Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catch Up Post #1-Settling into the New House

We got our Internet installed today! It's great to be connected to the outside world again. I have quite a few posts to put up, so here is the first one. We are just getting settled into living in an apartment and Picassa is doing great! Here are some random pictures around the house during our first week here.

[Picassa preparing to toss the wishbone into the air.]
[Picassa running toward me with the wishbone in her mouth.]
[Due to lack of internet my roommate taught me how to knit, Picassa likes to try to help and usually just ends up tangled in my yarn. Picassa with yarn around her nose.]
[I am so glad Picassa is slowly learning to settle sometimes, it's hard to keep up with her constant motion but here she is in a rare moment of silence sleeping in her corner. You can only see her head and feet sticking out from the side of the couch, but she looks so peaceful.]
[Picassa chewing on a NylaKnot. It's one of her favorites. Her head is tilted to the side, her mouth is open wide and she is looking off to the left.]
[Picassa learning to settle on tie-down next to the TV stand. She is laying down using her puppy eyes to try and get me to come and release her.]
[Picassa helping me organize my movies. . .I was alphabetizing my movies and Picassa kept coming over and resting her head on my stack of movies. It wasn't really helpful, but it was cute.]
[Picassa and my roommates dog Boone touching noses. He is a brown German Shorthair Pointer with a white chest. He seems to be warming up to her. He was really confused when Paris left and I came home with Picassa.]


Heather and Ellie said...

She looks like such a happy girl!

Glad to see you have your internet back :)