Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Busy Weekend

Me and Paris had another very busy and fun filled weekend. The weather on Friday was fantastic so I really wanted to get out of the house and go do something. Me and Paris headed over to our friends house and we went on a walk through the park. It was fun. Here are some pictures from our walk.

[A close up of Paris' face in front of our enormous snow capped mountains.]
[Paris sitting in front of a really gnarly and weird looking pine tree.]
[Paris sitting under an enormous pine tree, the limbs drooped down to the ground and she is in front of a big branch.]

After our walk we wanted to do something else, so we all drove down to the Monte L. Bean museum. It's a museum that is full of stuffed wild animals. I love going there, it's fascinating. Here are some pictures from that.
[Paris was super interested in this stuffed lion. It's mouth is open and it looks like Paris is going to stick her head in it's mouth. It made me laugh, she is such a goof.]
[I picked Paris up so she could see a Tiger in a display case, the tiger is baring it's teeth and looks quite menacing, I have the same look on my face (yep, I am admittedly a nerd) and Paris looks absolutely bored, or maybe just embarrassed by her momma.]
[Paris sitting in front of a big "dog family" display. It cracked me up that the display had a lot of pictures of wolves and other wild dogs and then the bottom right has a picture of a golden retriever. ]
[Paris sitting in front of an alligator. She is looking away from the alligator and has her eyes closed and it looks like the alligator is biting her ear. :D]
[Paris is sitting in front of a big brown bear. It looks so soft and cuddly.]
[This display scared me because you walk around a corner and all of a sudden there is a big 10 foot tall Kodiak bear standing in front of you. :) Here is a picture of me with Paris up on my shoulder so we could fit the bear in the picture, you can see the bears to arms up in the air with big claws out and it's face is very scary with it's mouth open, again Paris just looks embarrassed that I picked her up again.]
Paris was great at the museum and besides the lion wasn't really interested in any of the other displays. I love this girl!
Then on Saturday me and Paris went up to Salt Lake with a couple friends to have some fun. We rode on Frontrunner which I have never been on before, it's was cool. It's like a train and is very quiet so it would be good intro to public transit for our pups (of course me and Paris ride the bus to school nearly daily so she is used to it.) We rode up a couple of stops and then went back.
[Paris laying nicely under the seat on the train.]
[My friends puppy Clifford sitting on the train. He is a little black lab with a beautiful blocky head and a "broken ear" It's not really broken but it folds funny so it just sticks out a bit.]
After Frontrunner we hopped on trax to go to the Gateway Mall. By then it was raining and snowing pretty hard so she was a wet puppy, as you can see on her face.]
We walked down to the food court to get lunch and we all got very wet. Just look at her jacket the top half is a very dark green from all the water and her poor face and body was very rain specked. She was a sport and did great in the nasty weather.]
After lunch we headed over the the planetarium. We walked around for a while before going to a 3D movie about fish. It was way cool. Anyway, the planetarium is really cool.
[Here is Paris on the moon. They had a little moon display and I had Paris sit on it with a picture of an astronaut behind her.]
[Here is Clifford and Paris on Mars. Lots of red and black rocks all around.]
[A close up of Paris on mars, she was sticking her nose into the camera so her head looks huge and the rest of her body looks really little.]
[Paris sitting in front of a display with a space suit in it.]
[Paris in the 3D movie with the enormous grey 3D glasses on. I felt like a fly when I was wearing them, they engulfed my whole face.]
After the movie we walked through the gift shop for a while, there is some really cool stuff in there.
[Paris with one of those dinosaur things where you pull a trigger and the mouth opens and closes. She was afraid of it at first so I let her sniff it a bit and then she was fine.]
[Little Clifford with a slinky springing in front of him, he was very good and enjoyed watching it but didn't try to catch it.]
[Paris with the slinky in front of her face. She wasn't distracted at all.]
[Paris with a silly little hat on. It's a white whale jumping out of water. She wasn't so amused, but the humans all laughed.]
[Top view of the silly hat, it looks like water and you can see the tail of the whale sticking out the back and the front of the whale with it's mouth open jumping out of the water.]
Then it was time to go. Everyone had a great time. Needless to say the girl was so tired. She had a long day and was such a trooper. I am so proud of her!!
[Now I don't normally let her sit on the seat of the car but she was so stinkin' adorable I didn't want to wake her to get on the floor. Here is Paris curled up in a little ball on the seat of the car her ear and paw are hanging over the edge of the seat.]

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our GDB filled weekend. . .

What is better than a weekend full of puppy raisers and their dogs? I myself can't think of anything. :D I love puppy raising and all the people involved in it, it's amazing!!

Anyway, on Friday me and Paris went up to the school for the blind in Salt Lake for the Braille Challenge, it was a lot of fun and Paris got a lot of pets and we answered a lot of questions. The kids really enjoyed the dogs and I was so proud of Paris who was on her best behavior and was so good with the kids. A bunch of them enjoyed playing tug with her and she was so careful. They would giggle and giggle when they told her 'okay' and she would start tugging and then 'that's enough' and she would stop. It was cute. A few of them also liked brushing her, she is super smooth and shinny and I think they got all that loose hair out. :D

[Paris playing tug with one of the blind kids.]
Then today we had a puppy raising workshop. It was so much fun and I really learned a lot, I always do. Anyway, I got a ride up with my leader and we always have some fun chats. Here is a picture of her pup Sugar. She is super cute and really smart.

[A close up of Sugars face, she is a very white golden retriever with dark brown eyes. She also has her tongue sticking out a little bit.] While we were there I met a few of Paris' siblings. Here is a picture of them. It sounds like they are all quite similar personality wise and even have a few of the same quirks. The yellow ones look quite similar but their brother Peanut really doesn't look much like the rest. :D

[The puppies and raisers lined up. Peanut (Male Black Lab), Panama, (Female Yellow Lab) Porche (Male Yellow Lab) and Paris (Female Yellow Lab).]

We played a game called 'My dog can do that' where we could pick a card (rated easy, medium and advanced) and then have our dog do what is on the card and get points if our dogs could do it. We split into two teams Ricks Retrievers (The CFR from SoCal/Arizona also came, he is really awesome) and Barbs Barkers. Me and Paris were on the RR team, it was a really fun game. I picked advanced card for Paris both times it was our turn and Paris was great. The first time she had to come to me while someone was jumping up and down next to me, she was perfect and the second time she had to do a layover without me saying anything which is a piece of cake for this girlie. So we won 6 points for our team. Unfortunately, our team lost but it was fun to see all the dogs doing all these bizarre tasks and realizing just how much we need to prepare them for. Some people had to give commands with their back to their dogs and that one seemed hard for them, it may be something for me and Paris to work on. Afterward our teams voted on an MVP for each team and Paris won MVP for our team! I was so proud of the girl!! :D

[Me kneeling next to Paris who is in a sit next to me in front of a gray stone wall. I am holding Paris' MVP trophy. It's a small gold trophy on a black pedestal. Way to go Paris! (It's now on display on my GDB shelf.)] After that we did some work on GTB, Paris is very good at this so no worries there. We all did it individually and then we lined up the beds and did a mass GTB. It was cool and all the dogs were very impressive.

[Paris laying down on her green mat chewing on a piece of kibble with a 6 mo old male black lab named Clifford sitting on his mat to her on the right and a golden named Joaquin sitting on his mat on her left (sadly, I only got a sliver of Joaquin but he is a cutie. What good puppies!] [Paris laying down with her head raised looking at me, she was such a good girl through the whole meeting.]

[Paris and Sugar sleeping in the car on the way home. They are both on the floor of the car with their heads next to each other.]
[A minute later Sugar adjusted so her head and foot are on top of Paris' head, she didn't seem to mind at all.]
Paris has been sacked out ever since we got home, it was a big day for her and she was a champ. Hope everyone else had a great weekend. :D

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

That's not my dog

Last Wednesday I did a puppy trade with Paris' brother Peanut. He is a good dog but I am very happy to get my girlie back tonight. I have really missed her. We haven't really done much this week just school and work and a few errands. Anyway, here are a few pictures of Peanut at Wal-Mart.

[Peanut checking out a baby doll that moved and made funny noises, Peanut was very interested in the baby.]
[Peanut sitting with some toys behind him.]
[Peanut in my room, on my dog beds, he is standing up.]

Right now I am also puppy sitting for my two favorite goldens EVER! My friend is going out of town until Saturday so I've got Ginger and Chelito. They are super sweet and spoiled rotten, it'll be fun to have pet dogs around for a few days, it has been a LONG time since I have had non-GDB dogs in my house. Chelito is seven months old and Ginger is fourteen months old.
[Chelito, he is such a nice puppy, he is a light golden color and has super droopy eyes. His hair looks like a fuzzy muppet.]
[A close up of Chito's face and droopy eyes.]
[Here is Ginger laying down, she is a bit darker than Chelito and super clingy. She is really obedient too.]
[Close up of Gingers happy face. She is so stinkin' cute]
That's about all for now. I get my girl back in 7 hours and 45 minutes. I can't wait. This is the longest I have been away from her since I got her. . .