Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lots of Stuff. . .

Well, lots of new stuff this week. :) First I heard from Adeline's mom and Adeline is doing great. She is now in the more advanced Agility classes and loving it. I am so excited because I get to spend July 24th (my B-DAY!!!) with Adeline and her mom. I am going to go to her agility class too. It will be so fun to see her in action!! She really seems to enjoy it. Here is her in action jumping through a tire. Look at that form. :)

I also took Sherman to my little sisters softball game. I have never taken him to a sporting event so I thought that it was the perfect opportunity for him to see what that is all about. He was great going up and down the bleachers and with all the random cheering and all the kids. Here is a shot of him on the bleachers.
Also, I got to watch Safari this week. She is a darling little black lab, and while she has more energy than Sherman does (which I am not used to :) we did have a lot of fun and she is very well behaved for a 14 week old puppy. She is super cute too. Sherman seemed a lot more open to her. He was jealous when I would pet her or talk to her, he would try to wiggle his way in between me and her. He was pretty funny about it, but he did play with her a little bit.

Also, Sherman is leaving a week from today. *tear* I am SO going to miss this boy. He is super sweet, and mellow, and EASY! I have loved all the time that I have had with him but it is time and he is ready. I really hope that he becomes a guide, he is a great dog. But, you just never know. . . but I have had the talk with him so hopefully he listened and studies hard because he has a lot to learn in the next few months. Today he got his last bath. He is so silky and soft and he feels so darn good. Here's a pic of him during his very last bath.
I also got news that Spartan, Sherman's brother, was career changed. He left for formal training on May 3rd and was career changed a week later for what I thought was Hip Dysplasia but when I asked for clarification (because she called it something else that I assumed was hip dysplasia) I just got this back from her. "It means Laxity of the Patella; which means his back knees can get out of the socket and slide inward." That makes me a little more nervous, I really hope that Sherm doesn't end up having the same thing. I really think that if Sherman is going to get career changed it will be a health issue. So, one out of the five cc'd so far. Spartans raiser adopted him and is going to work with him to be a therapy dog. After a few months of Therapy training she is going to apply for another puppy so Spartan will be her co-raiser. I hope all goes well with him. From what I have heard he sounds like an amazing dog. The others are all going into training in the next few months. Sage, Sherman, and Samantha are all leaving next week for the June recall, and then Sirrocco is going in mid-July-ish. I am excited to see how the rest of them do. Good luck "S" pups! Oh, and I got Shermans official recall letter in the mail this week, that came with a few tears. So, now I am working on his "fun things about my puppy" and have a few pics to stick in there too. And then he is all ready to go. But, I will also be meeting Mr. "S" then so that is exciting. I hope he is a good puppy, I can't wait to meet him! Anyway, that is all for now. :) Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Real Update. . .

Well, I decided that I would update you on what has been going on lately. Sherman is doing good although the last few days he has been driving me crazy. All of my dogs have done this right before they leave though. I think he knows that something big is happening soon. He has also been super Velcro dog lately, he won't let me out of his sight and he is always right there. I keep tripping over him. He has started whining when I leave the room, and when I come back he runs at me like I have been gone for years. It is kinda sweet, but can be annoying. I was talking to a friend about it last night and she said that maybe Sherman knew that he was leaving and was worried what would happen to me without him. :) I had not thought of it that way and it makes sense, Sherman has always been super in tune with me and seems to read my thoughts at times. So, I am worried about what Sherman will do without me and he is worried about what I will do without him. So, last night before bed I told him that he should not worry about me, that I will be fine, and that I am so proud of him. And he seems a little better today. :)

Last week me and Sherman continued our constant battle of shopping. :) He has never liked shopping, he loves to go out but once he realizes that I am picking out clothes and we are staying for a while he just gets so . . . testy! This battle involved him crawling under racks of clothes and trying to fall asleep before I made him move again. :) So here is him under a rack of clothes pretending to be asleep. (Yes, Sherman, I KNOW you were faking!) I won though and ended up with some really cute shorts and capris for camp! (in which I leave 3 weeks from today!!!) WOOHOO!

You may recognize this cute little pup. This guy is Lansing, who I got to watch for a day last week. He was marvelous. Sherman was not as big brothery as I had hoped, he actually avoided Lansing and became quite jealous. (so, maybe not getting a baby pup to overlap with was okay) But Lansing sure is cute, and we had fun with his short stay here.
This picture just makes me laugh. This is my nephew, Cannon who I got to baby-sit and then he spent the night too. He is eleven months old now and he has the cutest teeth growing in. He is so much fun and he blabs away too. (He sure can ham it up for the camera) lol
Here is Cannon laying on top of Sherman watching a movie with us. These two have become such good buddies. Cannon loves Sherman and gets so happy every time he sees Sherman. They are so cute together. I also just realized that I am going to be in California on Cannons first birthday. :( I am sad I am missing it, he turns one on June, 16th. I better give him his present before I leave. :) Happy early B-day Canoli!!
Here are a couple of videos of Sherman and Cannon because they are ubber cute together! Sorry I could not figure out how to turn the first one so you will just have to tilt your head. :) Sorry!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Answering some questions

Brittany: I think there are a couple of staff computers there so hopefully I will be able to post every once in a while. I am also trying to get a wireless router back from a friend so that I can take that and then take my laptop and then maybe a few more people can use their computers while we are there. I dunno though. . . this blog may get a bit boring this summer. :) I will certainly try though!

Emily (w/ Suede) & Sarah (w/ Sterling): I know his name already. :) I am just mean and won't say another word until I am holding his leash. Sorry. :(

Joanna and Kasey: I would LOVE to meet up with you guys while I am in California. I don't know when the breaks are but I will definitely let you know. It would be great to get to meet you and your awesome pups!!! (you can e-mail me privately at megstewart85 at hotmail dot com)

Carrie: Thanks for the name advice. It was very helpful while I was deciding. :) Keep reading for more news on that. :)

Irish: The camp is in the Santa Monica mountains near Malibu. If you are close by I would love to meet up with you too. ( see my e-mail address above) :)

I officially have my camp name now. I submitted a few to the director of the camp and he sent me this message back:

"Elphie, Welcome to the Camp Bloomfield Team!"

So I will be known as Elphie all summer. (I chose it because my favorite Broadway musical is Wicked and Elphaba is the lead character, but I shortened it to Elphie to make it easier. I also love the color green and, well, she is green and I love Idina Menzel who was the original Elphaba that I saw in New York. So lots of meaning there and I really love it!!)

That's all for now. Have a good night everyone!

Monday, May 12, 2008

WOOHOO!!!! GOT THE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally got the news today!! and OMG!! I am so excited. I can't wait. I have been wanting to do this for years, and it is finally happening!!!!!!! Are you all ready. . . ????

you sure. . . ????

Positive. . .????

Okay, here it is. . . . .

I am going to be a counselor at Camp Bloomfield this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is a camp for blind and visually impaired kids. So I will be in charge of a cabin of girls and making sure they have a positive experience at camp. I can't wait. I have to report to camp on June 14th by 3:00pm :D Oh and I have to come up with a fun camp name so suggestions please! Lindsey suggested naming myself after one of my dogs and using Homie (which I like), and my sisters keep saying I should be Jitters (don't really like that one) So if you guys think of anything just leave it in the comments.

And now the explanation of the transfer puppy.
I decided that since I wanted to go to Camp Bloomfield this summer I would give up getting a new puppy. (Since it would not have its shots and not be old enough to go to camp) So I had a few decisions to make (even though I didn't know if I would get the job) I had to wait until after the summer to get a new puppy, try and trade someone to take my puppy and I would take theirs for the summer, see if someone would take my pup for the summer (still leaving me puppy less), or get a transfer puppy, or there was the tiniest possibility of keeping Sherm through the summer and have him recalled in Sept (but he is starting to get bored so I really feel like it is time for him to go, even if I don't want him too). I really wanted to take a puppy to camp, since that is the reason I wanted the job in the first place. So my leader and CFR found a nice transfer puppy that would be good to take to camp. So my new little guy will be going with me. I am SUPER EXCITED!!!!! I am so glad that it all worked out

And to celebrate my super fun summer job I am going to give you guys the letter for my new little black labby boy.


Yes, I am getting another S boy. Can't wait to meet him in 3 and a half weeks. I do feel a little bad because it will be a lot of transition for him. First he will go from his current home to mine and then seven days later travel to California for the summer and then back to Utah, hopefully he is up for it. :D I can't wait!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sherman vs. The Ice Cube

Well, we had a fun puppy class today. We met at Cabela's today and at first we were outside and worked on walking on a loose leash (totally new concept to Sherman. . . lol) We did it for the babies in the group, and they all are doing such a great job. We also worked on dog distractions. Sherman got to try and distract our little baby girl Safari and while she was distracted at first she was really calm and under control at the end. It is AMAZING how fast these little ones learn. Toward the end of class we went in and since the babies are only three months old they had to be carried. The group took turns carrying the pups while other members walked the older dogs. They all did great. I got to hold, Dax, Lansing, and Safari. Never got a chance with Forbes but here is what he looked like while his raiser held him. It was so cute I had to snap a pic.
From what I heard though Forbes is a beefy boy. And after holding Lansing (who is also a beefy boy) Safari and Dax felt like feathers. HAHA. (I think Sherman is the heaviest in the group though. :D :D :D Although Frisco will probably have him beat out in a few weeks) Forbes and Lansing are BIG boys. And I just want to say that I LOVE my puppy group. We all get along really well and are able to joke around with each other. We have a good mix of first time raisers, repeat raisers, youth, adults, and families. We have a very fun energy at puppy class and we are all there to help each other out when we need it. It is so much better than some previous groups I have been in where raisers didn't get along and there were arguments every puppy class. So, here is my shout out to New Leash on Life Puppy Raisers of Utah County. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

In other news: (LOL)

I love how Sherman can go from complete post-puppy class comatose to up and at attention in .01 seconds. Especially when it comes to an ice cube! He sure does love his ice cubes.

And, no news yet on my exciting stuff. I am driving myself crazy with anticipation to the point where I am not able to sleep. I am really hoping to hear something on Monday (Please?!? For the love of all the little doggies in the world let something happen on Monday!!!) And as far as my transfer pup, Lisa guessed right. :) But no letter for another week or two. (I am so evil) So here are some cyber cookies for Lisa for guessing right. :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not in the cards

So, it seems that overlapping is just not meant to be. (for now at least, I will try again later) I am no longer getting a puppy next week. But it is okay because I have some potentially very exciting stuff happening in the next few weeks! I will let you know when everything is more definite because well, things can change. . . (as you can see) I WILL be picking up a pooch when Sherman leaves next month (exactly a month from today, or 4 1/2 weeks, or 31 days . . . :( Anyway, I will be getting a transfer dog!! I already know it's name, breed, color, gender, parents, and b-day, but I want you all to guess so I will give you a letter in a few weeks when it gets closer. I might be really mean and make you guess breed, color, and gender as well. (Moo wa ha ha ha (evil Cackle). I am hoping that everything will work out how I want it. I should know more in a few days . . . hopefully. (crossing fingers and toes)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Homie!!!

Today is my second puppy, Tahomas fourth birthday. She was such a very special puppy and I was so happy to get to raise her. She taught me a lot, (Corrections are okay, and consistency to name a few) :) She challenged me daily and kept me on my toes and I loved her for it. I really think she made me a better dog handler and a better person really. I am so proud of all she has accomplished, first being a breeder and then the best guide in the world (sorry I am a bit biased) She has traveled a lot, all over the east coast and to Israel several times and her partner never has anything bad to say about her. I know that she loves what she does!!!

We stopped at the beach the day before her recall, she loved the water and would jump over the waves and get completely soaked. She did get a bath that night for her recall the next day.
On the way to GDB for her recall.
At her breeder grad Oct 2005 she was bred the weekend before graduation and had seven beautiful pups on November 25th.

At her guide graduation. She looks just stunning in harness!

Also, this is the anniversary of Adeline going to live with her new mom after she was career changed. I got this picture from her mom today. It is her on the starting block at an agility competition. She is in the advanced classes now and loving every minute of it. Her mom says she is very fast and loves all the obstacles. So Happy year day to Adeline and her mom!! I miss this beautiful girl too. It is so nice to know that they are both happy and doing what they love!

No news on the new puppy yet. I am not even sure what day he is coming. I really hope I hear something soon because I am not going to have a lot of time for guessing names. :) Can't wait. It is also nice to be able to be FULLY excited to get a new puppy and not half dreading it because my current dog has to leave. :) But, I will definetly let you know when I know. I know of a few litters born around mid-march so I am trying to guess so there are a few letter possibilities. (ha ha, if you can't tell I am a little excited)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Prudy's b-day and got some news :) :) :)

Today would be Prudy's sixth b-day. So right after work I took Sherman up in the mountains to do Prudys favorite thing, hike. We had a good time, got a little lost but it was fun to be alone for a bit. We sat down on the top of the mountain (well, not quite the top but close enough) and reminisced about all the good times we had with Prudy. I miss that girl so much and wish she was here to celebrate with us. I think Sherman understood that because he put his head in my lap and momentarily left his manliness behind to cuddle with his momma up on the mountain for a while. It was nice to have a cuddle with my little buddy since he really isn't very cuddly.

I also got the mid-may news!!!! You all ready?!?!

Sherman is going to be a big brother!! That's right in just a few weeks I will be picking up my next puppy. I don't have an official assignment yet, all I know is that it will be a male lab. I am so excited. There was a breeder raised in Utah who had a litter in March and the raiser of the breeder dog is having a pup from that litter flown out to raise and they are going to send mine out with that one. My puppy is not going to be from the same litter though, I know that much. I am so excited!! So I will be overlapping for 2-3 weeks until my Sherman leaves. I can't believe it is just over four weeks until he leaves. It is starting to sink in that he is really going, especially because when someone asked me when he was leaving today and I had to say, "next month" I haven't had to say next month yet. . . *tear* So this should be an interesting month! I hope that Sherman is ready to be a good role model for the new little one. :)