Thursday, May 27, 2010

Catch Up Post #4-Puppy Sitting Breeze

Over the weekend me and my roommate got to puppy sit Breeze. She is a ten week old puppy and we loved having her. She was wonderful! Picassa was so gentle with her it was really cute. Since I have been having major puppy withdrawals lately I was more than happy for the puppy fix. I took a ridiculous amount of pictures of her so here are a few:

[Breeze lounging across Gabby's lap on the way home. She is such a calm puppy.]
[Breeze with her mouth open wide over a wishbone.]
[Breeze with a bone sticking straight out from her mouth, I thought it kinda looked like a cigar or something.]

[Breeze helping me put together our new bookshelf. She is laying down on one of the shelves. It a really neat bookshelf too, it has Shakespeare quotes written in green all over it.]
[Breeze's cute puppy yawn.]
[Breeze looking down at the camera with her ears flapping out and her tongue out a little bit.]
[Me holding cute little breeze.]
[Breeze standing while on tie-down. She wasn't thrilled with the tie-down but she got used to it fast.]
It was a good excuse to get all my baby puppy toys out. They are pretty neglected since I haven't had a puppy in quite a while, Breeze loved all the toys.
[Breeze sniffing the pile of baby toys, trying to pick the perfect one.]
[Breeze chewing on her favorite one, the baby Galileo bone.]
[Breeze chewing a little Nylabone. I love that it is sticking out both sides of her mouth.]
[Breeze liked to sleep upside down and against the wall. What a cutie.]
[Breeze using her green fleece toy as a pillow.]
[I was so impressed with her 'wait'. She did really well waiting for her food.]
What a good puppy she was. We didn't want to give her back, and she is welcome back anytime.


Katherine and Breeze said...

Thats for watching her for us! I am glad you had a great time with her. I am also very impressed with her wait because she will wait for like 3 minutes which is super good for a dog her age! I have never seen her lay next to a wall upsidedown before. It looks like you had fun with her!

Carrie and Waffle said...

you have to love those sad puppy eyes. 'why am I on tie down? don't you love me?"

I'm melting form here.