Sunday, May 16, 2010

Picture Post/Moving

Here are a bunch of pictures from Picassa's first week here. She is kind of a weirdo but I am really loving her. She definitely keeps me on my toes but she loves to please and she tries really hard. We also moved yesterday, so Picassa is an apartment dog now. She seems to be enjoying it though. Anyway, now it's picture time.

[I caught Picassa holding her paws in a funny way while in the kennel. Both her paws are curled in, it doesn't look very comfortable.]
[Picassa at Wal-Mart being a very good girl laying down and waiting for me to check out. I love that you can tell that her tail is wagging. It only takes a glance from anyone to get her tail going a mile a minute.]
[We filled up my car to move to SLC and Picassa climbed the boxes because she loves to see out the window and rest her head on my shoulder. It's sweet, but I am working on getting her to sit on the floor.]

[Picassa being a good girl and chewing on a bone while I am unpacking stuff in my apartment. She has her fanny up in the air and is putting most her weight on her head while she chews.]
[We are puppy sitting Meade and he was great during the move and is having fun breaking in our apartment. He is laying on a big brown bed.]
[Picassa squished herself into this tiny ball in a space about a foot and a half wide between my dresser and my night stand while I was packing up some stuff. She is laying on the blue tray I feed her on.]
[Picassa loved my bathroom floor and goes to lay in there frequently.]
[Picassa was helping me unpack by standing between my legs every time I moved.]
[Paris helping me make my bed. Every time I put a sheet or blanket on she had to stick her head under it. She was pulling her head out when I took this. It just made me smile. What a goof ball!]
[This is why I don't leave the toy basket on the floor. I usually put the dog toy basket on top of the kennel but I had it on the floor until I set up the kennel and Picassa had a great time taking all the toys out and scattering them around my floor.]
It's been a good week with Picassa and I look forward to many more weeks together.
OH, and before I forget. I found out a surprising little tidbit about Picassa while I was reading her paperwork last week. When I chose to take her I was told that she was spayed, but after reading her paperwork there was a little hand written note in it that said "Picassa has not gone into heat yet." Ummm. . . a little confused so I looked at the page behind the note and it was a paper explaining the international breeding program. I thought that was funny so I called my leader and she called my CFR and I guess my CFR overlooked that she was still intact. So, since I live in an apartment when she goes into heat she will have to go stay with my leader or another lady in my club for a month. *tear* Hopefully they'll let me visit a lot. I haven't had to deal with a female in heat for a long time, so this should be interesting.
And, I don't have internet at my new apartment so my blog may be quiet for a while. I'll miss all of you but I'll (hopefully) be back soon.


Natalie said...

Lol cute pictures - you called her Paris in one of them though :( haha. I think it was the bed making one..

Why can't she be in your apartment when she is in heat?