Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Weekend

On Saturday I had a field trip with my Geology class, and Paris accompanied me. She was fabulous. My whole class loved getting to see her out from under the table too, and to see her in action as well. :D We went up a canyon and hiked quite a lot. We made lots of stops, stood and listened to my teacher talk about different rocks and formations and stuff. It was actually quite fascinating and I really enjoyed it. I didn't get many pictures as I was a little preoccupied with my worksheet and taking notes while hanging onto Paris, but here a the few I got. :D

View from the parking lot of the canyon with the valley below.Paris half way up the canyon with the valley below. The silly girl blinked too, ha ha.
Paris in the river bed while we learned about how the canyon was formed. She wasn't very interested in the lecture.
Also on Saturday I had a game night with some friends. I took Fuller to that. Here he is sitting so handsomely in the back of my friends car. ( I am so blessed to have friends willing to have my pups in their cars and at their houses)We went to my friends apartment and she has the most amazingly humongous cat named Gus-Gus. He is 30 pounds (20 pounds lighter than Fullerton) I had to get pictures of this massive cat.
Here he is next to Fuller so you can see some size comparison. (sorry its a little blurry) Also, I left Fuller in the living room for a bit, while we went into my friends room so she could show us something. I didn't even think about those two big plates of food we left on the coffee table in easy reach of Fuller. When we got back he hadn't touched them. I was super proud of him.
Also, a few weeks ago I realized that I have inadvertently taught Fullerton something. I guess I must say this to him a lot because I realized that before breakfast or dinner I usually ask if he is hungry and if he wants to eat. He gets really excited when I say it. So I got it on video for all of you to enjoy. I keep his bowl on top of my dresser, so that is what he keeps looking at. Whoops . . . anyone else taught their puppy something on accident?

Also, we are now in single digits, Fullerton is leaving in just 9 short days. I can't believe how fast the days are going by. I am not ready to say goodbye to him yet. . . he will do great though and someone out there is waiting for him. He will make someone an awesome companion. :D Good night everyone!


Taelor, Pilaf, and Cartier said...

Awww, Fuller is such a cutie! Gotta love the boy! =D

Sounds like the 2 pups are doing really well.

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

What a cute video of Fullerton! Too bad it's not time to eat, poor guy was so excited for a meal. Enjoy your next 9 days together. Hope they go by sweet and slow.

Megan, Fullerton and Paris said...

No worries, I waited until dinner time to make the video. I wouldn't want to give him false hope. :D

Erin and her Dogs said...

Aww I miss having a dog that's sooo excited for food. Love the video! :))

Bethany said...

my first GEB puppy (Beau) would do that. I would say "you want supper?" and then he would run over to where our bathroom is (that's where we keep the dog food) and wait there for me to fill his bowl and then he'd run into the kitchen where we keep the water bowla nd where I would give him his meals. I loved it when he did it. He was so cute! My new GEB puppy, Dahlia, is not food motivated at all so she doesn't even care when I ask her if she wants supper. lol :)