Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Hiking

Gabby, and Karen and I went hiking up Big Cottonwood Canyon today with three awesome guide dog puppies. It was so much fun and a great way to tire out the dogs. It was also a great place to take pictures, so here they are. *smile*

[Picassa sitting in front of a mini-waterfall.]
[Mara, who we are puppy sitting, sitting in front of the same mini-waterfall with her head tilted to the right.[
[Me and Picassa sitting on a rock in front of a rushing river. Picassa refused to look at the camera so she is looking off the the left.]

[Picassa sitting on a rock in front of the river.]
This is my favorite of the day.
[Picassa laying across a flat rock with her front feet hanging off the edge. She just looks so sweet.]
Me and Gabby ran up some rocks to get a picture of us tucked into some rocks. I was impressed with how well Picassa ran up the rocks.

[Gabby, Mara, Me, and Picassa sitting in a big crack in a rock.]
[Picassa rests her head on a tree because she is sick of getting her picture taken.]
[A picture of Picassa from below she is looking to the right and has a gnarly tree behind her.]
[Picassa in a tree with three trunks coming out of the ground looking at the camera.]
[The three dogs making an oreo. Clifford, Picassa, and Mara sitting on a rock. . . looking quite pathetic!]
[The three dogs sitting in front of a tree looking a little less pathetic.]
[I love this shot of Clifford, he is on a bridge with the water behind him. He has the best blocky head and is so handsome.]
[Picassa sitting on a rock in the brush. I love how green it is around her.]
I am looking forward to much more hiking this summer. I love it!


Sarah and Vance said...

Beautiful pics! Looks so at ease, love the are too!

Raising Reyna said...

I really enjoy the photography! Your pictures are always sooo good :) How do you do that?