Thursday, May 27, 2010

Catch Up Post #7-The Bath

After our nature walk it was time for Picassa to get a bath. Saying she was dirty would be an understatement. I looked around for some dog bath places but decided to just do it at home. I have never had a dog look quite as pathetic as she does during a bath, but she was a good sport.

[Picassa laying in the tub as it fills with clean and clear water.]
[Picasas licking the water off her nose while laying in the bathtub.]
[I gave Picassa a Mohawk during her shampoo because her hair is so darn long.]

[Picassas sad face after rinsing the shampoo, the water under her is nearly brown. GROSS!!]
[Picassa's floofy tail. The hair on the tip of her tail flairs out in every direction it's her nutty puff.]
I uploaded a ton of videos of Picassa. The first video is her bouncing up and down. This is what she does when she wants attention. It was cute at first but it's really annoying now because she does it all the time. I am working on getting her to quite doing it.

This one is of her playing with her jolly ball. She loves the jolly ball and will shake her head so that it hits her in the shoulders/head. It's pretty funny.

These last five are her after bath crazies. She is pretty ridiculous spinning in circles and rubbing herself all over the place and turning somersaults. She is a nutter!

Maybe after these videos my puppy club will believe me when I say she is crazy. :D She is so good and calm at puppy class (which I am truly thankful for) that they don't believe she is a nutter. lol. I am loving this dog more and more every day, she is really fun!


Raiser Erin said...

HAHA! I just gave Rocco a bath since we're headed up to GDB tomorrow. I want him to look nice and clean for Saturday. He does some of the same stuff Picassa does when he's just taken a bath. He jumped around the living room and ran and circled. :)

Carrie and Waffle said...

I can hardly believe that she just laid there while the bath filled. she looks like she is waiting for the bubbles to come on!

Amanda said...

You're right. These videos prove Picassa's nuttiness. It is pretty hilarious. She sure puts on a good show for puppy class. :)

MK said...

Oh my goodness, her after bath sillies are HILARIOUS! Those videos are great! My guys barely tolerate staying in the tub, let alone laying down in it.