Saturday, May 8, 2010

Paris' Last Day

Today was Paris' last day with me. It was a pretty typical day nothing too exciting happened but here is what we did. :)

First was Paris' last puppy class. We met at a mall and it was a fun pretty relaxed meeting. At the beginning I passed out my cupcakes and everyone loved them. Then my leader asked me to show off everything that Paris does well. It was awkward but Paris did great. I showed her walking around all the dogs without getting distracted and on a loose leash, then I showed her awesome body slam "down" (she doesn't do it with quite as much pizazz anymore but it's still pretty funny.) Then we did a stay for a couple minutes and then food distraction (I dropped kibbles right in front of her and she didn't try to get them. What a good girl!) The rest of the class we played 'My Dog can do That' and worked on dog distractions.

[Paris getting lots of praise for walking around the dogs on a loose leash.]
[Paris doing her crazy, quick down. I love the way she looks at me, she is so focused.]
[Paris ignoring all the kibbles I am dropping. I was very proud of her.]

After puppy class we went through the car wash. This is one of Paris' favorite things she loves watching the brushes scrub the car, I thought it would be fun for her last day.
[Paris sitting in my car, you can see the scrubbers in the background.]
After that we went back home and had a nice romp in the backyard with her friends Moose and Boone. She had a great time and I took the opportunity to take a few cute pictures of the Paris.
[Paris trotting toward me with her tongue out.]
[Paris laying in the green grass with a big smile on her face and her tongue sticking out. If you look close you can see one of the black spots on her tongue]
[Me sitting on my trampoline with Paris laying next to me. We both have big smiles.]
[Me giving Paris a kiss on the head.
We ran a bunch of errands too to Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Petsmart, and a bunch of other places and she was as perfect as always. She is definitely ready for the next step. (I guess the real question is: Am I? I'm thinking. . . no) At least I got a few weeks to stop freaking out about the phase report, now I get to start freaking out again. :)
Good luck Paris! I am confident that you will do great. I have been honored to be one of your puppy raisers! You are one of a kind, perfect, fun, energetic, silly, hard-working, very loving, and I will miss you so much. You have taught me a lot because you can be quite stubborn but I love that about you and I will never forget what I've learned from you. You have all the skills to get you started and now the rest is up to you. I am so anxious to see what path you decide. (Although I'd love to see you in harness ;) Listen to your trainers and don't party too hard. Be a good girl and just know how extremely proud I am of you!

Only 14 1/2 hours left with Paris. . .


Natalie said...

Oh Em Gee! First, I heart that arrow pointing to the kibble lol. Second I heart even more that smiling picture of her! She'll do great in advanced training!

Raiser Erin said...

Oh the final countdown. It almost made me want to cry. Good bye puppy Paris.

Erin and GuidePupPompei said...

Good luck Paris!! I love the photo of the two of you on the trampoline! Too cute!

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Good luck Paris, rock out the training kennels - but don't party to much!

Toby's Raiser

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Congratulations and best wishes to Paris...goodbye sweetie!! Hope to hear some good news on your progress soon 'cause I'm sure you'll do great in advanced training! :)

Rebecca, Ely and Rocky said...

Good luck to Paris!! She will do great and make you so proud!

GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

Good Luck Paris!! :) You'll have so much fun learning new things.

Sarah and Vance said...

Good luck Paris on your new adventures as a Guide dog instead of a Guide puppy in training :)