Thursday, May 27, 2010

Catch Up Post #2-UofU

Last week we headed up to UofU (my new school) to get some stuff done. We walked to the TRAX station (the light rail), where we met up with our friends Karen and Clifford and rode the train to the school. Picassa did great! Here are some pictures from our little trip.

[Picassa sitting and waiting to cross the street. It's about a 20 minute walk to the train station and it's a really busy street. I was very proud of Picassa.]

During the walk we crossed over the very busy freeway. Picassa got a little nervous but she still did alright and kept her pace consistent.

[A profile of Picassa with a chain link fence behind her, you can see all the cars driving on the freeway below.][Picassa laying on the ground at my feet looking up at me while we wait for the train.] [A close up of Picassa laying down with the train behind her, she is looking up and to the right.]

Picassa was a very good passenger, at one of the stops a police dog (bomb/drug sniffing dog) boarded and did it's job and Picassa totally ignored it. There were three police officers that came on and one stopped to chat with me and Karen about our puppies for a minute too.

[Picassa collapsed in the train, she was a very good passenger.][ We had to transfer trains and while we were waiting Clifford stretched way out so his back legs are flat behind him.] [Picassa and Clifford laying next to each other and looking up at me while waiting for the train.] I didn't get any pictures on campus because I was a little busy, but Picassa was on her best behavior and I was really proud of her. She will be a great student and I'll enjoy taking her to my classes this summer.