Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lots of Stuff. . .

Well, lots of new stuff this week. :) First I heard from Adeline's mom and Adeline is doing great. She is now in the more advanced Agility classes and loving it. I am so excited because I get to spend July 24th (my B-DAY!!!) with Adeline and her mom. I am going to go to her agility class too. It will be so fun to see her in action!! She really seems to enjoy it. Here is her in action jumping through a tire. Look at that form. :)

I also took Sherman to my little sisters softball game. I have never taken him to a sporting event so I thought that it was the perfect opportunity for him to see what that is all about. He was great going up and down the bleachers and with all the random cheering and all the kids. Here is a shot of him on the bleachers.
Also, I got to watch Safari this week. She is a darling little black lab, and while she has more energy than Sherman does (which I am not used to :) we did have a lot of fun and she is very well behaved for a 14 week old puppy. She is super cute too. Sherman seemed a lot more open to her. He was jealous when I would pet her or talk to her, he would try to wiggle his way in between me and her. He was pretty funny about it, but he did play with her a little bit.

Also, Sherman is leaving a week from today. *tear* I am SO going to miss this boy. He is super sweet, and mellow, and EASY! I have loved all the time that I have had with him but it is time and he is ready. I really hope that he becomes a guide, he is a great dog. But, you just never know. . . but I have had the talk with him so hopefully he listened and studies hard because he has a lot to learn in the next few months. Today he got his last bath. He is so silky and soft and he feels so darn good. Here's a pic of him during his very last bath.
I also got news that Spartan, Sherman's brother, was career changed. He left for formal training on May 3rd and was career changed a week later for what I thought was Hip Dysplasia but when I asked for clarification (because she called it something else that I assumed was hip dysplasia) I just got this back from her. "It means Laxity of the Patella; which means his back knees can get out of the socket and slide inward." That makes me a little more nervous, I really hope that Sherm doesn't end up having the same thing. I really think that if Sherman is going to get career changed it will be a health issue. So, one out of the five cc'd so far. Spartans raiser adopted him and is going to work with him to be a therapy dog. After a few months of Therapy training she is going to apply for another puppy so Spartan will be her co-raiser. I hope all goes well with him. From what I have heard he sounds like an amazing dog. The others are all going into training in the next few months. Sage, Sherman, and Samantha are all leaving next week for the June recall, and then Sirrocco is going in mid-July-ish. I am excited to see how the rest of them do. Good luck "S" pups! Oh, and I got Shermans official recall letter in the mail this week, that came with a few tears. So, now I am working on his "fun things about my puppy" and have a few pics to stick in there too. And then he is all ready to go. But, I will also be meeting Mr. "S" then so that is exciting. I hope he is a good puppy, I can't wait to meet him! Anyway, that is all for now. :) Happy Sunday everyone!


Elizabeth and Alana said...

Good luck, Sherm! I absolutely CANNOT believe he is leaving already! The time goes by so fast. It should be fun meeting your new puppy.

Brittany said...

I love that picture of Adeline! I am hoping that if Hobbs is CC'd he will enjoy Agility.

Sherman will do great IFT! The last week is always hard, but soon your new boy will be here! Do you know which campus he is going to? If it is OR I will make sure to check up on him during my internship....and take some pictures if they let me.

See you on Saturday!

Emily and Suede said...

I can't believe recall is so close!! It is never easy, and something we are never ready for. Good luck to both you and Sherman, as well as the new Mr."S"!

Lisa & Runza said...

yay Adeline- good form!

Awww, Good luck Sherm. You'll be an amazing guide and someone will be so lucky to have you for their eyes. :) As long as they don't like to shop (grin)

Enjoy your week of lasts.

Safari looks adorable.

Any news on your next pup yet?