting in front of a chainlink fence with cars on the road below.]
The walk also went over the river at one point and I had to get a picture of that.

[Picassa sitting in front of the barrier with the river behind her.]
[Picassa looking up at me with a smile on her face, while sitting on a wooden platform.]
Picassa is such a short dog, I put her in these white flowers and they nearly came up to her neck.
[Picassa standing in some hay.]
This is my favorite from the day.
[Picassa laying down in some grass with the river behind her and trees all around. It's very green, I love it.]
I really like this one as well.
[Close up of Picassa's face looking back at me with the river behind her.] At one point we left the trail and ended up on this muddy path, Picassa didn't seem to mind the mud puddles at all.
[Picassa walking through the mud that is half way up to her elbows.]
On the way back home we passed a little playground and couldn't resist getting the dogs on the slides.
[Picassa laying at the top of a red slide.]
[Picassa going down the slide. She really liked it and tried to go back up the slide and do it again.]
[Me holding Picassa under one arm (she weighs practically nothing) and climbing up to the slide. Oh the things I do to make my dog happy. . .]
I had to goof around too. I haven't done this since I was little and was curious if I could. I flipped upside down on a bar so that my legs were hooked on.
[Me hanging upside down over Picassa who looks a tad confused.]

It was a fun walk and we look forward to doing it more often.

Catch Up Post #5-Running in the Yard

Earlier this week we had a Sushi Party at my parents house (My dad spent 2 years in Japan and can make some of the best Asian food ever.) It was so yummy, afterward we let the dogs blow off some steam in the backyard. They had a great time.

[Picassa running across my tramp, most of my dogs avoid the trampoline but Picassa didn't care in the slightest.]
[The three dogs running in a row, black lab Moose farthest from the camera, GSP Boone in the middle, and yellow lab Picassa at the front.
[Follow the leader. Moose made a tight turn and the other two followed him this picture looks like they are running in a circle with Moose in front, followed by Boone, and Picassa in the rear.]

I love this one!
[Picassa making a leap while running to all four legs and spread like superman in flight. She is such a bouncy dog, it makes me laugh.]

Catch Up Post #4-Puppy Sitting Breeze

Over the weekend me and my roommate got to puppy sit Breeze. She is a ten week old puppy and we loved having her. She was wonderful! Picassa was so gentle with her it was really cute. Since I have been having major puppy withdrawals lately I was more than happy for the puppy fix. I took a ridiculous amount of pictures of her so here are a few:

[Breeze lounging across Gabby's lap on the way home. She is such a calm puppy.]
[Breeze with her mouth open wide over a wishbone.]
[Breeze with a bone sticking straight out from her mouth, I thought it kinda looked like a cigar or something.]

[Breeze helping me put together our new bookshelf. She is laying down on one of the shelves. It a really neat bookshelf too, it has Shakespeare quotes written in green all over it.]
[Breeze's cute puppy yawn.]
[Breeze looking down at the camera with her ears flapping out and her tongue out a little bit.]
[Me holding cute little breeze.]
[Breeze standing while on tie-down. She wasn't thrilled with the tie-down but she got used to it fast.]
It was a good excuse to get all my baby puppy toys out. They are pretty neglected since I haven't had a puppy in quite a while, Breeze loved all the toys.
[Breeze sniffing the pile of baby toys, trying to pick the perfect one.]
[Breeze chewing on her favorite one, the baby Galileo bone.]
[Breeze chewing a little Nylabone. I love that it is sticking out both sides of her mouth.]
[Breeze liked to sleep upside down and against the wall. What a cutie.]
[Breeze using her green fleece toy as a pillow.]
[I was so impressed with her 'wait'. She did really well waiting for her food.]
What a good puppy she was. We didn't want to give her back, and she is welcome back anytime.