Sunday, May 2, 2010

One Week Day

Today is the start of my week of lasts with Paris, she goes back for training next Sunday. It's going to be a crazy last week too. Today we are headed up to Salt Lake for lunch with some old friends, then tomorrow is a Search and Rescue practice and she'll get to see her first mom again, (I got Paris as a transfer pup when she was 7 months old), then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday we'll do some running around to say goodbye to all her friends and we will need to go hiking one of those days too, I'd like to take her hiking once more before she leaves, Friday we are going to the puppy truck to see the new babies come off, Saturday is her last puppy class and she'll say goodbye to everyone there and then Sunday she hops on the puppy truck herself to head up to Oregon.

Yesterday we were able to go to the Summit County guide dog groups meeting. It was a goodbye party for the dogs leaving next week. That is Paris' original club and everyone loved seeing her again, and commented on how big she has gotten. She also got super excited to see her first mom again, that was cute. :) The meeting was at a bowling alley and it was so much fun. I haven't been bowling forever! Paris did fantastic and got passed around quite a bit which is good for her. Here are a couple pictures from that.
[Paris sitting in front of the bowling lanes (it says Holiday Lanes on the wall behind her)]
[Paris was the only girl dog in attendance so she is laying between the fanny of Rafferty (a black lab) and Elvis (a golden retriever) She was being quite the flirt.] [Paris sitting and wearing some bowling shoes on her front feet. She wasn't a fan and looks rather unhappy.]
I am glad that me and Paris got an invite because it was really fun to go see her old group and the pups she grew up with. :)


Cassie (and Dagan - cheering Poppy on at GDB!) said...

Enjoy your week of lasts! Lots of hugs and kisses and enjoy every minute!

Raiser Erin said...

The last week is the hardest. I finally convinced my principle to allwo me to bring Freya the last week I had her because I said I probably wouldn't go to school otherwise. :) Have fun with her! I'll be watching her on the phase reports.

Sarah and the Pack. said...

So glad you came up!!! It was so fun to have you guys there: hopefully we can do it again. Tomorrow should be fun...see you then!