Thursday, May 27, 2010

Catch Up Post #6-Nature Walk

Me and my roommate were trying to find a fun place to walk the dogs when we stumbled upon a trail that runs next to a river. It feels very secluded and there is lots of trees, birds and other various nature things. We probably walked about 6 miles because we wanted to see where the trail led, but had to give up, it's a very long trail. Along the way we got a lot of pictures because it is very pretty. The dogs did great and slept for a good day and a half afterward (the humans did too)

[Picassa sitting in some tall grass.]
[Picassa sitting in front of a gnarly tree and some white flowers.]
Part way through the walk we went over the freeway, Picassa handled this one much better than the one a few days before.

[Picassa sitting in front of a chainlink fence with cars on the road below.]
The walk also went over the river at one point and I had to get a picture of that.

[Picassa sitting in front of the barrier with the river behind her.]
[Picassa looking up at me with a smile on her face, while sitting on a wooden platform.]
Picassa is such a short dog, I put her in these white flowers and they nearly came up to her neck.
[Picassa standing in some hay.]
This is my favorite from the day.
[Picassa laying down in some grass with the river behind her and trees all around. It's very green, I love it.]
I really like this one as well.
[Close up of Picassa's face looking back at me with the river behind her.] At one point we left the trail and ended up on this muddy path, Picassa didn't seem to mind the mud puddles at all.
[Picassa walking through the mud that is half way up to her elbows.]
On the way back home we passed a little playground and couldn't resist getting the dogs on the slides.
[Picassa laying at the top of a red slide.]
[Picassa going down the slide. She really liked it and tried to go back up the slide and do it again.]
[Me holding Picassa under one arm (she weighs practically nothing) and climbing up to the slide. Oh the things I do to make my dog happy. . .]
I had to goof around too. I haven't done this since I was little and was curious if I could. I flipped upside down on a bar so that my legs were hooked on.
[Me hanging upside down over Picassa who looks a tad confused.]

It was a fun walk and we look forward to doing it more often.


Anna said...

Oh my! I think you need to submit the second one for the calendar next year! That is a GREAT picture!

Brittany said...

Oh, I love the jordan river walkway! It goes almost the length of the Salt lake valley, so I don't think you could walk it in one day lol.

GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

I agree with Anna. You should submit some of your pictures. They turned out great! :)