Thursday, May 13, 2010

Phase Report Day

I was so excited to see Paris on the phase report today. I wasn't expecting her to show up for at least a week or two. It made my day! Good luck Paris, only nine more to go!

Paris 4V94 LAB F 1

Phase #1
Pre-training physical exam
•Neutering/spaying (with the exception of potential breeding stock dogs who are under evaluation at this time)
•Eye checks
•Relaxing walks on campus and play sessions
•Introduction to the kennel environment and schedule
•General daily care and grooming

Also, yesterday was Picassa's first puppy class. She did well considering she was meeting a ton of new dogs and people. She was pretty distracted and didn't listen to me most of the time but that's okay, she will get there. It was also the first puppy class, in a long time, where all the puppies showed up (there are always a couple missing) so we took most of class time to get a group picture. I had about 40 pictures and this is the only one where at least the humans look semi-decent. The rest people or dogs are making really weird faces. Some are kinda funny, but I'll be nice and only show the good one. :D Aren't we just the cutest club ever! I love my club so much, they are wonderful people and so much fun to talk to and be with. We are up to 11 puppies, that is the most we have had in a long time. It's so much fun!
Top Row: Spike (MYL although he is pretty red like Fullerton), Meade (MBL), Picassa (FYL), Mara (FBL) and Peanut (MBL)

Bottom Row: Moseley (MYL Picassas half brother), Kyle (MYL), Christina (FBL Picassa's half sister), Sugar (GLD), Breeze (FYL), and Jacinda (FBL)


Raiser Erin said...

I was pretty surprised to see Paris too. From my experiences the Oregon campus isn't as fast at updating at the California campus. But she's added to my list of the dogs I watch. I can't wait to see how fast she shots through the phases.

GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

Wow, you are part of a big club! We are lucky if we have 4 dogs at any given time. :)