Thursday, May 27, 2010

Catch Up Post #3-First Day at Work

I've been asking my boss for months if I could bring my dog to work with me and he would always brush off the question and say he would get back to me later. I think he thought that she would be distracting or something. I finally got him to agree to a trial day so he could see how it would work. I was so excited and wanted Picassa to behave herself so I took her for a long walk beforehand. I think it worked because she was perfect at work and my boss was so impressed. I took her over to meet him when we got there and she did great and let him pet her without mouthing him (something we are working on, she seems to enjoy. . . tasting new people, it's so annoying but she is improving) and sat so nicely while I told him my plan of making it work with her there. After our shift he told me he really enjoyed having her there and that she is welcome back anytime. YAY!! Here are some pictures of Picassa's first day at work:

[Picassa laying nicely next to a desk she is tied down to while I vacuum the classroom.]
[Picassa didn't care about the vacuum at all. She is laying calmly on the floor with her head tilted to the side while staring at the vacuum that is inches away.]
I walked into one of the classrooms and there was a little man made out of newspapers attached to a desk. It nearly gave me a heart attack but Picassa didn't seem to care.

[Picassa sitting in front of the newspaper man.]

There was a bunch of cereal spilled in the hall that we passed about 10 times and Picassa ignored it every time. I was really impressed with her.
[Picassa sitting with cereal all over the floor in front of her.]
[Picassa sitting in the elevator with my big garbage can next to her.]
[Close up and at ground level of Picassa fast asleep on the floor]
[Picassa getting impatient towards the end of my shift and refuses to lay down so she rested her head on the seat of one of the desks.]
I could not be prouder of the girl. She has done great each time I have brought her since then.
Anyway, I think that's it for tonight but I still have a few more posts that I'll put up tomorrow. G-night everyone!


Amanda said...

I enjoyed all of the pictures in your catchup posts. The picture of Picassa looking at the vacuum is adorable. I love the head tilt. :)

Erin and GuidePupPompei said...

Aww! What a good girl!!!