Sunday, May 9, 2010

Goodbye Paris, Hello. . . ?

Well, Paris is on the truck now. It is so hard to say goodbye and I already miss her so much. The puppy truck drivers like her a lot and told me that Paris would be spending the night in the hotel room with them. That made me so happy! They also told me that Paris should be arriving at the Oregon Campus around 1pm on Tuesday. Anyway,

When I got there the truck had just pulled up so me and my friend Gabby and also, Amanda and her mom from my club helped walk all the dogs. One of the dogs I walked was Peppermint who is Paris' sister. It was fun to walk her, she is a lot like Paris but has more of Peanuts looks. She is really long and slender. I am glad that I got to meet her.

[Me sitting on the grass with Paris and Peppermint.]
[Me and Paris in front of the truck]
[Me giving Paris a big hug in front of the truck.]

After all the dogs were walked they brought off the two transfer puppies for our club. We got a six month old Male Yellow Lab named Kyle and then my new puppy who is also a yellow lab. Here is my girl coming off the truck. She is a ball of energy, hopefully it's from being on the truck for a day and she'll calm down after a bit.
[Me kneeling on the ground with the new pup jumping all over me.]
[Me and the new girl in front of the truck.]
[Paris (puppy #8) Me, and New pup (puppy #9) sitting in front of the truck.]
Me and Amanda standing in front of the truck holding our new pups.]
[Me laying in the grass with Paris and the new pup laying next to me.]
I stalled for as long as I could but, decided it was time to say goodbye to the Paris. Lot of tears and hugs and "good lucks" later she was lifted into one of the top crates.
[Paris laying nicely in the kennel.]
[Paris behind bars with the kennel door shut.]
It is always so hard to leave the pups behind. But Paris is awesome and I look forward to watching her cruise through the phases on the report. GOOD LUCK PARIS!!
We left the truck and had to go straight to my sisters house for our traditional mothers day dinner. So the new girl came too. (although we stayed in the yard because my bro-in-law is allergic. I think the new pup is the first of my dogs to go to my sisters house. ;) Lucky dog. She is so funny in the car because she likes sitting in the middle and resting her head on the drivers and passengers arms. I thought it was so sweet. Every once in a while she would look up at me and lick away some tears. She sure is a sweet thing.
[The pupper with her head between the seats.]
[The new pup greeting a couple of my sisters. She gets really excited and mouthy greeting people so that is something we will have to work on.] Okay, I am sure you guys are dying to know my new pups stats. ;) Well, her parents are Kentucky and Tilda and she was born July 25, 2009 (A day after my birthday). Which makes her 9 1/2 months old. She is a really short and stalky dog with a triangular face. She is a really light base color with a darker strip down the middle of her back. She has a really thick and short tail, and a very pink nose. Her eyes are humongous and her feet are tiny. She probably weighs between 35-40 pounds (I am going to get her weighed tomorrow.) Her hair is really long and fluffy, I love it. The truck drivers told me that she was being transferred because she needed a more experienced raiser and I can see why because she can be quite a handful. I know everything is new so I will give her a few days to settle in before I really start cracking the whip. :) Oh, and her name is:
I'm not totally in love with the name but it's growing on me.
And back to my post,
She also got to meet my nephew Cannon (who is the cutest kid in the world by the way.) He called her Paris and I corrected him and told him that her name was Picassa and he said, "Costco!!" I tried to correct him but finally gave up. Guess she already has a fun nickname as he called her that the rest of the day. ;)
[Cannon was shading Picassa with an umbrella and she gave him a kiss on the nose.]
[Picassa laying in the backyard]
Then it was finally time to go home. Picassa is settling in quite nicely, I am so happy that she is good at entertaining herself. She is pretty funny to watch too because she loves picking up her toys and then hopping all over and flinging them around and chasing them. She has decided that her favorite place to lay is between my closet and the kennel where there is about a foot of space, it's weird, and she won't touch the dog beds. But, I am excited for the next months with her, she seems to have great potential.
[Picassa chewing on a sterile bone. It's a huge bone and she has half of it shoved in her mouth.]
This is my attempt at getting a video of her flinging her toys. It's not very good because she stopped doing it, I will try to get a better one later.
Thanks to everyone for your good luck wishes for Paris, it's nice to know she has such a solid fan base cheering her on at college. :D


Brittany said...

Welcome Picassa! That is quite the name, but I can see how it could grow on you.

Good luck Paris! You will be wonderful at whatever you do!

Rebecca, Ely and Rocky said...

Aww hugs! Paris will do fabulous in college and will always remember her wonderful raisers! Welcome to the blog world Picassa, you have an amazing raiser! She is adorable!

Raiser Erin said...

Oh Picassa! I believe we were suppose to have her or one of her siblings come to our group, but it was changed at the last minute and we got Amici. I'm glad that we didn't get her though if she needs an experienced raiser. She or one of her siblings was going to go to a first time raiser who is 12. :)

Kyle looks just like his brother Kendrick who is in our group. Except he is darker. Kendrick is one of those white labs.

Have fun with her. She looks like a fun girl.

Ally, Eclipse, Teddy and Kira said...

Be good, Paris, and do both your moms proud like we know you will!

Welcome, Picassa! Megan, have fun with your first Kentucky puppy! I hear tale that a lot of Kentucky puppies go to more experienced raisers, I know Iverson's litter was a bit crazy but they're so smart the trainers loved working with them! Enjoy the cute "pink" girl :-D

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Good Luck Paris!!!!! Hopefully the puppy truck went well, you didn't cry too much, and your new pup is helping keep you busy. I can't wait to start watching for Paris on the phase report. Thank you again Megan for being the best mom Paris could ask for and letting me follow along on all her adventures!

Natalie said...

Aww.. good luck Paris!!! Picassa is super cute :)

Carrie and Waffle said...

Hey that's my half sister! short and stocky sounds like me! I have a light base and a dark strip right down my back. My nose and skin are dark and I have eyes look like I'm wearing make up. I guess Dad must be popular, your the first girl I've met, I have two half brothers in my club. Cant wait to see more of you.

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Good luck Paris - I'm sure you'll fly through college! Can't wait to see your progress!!

WOW, Picassa is an interesting name - especially after having another "P" puppy in Paris. I like the Costco nickname! That is hilarious! :D

Heather and Ellie said...

Welcome, Picassa! You do look like a little ball of energy :)

I really like the picture of Picassa licking Cannon's nose....and the addition of the umbrella in it makes it just perfect.

Maddie and Betsy said...

Bye Bye Paris you will do great!
And Picassa is such a cutie :) It looks like you will have your hands full!

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Goodbyes are hard...glad you've got Picassa to keep you busy!! We used to have a dog once who loved to toss his toys in the air and chase them. One day we went to my Mom's and we heard a funny noise...he'd grabbed the potatoes out of the bin in her pantry and was tossing them as high as he could! ;-) I'm sure Picassa is much better behaved than that!

GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

Welcome Picassa!! :) Can't wait to hear about all your fun adventures!

Katherine and Breeze said...

Congrats to Paris! Picassa is way cute. I can't wait to meet her!

Martha G said...

I'll look for Paris on the boards the next time I go to campus. I look forward to seeing her fly through the phases.

Picassa's nose is so pink! She's very cute!