Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Rambling from a Puppy Raiser who Can't seem to sleep

Fun Things about My puppy Form Filled Out. . . . . CHECK
Tags Taken off Collar. . . . . CHECK
Recall Bath Done. . . . . CHECK
Nails Clipped. . . . . CHECK
Ears Clean. . . . . CHECK
Teeth Brushed. . . . . CHECK
Furminated. . . . . CHECK
October Monthly Filled Out. . . . . CHECK
Puppy Coat Washed. . . . . CHECK
Plenty of Snuggled and Kisses from Mom. . . . . CHECK
Camera Battery Charged. . . . . CHECK
Lots of room on Camera Card. . . . . CHECK

Well, I think Fullerton is all ready for college, now the question is, am I?

The most commonly asked question puppy raisers get asked is "Isn't it hard to give them up?"
The short answer is YES!! When we are given the responsibility of taking a puppy and preparing him/her to be the best guide dog candidate that we can, you can't help but get attached. They are right there with you all the time, every day. Like parents with children we watch these puppies grow. Help them to make the right decisions and learn from their wrong. We celebrate when they succeed and shed tears when they don't. But it is the joy of having an impact on that dog's life and knowing that they are special and meant to serve a purpose in someone's life...that is what keeps me motivated to raise the best puppies I can. So that someone can feel the freedom of walking down the street with confidence. I LOVE being a part of that, it is the best feeling in the world.

Anyway, since I am tired I am jumping around a bit so here are some words for Fuller:

Goodbye Fullerton! I am going to miss you dearly, you are a remarkable little boy and I have been honored to be your puppy raiser. We have been through a lot together. There have been many highs and many lows. . . fortunately more highs. I am so proud of your progress and how far you have come from that tiny little puppy who did nothing but eat, sleep, scream, and poop. You have proven yourself over this last year and you have matured wonderfully into a very reliable young man. You are so ready for this next step in your life, you have shown me recently that you are ready for more. You have squirmed your way into my heart and there will definitely be a hole left when you are gone. But there is someone out there waiting for you, someone with a hole in their heart that you will surely fix. You have a huge journey ahead of you but you will do great. Do your best and know that I love you.

Things I will miss about Fullerton:
1. The way he followed me around the house, even if he was in a deep sleep he could sense if I moved and would be by my side in an instant.
2. The way he was never coordinated enough to scratch himself while standing up and would always stumble.
3. How excited he would get whenever I walked into a room, even if I was gone for about five seconds it was always as if I was absent for an eternity.
4. The way he shakes when he sleeps. When he was little I thought he was having seizures. :D
5. How when he wanted attention he gives me little licks on the fingers or toes.
6. How freakishly smart he is.
7. How he would snort when he was trying to sniff something from too far away.
8. How it felt when I gave him a big bear hug.
9. The way the end of his tail gets puffy when he is happy.
10. How he has a way of making everyone love him.
11. How happy he would get when I told him he was a good boy.
12. The way he always laid his head on my feet while I did my homework,
13. They way he would snort and grunt and roll around on his back when he is happy
14. How excited he would get when I touched his leash and jacket.
15. How he would always watch TV with me.
16. How he always managed to moan really loudly during the quietest times in my classes.
17. The sloppy way he drank his water.
18. How everyone thought he was a girl. (a kid once asked me if he was the mom of a couple of the other puppies in our club)
19. How he would make himself comfy on my clean clothes on laundry day, I would always find him curled up in my laundry basket.
20. How much he challenged me and how much he taught me.
21. How much he loved ice cubes and would never leave us alone if we opened the freezer.
22. How content he was and easy to manage.
23. How easy he made it to talk to people and make friends with strangers.
24. How he would give 110% with everything.
25. How he could calm me down after a stressful day.

Okay, I think I have to be done now as I have to get up in a little over 4 hours to go drop off my boy *sigh* Look for another post tomorrow. Sorry this is kinda a downer of a post.


Lisa and Ellie said...

aw - that brought tears to my eyes! You were right on the money with why people raise! That's awesome. I love your list too. Goodbye Fuller and Good luck (although he won't need it) He'll fly through!!!!

R said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. Especially when you said that he will fill a hole in someone's heart. How many like me are out there right now, just waiting for their guide dog? And hopefully he will fill that hole for someone. And if not a guide, in some other respect. He sounds like a truly wonderful puppy, and I know whoever gets him is going to have a better life as soon as they get that first lick...

Good luck at college Fullerton!!!

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

That's a great list! Nothing downer about it! I can't wait to see how great Fullerton does in training. Best of everything to you!!

Taelor, Pilaf, and Cartier said...

When this day rolls around it is never easy. You almost made me cry there! It seems like just yesterday he was little and you were showing us how he would give the "I'm scratching" excuse when you told him to lay down. =P I know that Fuller is a great dog. He will do fabulous at college, bound to be a straight A student! Good bye and good luck Fullerton! =)

Reddunappy said...

Oh! Not a downer of a post at all! It is hard to give them up, Luxor is still at the Boring campus waiting for a person, he is in phase 10, we think about him all the time and hope he is doing good. Whomever gets him will get a very special boy. He is one in a thousand Luxor is, he was so easy for our Meghan to raise and a joy to work with.
Dublin is 14 weeks old now and a good boy! I made a note on his monthly report that "This guy has the mind" and I totally believe that. We just have to get him passed through the physical tests and let him grow up.
These dogs are addicting, they are so darn smart!

Martha G said...

I think Fullerton is the first puppy I've read about from start to finish. His has been a wonderful story and I can't wait to see him on the Progress report. I'll be following him there. Good luck Fullerton!

Emily and the Labradors said...

Good luck Fullerton! And Megan- I hope silly Paris will help comfort you tonight. It is so hard to see them go, but as you said, it is so wonderful too!

R said...

I've started reading Fullerton's whole story too.

Where is this phase report? Can anyone access it? I've seen it on other blogs, mentioned.

Fullerton sounds like such a joy. I posted on my blog about a month ago about how I feel about puppy raisers, and I'm just still so amazed at the selflessness you possess, loving these dogs and then giving them up for people like me.

Thank you, thank you thank you!! Reading these blogs has just made my longing that much more intense, and I know I will get the best possible dog, because of all of you...

Erin and her Dogs said...

Good Luck Fullerton!! Sounds like he is an awesome dog, Congrats on a job well done!!

Kim, Bethany and the girls.. said...

Good luck to Fullerton-I too have been reading since you got him..Such a cutie! Keep in mind we are only 20 minutes from campus and can go get him at any time if anything happens!!

Kim, CC Claudine, PIT Tandy, PIT Doug (who is on campus this weekend getting a health eval!)