Wednesday, October 21, 2009

8 Things at 8 Months

So, I decided to jump on the boat here and do Paris' 8 things at 8 months, so here goes:

1. I love how Paris' forehead wrinkles when she gets curious about something.
[Paris staring at some mice at the pet store]
2. I love her big floppy ears and how they are so big they fold in the front. (Unfortunately her ears are hardly ever dry because a certain boy *cough, cough* can't seem to keep them out of his mouth!)
[Paris running in the yard]
3. I love how she is ALWAYS happy and her tail is wagging non-stop!
[Paris' wagging fanny]
4. I love how willing she is to go anywhere at a moments notice, even if I have to wake her up to go. She never complains.
[Paris walking in the grocery store]
5. I love how content she is the lay down and wait patiently once we get somewhere.
[Paris laying down at the doctors office]
6. I love how well she settles in the car. She is a great passenger!
7. I love her adorable and droopy face. She is so freakin' cute, I can't get enough of her.
and Last but not least: (This actually might be my absolute favorite thing about her)
8. Her amazingly, awesome down. She just can't hit the deck fast enough! Finally got it on video, this also shows #3 as well, how happy she is. Ha ha, she is so nutty I love it! She cracks me up every time.


Carrie and Waffle said...

ha ha ha lol lol
I love her down! I remember reading the description of how Marley (of the book) used to hit the deck. That is the best live action version I have ever seen. I watched it over and over again.

Rebecca, Ely and Rocky said...

Happy 8 month day Paris! I love the down! She is such a pretty pup.

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Too cute!! It took her awhile to figure out what down was, but one she got it....!

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

That has got to be the most spastic down I've ever seen!! Hilarious! And yes, she is extremely cute. Her eyes are perpetually smiling.